It’s True For Me

MJ at Mary J Melange recently posted the following photo with the question “is this true or not”?  She challenged her readers to respond with their stories one way or the other.


I’m not sure about the *great* story part, but many of my life adventures were conceived over a martini and /or bottle of wine.  These ideas were fleshed out and committed to before the sober light of day could cast doubt on their wisdom.

There’s the bottle of wine shared with friends over dinner one night that resulted in the decision that I too could be a triathlete – an Ironman to be exact.  It was a decision that literally changed the life of this former non-cyclist and non-runner.

2007 Ironman Brazil

Then there was the evening with friends and several bottles of wine when the plan was hatched to climb Kilimanjaro.  I subsequently tried to back out of this one when I realized how challenging it was going to be, but with this group there is no going back.

Kili 2
2009 Kilimanjaro

Over martinis one evening with our sons, conversation drifted into the subject of the CN Tower Edge Walk.  It went from idea to booking online within less than an hour.  We are not the type to ruminate for a long time when the adventurous spirit has been sparked.

CN Tour
2013 – on the edge of the CN Tower – 116 storeys above ground.

There are also however those stories that involved poor decision making that I can only be thankful we didn’t end up recipients of the “Darwin Award” for our stupidity.  I prefer to leave those stories ‘in the vault’.

So, my vote would be a definite “YES” … it is true that in my life, an adult beverage has been the *inspiration* behind many adventures … and a few misadventures along the way.

… and in case you were wondering, this post was written with the aid of a glass of wine.


  1. I so admire your adventurous spirit!
    I don’t think my knees could handle the running required for a half or full ironman (wish I had attempted at a younger age)….however I have registered for my first sprint triathlon! I’m very excited….its one of those things I’ve wanted to do for quite sometime.
    You set such a great example for those of us that want to continue challenging ourselves!


  2. Had no idea that you were a newbie to running and cycling when you made that pledge…even more impressive! And although I hate scary rides at amusement parks, I think I might like the walk to the edge…as long as the cables are secure and I can feel the ground the whole way! 😀


    • I used to love the midway rides, but I haven’t been on one in years and years. I don’t know if I would still enjoy them or not.
      I should make a point of finding out one day 😉


      • I tried some not too long ago and though some were scary at first, meaning I did the ride holding my breath or closing my eyes, I actually enjoyed myself. 😀

        Although I did see one last weekend called the Sky Coaster and it was scary as heck and very cool at the same time. It’s 180 feet high and it starts with a thirty foot free fall, though you are attached to a cable (scary part), then you swing across a lake like you are flying, going back and forth like Peter Pan (cool part). We stood at the far end of the lake so we could see the people swing over our heads and every single one of them had a great big smile…like they were flying. If I could just skip the free fall (sigh)! Rick has done it twice, though he was at least ten years younger.

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    • hahaha! … yes, I did that triathlon and 4 others. No, we weren’t allowed to leap off … only hang on the edge (yes, we asked).
      … and of course no wine was wasted or left to spoil in any of our adventures 😉


  3. This was so amazing, I knew you had been involved in wild adventures and attempts to try new things. I was not aware of the Ironman contest. That is a “wow!” My brother has been a long distance runner since high school, marathons and triathlons. I was often given a map in my adult life to the third leg of a race, being there with cups and water or extra pair of shoes. . . Once it was out in Bettendorf, Iowa. This has three states meeting in one place, a bridge and other terrain challenges. I like this side of you and admire such attempts, Joanne. 🙂


    • Thanks – your comment makes me smile 🙂
      I was late to the party. I’m actually not a naturally athletic person and have to work really hard at everything I do.
      I didn’t start running and cycling until my late 40s and I didn’t start hiking until my mid-50s. I’ll always be pathetically slow, but …. better late than never 🙂


        • I consider it a privilege to still have such good health and a strong body when so many of my friends from my younger years are already gone.
          It seems we are capable of so much more than we think we are … we just have to be brave enough to ask ourselves to try 🙂


          • I totally agree, we are for more capable than we think we are…maybe this year I will practice being more brave by getting out of my comfort zone a bit more.

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  4. I completely agree. The drinks aren’t always to get drunk but more as a social lubricant that gets conversation and ideas rolling. Do they still have the CN Tower thing? I want to do that. My son would come with me. It’s easily within driving distance for me while Kilimanjaro is not.


  5. “I’m not sure about the *great* story part, but many of my life adventures were conceived over a martini and /or bottle of wine.”
    That’s where I was sold 😉
    It seems to me a very interesting way to live your life, I do the same too and why not? We’d never do anything if we didn’t have a little “inspiration” now and then 🙂


  6. Reblogged this on The happy Quitter! and commented:
    Oh, this post made me laugh and it brought back memories. Years ago we had a BBQ in our house with lots of food, Beer and Margaritas. That night we all had to try parachuting, it sounded like a really brilliant idea. It didn’t sound right the next morning, but it was too late to back out. I can’t tell you anything about the jump, because I think I had my eyes shut all the time.


  7. Hi Joanne – I’m glad you did all those things, but suspect the vino and beers were dropped shortly after the events were set … amazing – but brilliant to read about … cheers Hilary


    • The whole *heights* thing doesn’t bother me – much. I’m more inclined to get stressed at the idea of something very competitive … like paintball. I did it once and I thought I was going to have a heart attack … seriously. My heart was pounding so hard I felt ill.

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    • Given safety rules, drinking combined with actually DOING the adventure is usually ill-advised … hence some of my misadventures. The really question is whether you can follow through with the wine-fuelled idea after a good night’s sleep to think about it. Apparently I can 😉

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  8. You have very cool friends. Our wine-infused family dinners usually just result in passionate discussions about politics, religion or the Avengers. 😀

    And I wish I could blame my crazy ideas on alcohol but I’ve usually come up with those while stone cold sober. Not drunk, just mad.


    • After Kilimanjaro it was suggested by a work colleague that I needed to find new friends 😉
      … but yes, I love this group of high energy people. They are the same ones we will be cycling Thailand with this October.

      Unfortunately the strength of my bank account is a limitor on most of the ideas I hatch whether alone or with others. Being retired now, I’m seriously limited.

      Our sons have picked up our adventurous spirit and so our gatherings are often discussions on ideas, developing plans, and reminiscing on past glories 🙂
      That might be partly because I ban discussions about politics, religion … and the monarchy. It can get a little too boisterous – as in stormy – for my liking 😉

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  9. The CN tower is intriguingly cool. I’m not afraid of heights, only of falling. I would need wine to encourage me to give it a shot. Or I would need a shot.

    Thanks for the mention and responding to the challenge. You are awesome and easily led.

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    • Easily led? … let’s just say my imagination is fertile ground where other’s ideas take root and grow 🙂

      Like you, I’m not really fond of the idea of falling. Hanging over the edge was rather scary. There is a glass floor in the CN Tower and I CAN NOT stand on it. I shiver at the thought.

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    • HAHAHAHA!! That’s a good one 😀 Once an idea is hatched over a bottle of wine, it becomes really difficult to ignore it! I’ve always said we were limited by our imagination and a little wine goes a long way to opening a few of those doors 🙂

      btw – it took Helen 5 years to convince me to do the Bruce Trail. I could kick myself now for dragging my feet for so long.


  10. OMG……the CN Tower shot? You already know….it makes me dizzy just looking at it! Even under the influence that one would NEVER happen here. You are quite something when sober…had no idea what you got yourself into with a little help!

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