F = Furry Family

For as far back as I can remember, we always had a dog when I was growing up.  Quite simply, we were dog-people.

Our dogs were always mutts – adopted from someone we knew or the local pound – always a male, and always spoiled shamelessly by my dad.

Anyone who has spent time with an animal knows that they each have their own personality – just like humans – and all our family dogs were no exception.

The most personable, and the one I loved the most, was Poncho.  He was a friendly little snuggle-bunny and one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever met.  He had a strange little habit of *smiling* by showing all his teeth when he was really excited.


Poncho – circa late 1960s

Sam was simply adorable and completely devoted to both of my parents.  The fur around his mouth was permanently stained orange from the plates of spaghetti my father always gave him.

He wasn’t exactly the sharpest blade in the drawer.  In truth, he really was quite clueless but it was impossible not to love him.


Sam and my mom – circa mid-1970s

Scamp followed and he could best be described as the “bad boy”.  He had a mind of his own and was virtually untrainable. It was a constant test of wills and it seemed that my dad was the only one of us who managed to love Scamp unconditionally.

Funny how he managed to live up to a name given to him as a puppy!


1986 – Scamp with my first son

All of my siblings – and later, most of their children – adopted dogs into their homes too. I’ve stood out as an exception.

Following university, I had friends who introduced me to cats and I became completely smitten.  Since then, I’ve been the happy servant of 3 cats at different times in my life …. including Theo, who currently rules our home.

Theo - kitten

2008 – Theo as a kitten

My furry family has enriched my live in ways that can never be measured except by the joy in my heart.


Thank you so much for visiting.  Since the treats for the past few days have been rather rich, I decided to tone it down and today I have selected fortune cookies for your enjoyment …

fortune cookie

Photo from Tumblr

 April A to Z Challenge 2015

About Joanne Sisco

Retired but not idle. Life is an adventure - I plan to continue to embrace it.
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73 Responses to F = Furry Family

  1. jannatwrites says:

    I enjoyed reading about the dogs you had growing up (and your switch to the “cat” side, haha!) My parents- mom especially- tried to make me into a dog person. Even though I liked dogs okay, my true bond was always with cats. I finally got my first cat in fifth grade and the only time I’ve been cat-less since was in college when I lived in an apartment


  2. We are opposites with our pets! Having owned several cats growing up, and now being a dog owner, I can honestly say that I miss the feline companion. Not that I would ever give up my dallies! But you do own a dog, whereas a cat owns you! Cats are far easier to look after too, as demanding as they can be. Great pics. I’m loving catching up with the A-Z, you’ve had me laughing and craving sweet treats (esp éclairs) in equal measure 🙂


  3. beeblu says:

    Pets bring such joy. I love the “smiling” Poncho. 😀 How funny they are with their own personalities.


  4. A lovely post. Where would we be without our furry people to love? I was a cat and a dog person as a child but in adulthood only cats. Our cats are both very old now but still so totally loved and part of the family. Poppy is 18 and Minitie is 14 and both going pretty well thankfully (I think I have their ages correct, Poppy seemed to be 17 for a number of years there!). They make life sweet our fur babies, they do!


  5. pempispalace says:

    Lovely to meet via the A to Z Challenge and yes “furries” are a big part of my life too – either my cats at home or the rescue dogs I walk at my local shelter 🙂 Great post and pics
    Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace


  6. Mama Cormier says:

    Joanne, I’ve really enjoyed your blog and writing style. I’m inviting you to participate in the Five Stories, Five Photos Challenge. You can start any time you like. Here’s the link:


  7. Sue Slaght says:

    Oh so many sweet fur balls! We had a Bichon Shitsu named Bruiser until a few years ago. Such a lovanle dog and dumber than a sack of haters. I say it with great affection and I cried for days when that silly pup had the gall to leave this world. 🙂


  8. Kathe W. says:

    loved all my fur babies…..great post!


  9. Phil Taylor says:

    Love the pictures!


  10. We had various dogs in my house none of which I wanted a thing to do with. There were cats and guinea pigs too. I holed up in my room and tried to escape from all of them….dormant introvert tendencies starting to stir. And then I got attacked by a dog when Jen was a baby and that was that. Terrified! Hmmmm, maybe there’s a blog post behind my conversion. What do you think?


  11. ❤ fur babies!! Great post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  12. terryb says:

    Your Poncho sounds like my dog Sophie. It’s amazing how our furry family can brighten life, although things got out of hand in my house for a couple of years when the furry family included 4 pet rats, at least two of which were pregnant before we got them unbeknownst to us. 4 pet rats turned into 27, every one sweet, smart and with personality. They made a funny little chortling noise when they were happy. Try giving rats away even though they are the next best pet to a dog or cat… It was a crazy couple of years!

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  13. Sammy D. says:

    Great post!! Love the way you personalized each of your family pets.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Heyjude says:

    I am thoroughly enjoying the journey through your life. We were dog people too, until I became a single parent and decided that it would be unfair to have a dog at home alone whilst I was at college / work and the kids at school, so we became cat people (we did have cats before, but not when I was a child, my mother was not a cat person, though funnily my cats always made a bee-line for her knee!!). The cats lived for years! And I still miss them even though it is 8 years now since the last one. I think when I stop travelling I shall become a crazy cat lady too – and maybe even sneak in a dog…


  15. I’m a cat person myself…I guess it’s just the whole maintenance thing of having a dog although I know they make great companions. My daughter is terrified of dogs so I suppose it’s just as well, not to mention the fact that we are now in a pet free apartment!

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  16. Alex Hurst says:

    I love animals, but I fear having a cat is still a far thing in my future. I had to give up my baby when I came to Japan (after spending thousands trying to get her over here) and it still haunts me. But, I love all kinda of animals. Our cockatiel is the current lord of the house. 🙂

    Alex Hurst, A Fantasy Author in Kyoto
    A-Z Blogging in April Participant


  17. Scamp sounds like our Hubbell.

    I liken him to a rotten tooth-it’s a pain whilst it’s there but once it’s gone, it’s a gap you notice forever xx

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  18. Awww I loved seeing your furry family over the years! I couldn’t have furry pets growing up. I do love cats, though, and Theo is a stunner! They do tend to rule wherever they go, don’t they? 🙂

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  19. Great descriptions of your pets, Joanne. I liked Mr. Clueless spaghetti face best! Thanks for the treats. I love fortune cookies.

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  20. Lynn says:

    We had a cat growing up as I think my parents didn’t want the responsibility of a dog! When our kids were about 8 & 10, we got a family dog, our beloved Mocha. As you know, both of our adult kids have adopted rescue dogs & you are so right, each one possesses their own personality. Our furbabies bring such love to our lives, the enrich us in ways we could not have imagined!

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  21. We had both growing up. Our dogs were always female and the cats were male. I’d never actually realised that.
    You had some cute furry family members over the years but Theo’s the stunner (of course).
    I ran 5km on a treadmill last night (and you know how much I hate them) and now you’re giving me fortune cookies??? Roll on G post…. It better have something gooey in it.

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    • joannesisco says:

      hahahaha – if you ran only 5k, you didn’t work out hard enough to justify something gooey …. says the person who justifies sweets simply because the sun came up this morning 😉
      … besides, what was your fortune?!!!


      • If you could have seen the sweat pouring off me after 5km, you would a) appreciate why I hate treadmills and b) hand me chocolate, no questions asked. And that wasn’t my first one either. I did a 5 and a 7 last week. Oh man, so happy I live somewhere I can run outdoors all year round.
        I was too scared to read it in case it said “You will live a long life filled with males.”


  22. All your furry friends look adorable, but I must confess, Theo takes the cake. Handsome boy. 😀
    I adopted a second cat a couple months ago. He has stinky breath but he managed to crawl under my skin. ^^’

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  23. I am so enjoying your strolls down memory lane…..it must have been fun for you writing these out with so many fond memories. Dearly love that pic of your son and Scamp!

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    • joannesisco says:

      Thanks! Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of applicable photos to work with so I have to make due with what I have.
      You’re right – it’s been fun to write these stories, but it’s challenging to fit them into the letters of the alphabet … and keep them as short as possible for the purposes of the challenge 🙂


  24. kimlhine says:

    We used to have a cat who looked lime Theo, but her name was Janis, and her brother we still have Carl Purrrkins, he is a beautiful ginger male and my daughter and Grand daughter just moved home with Sasha, a beautiful, dark tabby kitten, Im a cat person, we used to bred Siamese, and at one stage we had 22 cats, and two babies under two!! Yep! I was that crazy cat lady! I could easily slip back into that stage again!

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    • joannesisco says:

      I think I have the potential to be a crazy cat lady every time I look at the postings from the local humane society of abandoned cats looking for a home. Each one breaks my heart.

      Theo keeps me in line though. He is extraordinarily territorial and one of the reasons he’s with me is because he went off the deep end.

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  25. We had a loving mutt of a dog when growing up , with hind legs longer than the front – we thought she was beautiful. I’ve been privileged to have their company all my adult years and yes they all have distinct personalities.
    Your furry family post brings them all to mind and makes me hug Ivy a little closer. So great you found photos of them!

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  26. We used to have a riesenschnauzer (it’s called a Giant Schnauzer in English) when I was a kid. Great company and she loved to sit under my baby chair while I ate. Hmmm… I wonder why? 🙂

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  27. And how is Theo these days? Fully recovered from his concerns from last year?

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