M = Making a Mess

My M-word for today was inspired by the renovation I’ve been working on in my basement since January.   I realized that making a mess – and cleaning it up – is something we are constantly doing and a normal part of our lives – whether we realize it or not.  I’m not talking about the really bad decisions that cause some people to create a mess of their lives, but the regular stuff we seem to do day-to-day.

Whether a renovation is big or small, it usually involves making a massive mess before the cleanup begins.  Whether it’s ripping out walls and carpet, or cleaning up a cluttered closet, things usually get much worse before they get better.

imageedit_15_5345396198   imageedit_29_6103284336

These messes are self-inflicted with the knowledge and expectation that the end result will be better – more organized, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

I seem to be a serial renovator.  As much as I don’t like the chaos that comes from the process, I feel compelled to start another project not long after the mess of the last one has been softened by memory.

The mess associated with renovations is really just the ongoing activity that follows the mess of moving day.  The stacks of boxes everywhere, not being able to find a particular something because it’s packed away in some unknown box, and making the final decision to keep an item or find a place to store it.

Large Gatherings
With Easter approaching this weekend, I will soon be preparing for our large family dinner.  I’m looking forward to my loved ones gathered around, the stories, the laughter and shenanigans that usually result.  I also know that guaranteed there will be an epic mess to cleanup.  The kitchen counters jammed with dirty pots and dishes, the dining room table with leftover food, and glasses scattered throughout.

This too is self-inflicted and the stuff from which memories are made.  The mess associated with Easter is just a variation of all large gatherings whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, or just for fun.


Regardless of how old our children are, the reality – or memory – of the mess associated with their day-to-day life clings to us.  The food-encrusted EVERYTHING when they learn to feed themselves, the piles of laundry, and toys scattered in every place imaginable.  I remember finding toys under furniture, in the car, in my shoes, and in my purse when I got to work in the mornings.


Teenagers provide their own hellish version of mess – bedrooms that have more in common with toxic waste dumps. These too we somehow manage to survive.

The list of messes we deal with is considerable.  The mess in the spring left by a long winter, the mess blowing around on the street when garbage pickup occurs on a windy day, the piles of discarded clothing that accumulates around collection bins in store parking lots …. the list goes on and on.

Life is messy.



About Joanne Sisco

Retired but not idle. Life is an adventure - I plan to continue to embrace it.
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24 Responses to M = Making a Mess

  1. great post! i dont mind messes and i’m very organized, sort of a contradiction, i guess. i’m a terribly messy cook! and i like to keep things i could probably throw out – but memories are made by messes! i agree! and good luck with your renovation!


  2. Great way to put it! I hate renovating, though. We went through a flood and had to rebuild our house…but even before that, I was never very fond of redoing things! A bestselling author once told me she writes so that she can pay someone else to do things like that, since she’s not very good at it. I think I need to work harder on my books so I can take that approach!



    • joannesisco says:

      Rebuilding under duress like that would not be a happy occasion. I can’t imagine!
      I also much prefer to hire someone to do the work. Unfortunately, I can’t always justify it so I have to pick my battles 🙂


  3. M-R says:

    I simply LOVE you more-than-20-year-old photo of xmas, Joanne ! – looked just like ours.


  4. Awww. Now I’m missing the mess of family and children!


  5. sueslaght says:

    Great variations on the term mess Joane. The reno photos make my hands sweat. 🙂


  6. Like you I also have an ‘office’ on the dining room table – I find at least that mess has to get cleaned up in order to make the next mess of a family gathering. Funny ‘mess’ has a negative connotation when so much of it is part of good occasions.


  7. I love this and how very true. I’m often surrounded by mess-although, most of it is not of my own making! I’ve grown blinkers these days for the sole purpose of ignorance is bliss 😉 xx


  8. nancytex2013 says:

    the messy moments
    provide lasting memories
    love, fun, joy, laughter


  9. Victoria says:

    What a wonderful post and so true! We constantly go through life cleaning up one mess after another.


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