A Thousand New Memories

A few months ago, Alex Hurst at Memoirs of a Time Here-After, posted about the holiday season in Japan where she has been living and working.  Her post included an opportunity to receive a New Year’s postcard and of course, I was game.

We exchanged addresses, I sent her a Christmas card, and then I waited with anticipation … until yesterday.  A colourful postcard for the New Year arrived as promised!

Japanese card

… but it was the hand-written sentiment that really caught my attention.  “Make a thousand new memories to share!”

I’ve been given – and have made – some audacious goals in the past, but this one made me blink.

A thousand new memories?

What a wonderful and thoughtful sentiment to give someone like me who is always curious, wanting to chase what’s around the next corner, trying to drag along family and friends with me.

memories - Dr Suess

So I share with you Alex’s wish for 2016 … many your new year also be filled with a thousand new beautiful memories.

I shall be busy making them.


  1. I’m so glad the card arrived safely! I received your Christmas card as well, and it was such a nice thing to have during the holiday, when I was basically on my own in Kyoto. I’m also happy the message is inspiring you! I know you’ll make the most of every day, Joanne. Thanks so much again! ❤


    • Being alone over the holidays doesn’t sound like much fun 😦
      I’m sure the countdown on your move has started and I hope these last remaining months in Japan are full of exploration and discovery!

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  2. Wow! I may make a hundred new memories and this would be just perfect and amazing. My brother sends out his family’s New Year’s Greeting instead of at Christmas. It is really full of news and a positive letter. A photo montage with grandies is included, Joanne. I liked the Japanese art work. I would frame this and hang it to remember the 1000 goal. 🙂


    • That’s a great idea – a visual reminder to keep me focused. I seem to be lacking a bit of that lately. Since Christmas, all I’ve wanted to do is cocoon with my colouring book :/


      • Go ahead and cocoon, Joanne. Someone recently wrote as a comment about taking time to “regroup” and “rejuvenate” giving meaning to the seasons in our lives, Joanne. To me, it gives me a Hall Pass to take it easy and enjoy a book, reading more blogs or taking cleaning as a one drawer at a time period of life. I do work physical labor, 8 years since retiring from teaching. I need the blogging to keep my mind active but the winding down during winter appeals to me. Hugs, Robin


        • I’m happy that I’ve had more energy this week and closer to my normal self.

          I guess we do need to occasionally stop and rejuvenate … whatever form that takes. It sure feels good when I do 🙂


  3. My head immediately breaks that down into 3 a day, Joanne. How will I remember 3 things a day? My brain filled up about 8 years ago, and I’m going to have to forget some things to make room! LOL. Wonderful goal. Even the spirit of the goal is inspiring 🙂


  4. I love this sentiment but I don’t think that all or most memories are planned. I like the Dr. Seuss quote and it’s those ‘moments’ that occur throughout your day that become memories. For example, the moment my youngest daughter announced she was pregnant and more recently the unexpected announcement my oldest daughter made of her upcoming wedding and the spontaneous suggestion my son and his best friend made to share a cup of tea and a delicious tart with me at the AGO, were all unplanned moments on my part but will forever be memories that I will cherish. My point is that I think making 1000 new memories in a year is absolutely doable.


    • I agree with you completely. I don’t think we necessarily choose the events that become what I call “freeze frame” moments … those memories that are forever etched in our minds.


  5. What a lovely card and sentiment! 1000 memories, that’s only 19.23 each week… or, 2.74 a day. Sounds pretty doable! I like the idea of New Years cards much more than Christmas cards. They come to the recipient when things are much less stressful and chaotic.


  6. A thousand?? [starts calculating daily rate in head] As someone who has just realised that she has nothing planned for this year (in vast contrast to last year), this number scares me.

    But it’s a lovely sentiment. It is. Truly. Just not helpful to those of us who are challenge addicts.


    • That’s a go-big or go-home kind of challenge 🙂
      … and likely to take a lot longer than a year. After all, I’m looking for quality too 😉

      … and in terms of not having any plans for the year, sometimes that is the best plan. It means that the slate is clear for an opportunity that comes along 🙂

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  7. 1000…..yep, that’s exactly what you need in front of you…..a number that not only captures the imagination, but is a challenge befitting a go-getter like you. Bring on the spreadsheets!


  8. Hi Joanne – what a lovely thought … I will definitely take the idea forward. Great idea to swap postcards .. and I too wish “everyone will make a thousand new memories in the year ahead and then onwards … ” Cheers Hilary

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    • I thought the card swap was a wonderful idea. It certainly brought a smile to my face yesterday when it arrived.

      I like that expression “ahead and onwards” … it sounds adventurous and that’s what I think life should feel like 🙂


    • Doesn’t the idea of New Year’s card have a very different feel to it? I really like it 🙂

      … and it’s true about memories. They become increasingly more precious. I started to appreciate that as I watched my mother’s world become smaller and smaller. It seemed her memories became more and more powerful.


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