P = Pool Party

For today’s P-word, my thoughts cast forward to the sunny, warm days of summer in the backyard by the pool, sipping a cold beverage and laughing happily with friends.  On a chilly, overcast day in April, that pool-side image is near perfect.

I grew up in a small town in Northern Ontario where it seemed to be cold 10 months of the year.  The only swimming available to us was a fresh water lake in the centre of town where the average water temperature rarely ventured north of 68F.  In spite of these bracing temperatures, I loved the water and learned to swim during the 2 months there were life guards on the beach to provide lessons.  We were a hardy lot.

Beach 2

Commando Lake – Circa early 1970s From Cochrane – Past & Present

As a kid, my ultimate dream was to one day have my own swimming pool.  Fast forward many years and over 700 km away from my home town, Husband and I managed to convinced a bank to lend us enough money to buy a home that had a swimming pool.  As parents of small children – and no experience with swimming pools – it was both a very scary and exciting day.

Our young boys became little fish and every summer the backyard was often a noisy gathering place of family and friends.  We’ve often mused that we bought a backyard that came with a house.


Many memories have been made in and around this pool.  Although the boys are now men and living on their own, they still come back – usually with friends in tow – and spontaneous parties erupt.

Dreams do come true …. and right now I’m dreaming of many more summer parties by the pool.



About Joanne Sisco

Retired but not idle. Life is an adventure - I plan to continue to embrace it.
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23 Responses to P = Pool Party

  1. A lovely image to carry you through until the water warms up!


  2. Kathe W. says:

    I love to swim and when I was 13 my parents put in a pool- I was in heaven that first summer!


  3. lafemmet says:

    Hey, We used to be “neighbors”. I was bornin Erie, PA across the lake from Ontairo. Lake swimming and backyard pool swimming are the stuffing of great summer memories!


  4. What a lovely story and the picture of the kids is fantastic!! You’ve got me feeling all summery now 🙂 xx


  5. We have a pool too and I love pools and pool parties because they remind me of the long and lazy days of summer when the kids are out of school and life just seems to move at a slower pace. I hope it warms up where you are soon. I live in Las Vegas and soon the heat will be tremendous so thank goodness for the pool. 🙂 Dropped by for the A-Z challenge.


  6. M-R says:

    Delightful, Joanne ! – and how lovely that they return for more of the same. 🙂


  7. nancytex2013 says:

    The smartest thing you did was to buy a house with the pool/backyard already done. We could have bought a cottage with the amount we have sunk into our backyard… An ROI will never be had on that money-dump. 🙂

    Still, I do love how pretty it is. At least from May’ish to September, that is. 🙂


    • joannesisco says:

      hahaha! I agree about the May to Sept part. The rest of the year I wish I had bought a bigger house 🙂


      • nancytex2013 says:

        Add to the short season the fact that I’m in a heavily wooded area (backing onto conservation land) and surrounded by huge mature trees, means that the pool is only exposed to full sun for approximately 2 hours a day in the summer. I’m a fair weather swimmer: conditions need to be perfect: sun beating down on me, etc., so I’m rarely actually IN the pool. But I just love gazing at it from my lounge chair. 🙂

        My husband calls it the world’s most expensive water feature. I tell him to shut up.


  8. sueslaght says:

    Love the photo of the kids underwater!


  9. Victoria says:

    What I wouldn’t give for a hot summer day…LOL


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