Thankful Thursday

Unlike last year when Helen and I were hiking masters, this year we have been very lackadaisical about our schedule.  In other words, we haven’t been out on the trails for over a month.  Mostly we like to blame the weather, but we’ve also had a lack of urgency … and on my part, a lack of interest.  Quite frankly, I find the Oak Ridges Moraine uninspiring.

I think I have become a hiking snob.

Helen, on the other hand, is a machine.  Her firm position is that we’ve started this venture and we must finish it  … so today we were back on the trail …. and it was another lacklustre day.

We had trouble again finding our trail start.  We drove up and down the same country road several times looking for any sign that we were in the right place.  Finally we abandoned our planned 18k hike and found a new starting point which shortened our hike to only 10k.  I could handle that.

Inspired by other people’s attempts to find gratitude in everything – even when circumstances don’t measure up to expectations – I decided to focus of the parts of today for which I’m thankful.  Surprisingly, it became quite easy.

1) off the top, I have to be thankful that I’m healthy and strong enough to even consider making 18k hikes a normal part of my life.   Add to that Helen’s opinion that any day, spent outdoors enjoying nature, is a good day.  I have to agree with her.

2) finding gargoyles on a country road qualifies as unusual and deserves notice.  I like finding quirky things in unexpected places.   It makes me smile.


3)  The trail took us by an equestrian park where the signage told us it will be the site for the 2015 Pan-Am Games.


DSC04975 I added a new word to my vocabulary today – dressage.  Not being a horse-person, I had to look it up.  Wikipedia refers to it as ‘Horse Ballet’ and the ultimate form of horse training.

Now I feel I am another word smarter than I was this morning.


Photo from Wikipedia

4) today included many barking and rather scary dogs, empty beers cans littering the trail, and most alarming of all – several empty shotgun casings.  Thankfully, the hike ended without any drama inspite of the evidence that it could have gone either way.

5) I’m very thankful for the 3 hour nap I had after our hike.  Helen insists on dragging me out at 7 am and the earlier I have to get up in the morning, the worse I sleep.  Last night was only 3 hours of restless slumber.

When I returned home, I promptly crawled under a blanket – still sticky from sunscreen and bug repellent – and had 3 hours of gorgeous uninterrupted sleep.   I haven’t yet started to worry about its impact on my ability to sleep tonight.

6) Finally, I have to be thankful that we bought the winning ticket in tomorrow’s $5 million lottery draw.  We decided we were feeling lucky and, while somewhat lost in the village of Palgrave, we stopped at a corner store and purchased what we are confident is the winning ticket.


We then amused ourselves thinking of all the frivolous things we were going to spend it on. Travel and more hiking are high on the list.

I promise I won’t let my new millionnaire status go to my head.  I will continue to write my blog and share the adventures of my life as a nouveau riche … and all the new things for which I will be very thankful.


About Joanne Sisco

Retired but not idle. Life is an adventure - I plan to continue to embrace it.
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30 Responses to Thankful Thursday

  1. Shannon H. says:

    What is it with elusive trail heads? It sounds like you had a beautiful hike.


    • joannesisco says:

      This is the first time we’ve encountered so many problems with finding the trail. The Oak Ridges Moraine just seems to be blazed more ‘discretely’ that we’re used to!


  2. I suspected that the Oak Ridges Moraine might be a little bland after the Bruce – too bad about the poor signage and debris though! It’s tough because the maintenance of trails here is dependent on volunteers and I guess the moraine trail doesn’t have the same draw as the Bruce. Good for you for stressing the positive though!


    • joannesisco says:

      You’re right. It’s pretty hard for the Oak Ridges to compete with the Bruce. We’ve experienced quite a bit of frustration on the western part of the trail but we are now in Port Perry and yesterday’s hike was very good.


  3. If you win missus you can make your way over to this side of the pond and come walking here. I recommend the Lake District 🙂 xx


  4. nancytex2013 says:

    Fingers crossed on that lottery win!!


    • joannesisco says:

      thanks 🙂
      I suspect that “when” I win, I will need medical attention because I will go into cardiac arrest. If hell suddenly freezes over you’ll know what happened 🙂


  5. Let me know what you spend it on! lol


  6. Megz says:

    Oo I definitely know the lack of urgency/interest. Usually by this time we are in full swing with being super adventurous and athletic. This year, alas, not so much. When you win the lottery you should come to the Adirondacks! It’s good hiking 🙂


  7. Lynn says:

    Getting outside & enjoying the fresh air always seems to rejuvenate our spirit doesn’t it? The 3 hr nap sounds delightful!!!


  8. I love the lottery ticket bit. I’ve done exactly that – while in a little weeny teeny country village, stop into the convenience store and buy a ticket, because, that’s what you read in the headlines, right? “They bought the winning ticket on a lark while they were stopped in an unfamiliar town on their way home.”
    You are a winner in my books, no matter the outcome of the lottery, Joanne. 18k???


    • joannesisco says:

      Thanks Maggie. Occasional lottery tickets are one of those fun things that I throw out into the universe once in a while because it spawns so many ‘what ifs?’

      Gilles is convinced that lottery wins are not good things. It changes people and their relationship with family and friends. He says we would end up divorcing. I just smile and say I’m willing to take the chance … life is an adventure 😉

      Last year I spent 10 months hiking 15-21k up and down the escarpment. Now 18k hikes don’t feel intimidating – especially on the Moraine compared to the escarpment 🙂


      • I’m with you on the chance-taking angle. I don’t want rich and famous. Debt free and care free would suit me just fine.

        I recall one of those multi-million dollar lotteries – the kind that were held to unload unclaimed winnings (can you imagine NOT claiming a lottery win? No, me either.)

        I was working at Bell and not all that happy with my life there and fantasized about winning the 18 million dollar prize. That would be enough for all 18 of us in the office. I had very nasty visions of all of us just walking away from our jobs and teaching old Ma Bell a lesson. Yeah, I know. Not all that flattering toward yours truly. But, yeah.


  9. M-R says:

    Love dressage: SUCH a skill ! LOVE LOVE LOVE your lottery nonsense – especially the quotation !


  10. I love walking new trails and seeing what is there. Never seen a shotgun casing, though, thank goodness.


  11. bulldog says:

    Hey Joanne… have the police or RCMP not given you an excuse to stay in doors??? Don’t like what I’m reading about Moncton, tragic… and good luck for the lottery… she if you win??


    • joannesisco says:

      scary stuff indeed in Moncton. I have such a dislike for guns. It happens too often and it seems no corner of the world is safe … even a sleepy little town like Moncton.


  12. joannesisco says:

    I’m afraid they passed the peaceful stage a long time ago 😦


  13. sueslaght says:

    Good for you Joanne to get out there and look at the positives. Isn’t sleep just wonderful after such an expenditure of energy?
    The shotgun casings….well in light of what is going on in Moncton….disturbing to say the least.


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