Feeling Extreme

Sometimes my meanderings on the web take me to unexpected places.  Today I accidentally ended up on a new website called Sykose which is dedicated to extreme sports. Although the site stated it was “aimed at the man in the street who feels extreme”, I assumed they would not discriminate against a pudgy, old woman who was a self-professed adrenaline junkie.

What I found particularly interesting on this site was a summary of the various ‘disciplines’ of extreme sport that I assume they will be covering as their site grows.  My curiosity was tweaked.

There were 76 extreme sports listed in 9 categories such as Air, Water, Winter etc.  The category “Sykotic” got my attention and – surprise! – I found both Ironman and Triathlon on that list.  Interesting.  It made me wonder what other sports were in this list that I had tried at least once.

Wow! – in 76 extreme sports, I had tried 14 at some point in my life.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that my result might be above the population ‘norm’.  Some of these sports, like Ironman and Scuba Diving, I have done several times.  Many others, like Sky Diving and Formula 1, I’ve attempted only once.

Yes – I did say Formula 1.  Admittedly, it was only racing car “school” which I suspect was not the intention of the Sykose extreme list, but hey, since we are self assessing here, I’m going to be generous with myself.

I had the opportunity to spend a day learning how to drive a Formula 1 race car and then ‘race’ against the other 7 participants in the class.  Once I got over the initial claustrophobia of the tight cockpit, it was a lot of fun zipping around the course practicing the manoevers we had been taught.  It required considerably more effort to drive and control the car than I would have thought.

Circa 2002

I was the only girl in the group and, not surprisingly,  I finished dead last.  I might be an adrenaline junkie but apparently I’m a slow one …. unless it involves gravity and hurtling to earth at 200 km/hr in a one mile freefall.  In that case, it’s simply a matter of hoping for the best.

While I didn’t find any new inspiration while perusing Sykose, it did give me a great trip down memory lane.  In the meantime, I will just have to enjoy the view from the hamster wheel while I continue to search for my next big goal.

About Joanne Sisco

Retired but not idle. Life is an adventure - I plan to continue to embrace it.
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8 Responses to Feeling Extreme

  1. You are a Formula 1 driver? Wow! You are my and himself’s hero. (Bad grammar? I could just say “our”.)


    • joannesisco says:

      LOL! Not exactly a Formula 1 driver – more like I’ve had the privilege of driving a Formula 1 car. I think the gap between the two is pretty huge 🙂
      I have to say though, the experience was really, really cool!


  2. The 76 would make a great bucket list except that some of them were beyond the pale for ageing wannabes like me. I have a policy of trying one new sport a year so perhaps I’ll use this list as feedstock. I love your blog. Keep it up.


    • joannesisco says:

      Thanks Charles. I appreciate the feedback. As you know, sometimes it can be rather lonely when you aren’t sure your voice is being heard. I’m told it’s not supposed to be important – expressing yourself is the point – but we are achievers and need the audience 🙂
      Your reaction to the list was the same as mine. The mind is in denial about aging but the body simply isn’t as willing as it once might have been!


  3. davecenker says:

    No wonder you are having such a difficult time coming up with a new and exciting goal 😉 All kidding aside, sometimes a trip down memory lane is all you need to reignite a spark. Or form a new one 🙂


  4. Wow, you live life to the extreme! I never would have thought of you as an adrenaline junkie but I think that is really neat! You go get ’em, Joanne! 🙂 I’ll be in the corner with my camera handy. 😉


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