Changing Seasons: October Is Nature’s Costume Change

For the past month, Mother Nature has been working overtime preparing for winter and a much-deserved long rest. The weather has been highly variable with warm summer-like days interspered with days of cool, gusty winds and rain.

Throughout the year, my Changing Seasons project has been centred on the Scarborough Bluffs in the east end of Toronto, but the changes I’ve been seeing this month just beg for me to break the rules again.


On a short drive towards the zoo.

While leaves have been changing colour and littering the ground everywhere, October has also meant baseball in Toronto … the World Series to be exact.  Now, I normally wouldn’t care one iota about the game, but the city currently has a serious case of baseball fever.

For the first time in over 20 years, Toronto’s Major League team, The Blue Jays, are in the play-offs.  It’s hard to escape the baseball madness currently gripping the city.


A visit downtown showed more changes as the massive TORONTO sign installed at City Hall during the PanAm Games in July has been given a new look.  There is now a black-and-white display of multicultural faces throughout Nathan Phillips Square.  It was a project as part of this year’s Nuit Blanche outdoor art exhibit … another October event.

This change implies that the TORONTO sign will likely see another transformation before the year is out.


The TORONTO sign in July during the Pan Am Games

Meanwhile, back at Bluffer’s Park, autumn is continuing to leave its mark.  Muted tinges of colour are popping up on the Bluffs behind the marina and all is quiet … very quiet.  Even the seagulls and Canada Geese are nowhere to be found.




In contrast, an hour’s drive north of the city shows colours at their peak.


In another week or two, it will all be gone.

The Changing Seasons is a Monthly Photo Challenge by Cardinal Guzman. My previous posts on The Changing Seasons can be found at the following links:

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70 Responses to Changing Seasons: October Is Nature’s Costume Change

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  3. Great pictures. I love the changing leaves. When I lived in Vermont, the departures and returns of the Canadian Geese heralded the change of the seasons. On the west coast we don’t have those noisy migrators and I do miss them. Have a wonderful autumn. Stay warm.


  4. nimi naren says:

    Lovely pics Joanne. Hope you are well


  5. I loved all these photos, rules or not. Even the baseball one and you know how I feel about professional ball games. But Stephen Amell is a Blue Jays fan and they have a player called Smoak so I’ll deign to approve on geeky terms. 🙂


  6. Mrs. P says:

    I really liked this project. I am thinking about doing something like this next year but with so little change in scenery through out the year, I’m not sure what the results will be. Perhaps I’ll take a picture the first day of each month to see if there is any noticeable difference throughout the year. Now…choosing the right place that would show it, that is not too far away…that is the real challenge.


  7. Joe says:

    I’m a big baseball fan and the Blue Jays are a great team this year. I love the images especially the trees that are on fire at the end of your post. Its a shame Autumn goes so quickly.


  8. No autumn here in Las Vegas, but rain is forecast for Saturday. We’re planning a trip to Zion in Utah on the weekend to see if autumn stopped by there yet.


  9. Sammy D. says:

    Great title !! Followed by fabulous photos. October is Glory !!


  10. Lynn says:

    I love that you snuck Blue Jay fever into this post! Last night’s game was CRAZY! I am heading north for a girls’ weekend at the cottage, keeping my fingers crossed the leaves are still displaying their incredible colours. Beautiful photos Joanne!


    • joannesisco says:

      We were downtown the afternoon before the 1st game and it was crazy. It would be impossible to ignore Blue Jay fever right now… and yes, that last game was insane.

      Rumour has it that up to 2 inches of snow is expected in cottage country. I hoping it is just that … a bad rumour.

      At either rate, have a great time!! With a warm fire and a bottle of wine (or a few), the snow won’t matter 😀


  11. Norm 2.0 says:

    We seemed to be pretty close to peak colours last weekend here. We’re heading north to the laurentians this weekend for a family gathering. Will have camera in hand. Just hoping it’s not too late.
    I missed the game last night but I’ll be pulling for the Jays to go all the way 🙂


    • joannesisco says:

      I guess by now you know you missed a crazy game. I’m not a fan and I was glued to the game … or at least the 7th inning 😉

      Have a great time this weekend. Our forecast is for snow, so hopefully you will have much better weather to enjoy the fall colours!

      Liked by 1 person

  12. It’s been twenty years? Ay, yi, yi… how time flies. I recall the last race to the pennant. Normally, no, I don’t care either for baseball (or other sports, for that matter) but it is very difficult NOT to be drawn into the excitement! Go, Jays!


  13. The leaves are so pretty, great photos Joanne. I hope the Blue Jays win!


  14. hilarymb says:

    Hi Joanne – interesting how the city brightens up its ‘name’ .. keeping us wanting to look to see what’s going on .. I guess brings in the trade. The colours and changes are lovely – gorgeous burnished gold … cheers Hilary


    • joannesisco says:

      I was really surprised when I saw the revised look. At first I wasn’t sure I liked what they had done, but I became quite intrigued with the idea. What possibilities there are in the future for ‘makeovers’!!


  15. mickscogs says:

    It seems more wooded than I imagined. We are jumping right into Summer here with two 35°C days with north winds already. We’re all getting really jumpy about fires and the long hot Summer in front of us.


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  17. Sue Slaght says:

    They won!! So exciting and I can’t imagine what the mood in Toronto must be! A wonderful autumn show your eastern location is putting on, both on the baseball field and the lovely forests.


  18. jannatwrites says:

    I love the fall colors. I don’t see many brilliant displays of them here, but I do know of a few places where I can go hunt them down 🙂


  19. bikerchick57 says:

    The last photo is gorgeous. Your colors are brighter than they are around here. It all seems very muted this fall, possibly due to very little rain this summer. As for baseball, I’m not a fan, but I may be rooting for the Cubs to win it all. They’ve been suffering far too long.


  20. The colours up here North of TO are stunning – just like that beautiful shot you took in Caledon but as you say… they won’t last long. The photos of the marina have been fun to follow as the seasons change. But no geese?? We’ve seen a huge never ending migration since early August…tough winter coming perhaps?


    • joannesisco says:

      I’m hoping you’re wrong about the tough winter ahead. I think we are due for a mild “kinder” winter!

      Rumour has it your corner of the world is going to see some snow this weekend … and perhaps not just a sprinkling. Hope this isn’t an indication of what is to come.


  21. That last one is magnificent, Joanne….just love it. We’re deep into autumn here too….colours abound….I hope it lasts for more than a couple weeks, but I know it won’t…….sigh…..
    On another note, your photos seem to have taken on new life recently….almost like they’re being shot by someone who knows what she’s doing! Nice work!


    • joannesisco says:

      hahahahaha! “…almost like they’re being shot by someone who knows what she’s doing”!!
      I have to admit I’m much happier with the results I’ve been getting lately – dare I say ‘proud’? – although I know I have sooo much to learn 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  22. Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. My first impulse was to comment on the improvement of the Toronto sign because the colors are so attractive but after seeing the photos that were embedded into it, it’s hard to pick a favorite. Are those just local people? Or anyone in particular?


  23. Gorgeous photos, Joanne. And hey, BLUE JAYS!!! Watching the game?


  24. Corina says:

    I love the photos. Blue Jays! Hhhmmm…who would have thought?!


  25. Stunning colors and photos, Joanne. I especially like the last photo and the one prior of the sailboats. Wonderful photographs. Thanks so much for sharing.

    The color change is slow here and erratic. Some areas are at their prime while other haven’t received the memo. A friend of mine and I visited the Ermosa Kaarst here but were attacked by mosquitoes in early summer. We’re waiting to visit during the color guard. Weather is rainy and color is spotty. Ugh.


  26. Heyjude says:

    Oh I am so glad you decided to break the rules. That last photo took me back to the White Mountains in 2007. Such intense colours. Our native trees tend to be rather more subdued, but we have been known to plant a few from N America 🙂
    So all together now “Come on the Blue Jays!” I hope they do better than England did in the Rugby World Cup 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • joannesisco says:

      It really seems to be hit-and-miss with fall colours this year. In some areas the leaves don’t seem to be turning at all, yet north of the city it is ablaze in colour.

      Blue Jay fans are happy tonight as they won in a very bizarre game and now move on the next stage. Don’t ask me … I really don’t understand all this playoff stuff.


  27. So beautiful! We don’t get the glorious fall colors here (at least very much)… and we aren’t even getting fall weather yet. I envy the colors but not the eventual snow.

    Is that your car?… it’s just like mine!


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