Thursday Doors – Bling, Legs, and Weed

Thursday Doors is a weekly feature hosted by Norm Frampton at Norm 2.0.  It’s an opportunity to share photos of our favourite doors.

In keeping with my tendency to bend rules, I have 3 offerings to this week’s Thursday Doors that admittedly, are not about the door at all … but what’s around it.

I hope you enjoy this peek around downtown Toronto.

2016 – Kinky Boots on stage at the Royal Alexandra Theatre
2015 – A splash of coordinated colour and a blinged up motorcycle on a frigidly cold day
2015 – Kensington Market.  We’re open.

Whenever I look at that last photo, I can’t help but start humming from that Steve Miller Band tune … “I’m a joker, I’m a smoker, I’m a midnight toker”.

Check out Norm’s blog and this week’s serving of doors … perhaps you might be inspired to post a door of your own!



  1. Nicely presented, Joanne! I liked the movie, “Kinky Boots” based on a true story of a British shoe company choosing a new direction. The film features Chiwetel Ejiofor from “12 Years a Slave.” The other doors, pot smoke shop and the hippie green floral place were totally original! 🙂


    • Listening to Steve Miller brought back a lot memories … all good ones 🙂

      That last door is my favourite. I hope to get back downtown and re-explore this area. I suspect there are a lot of treasures down there 😉


  2. My, how times have changed! I was just hearing about a major ruling in 1967 that said forbidding interracial marriage was unconstitutional…and look at us now. 😀 I sure hope those guys who were jailed for marijuana have been released by now.


  3. Love the doors, every one of them. The legs: does she have to pee? Sorry. My first ‘concern’ maybe because of my time of life. 😀
    The song words remind me of the days when… 😀 😀
    You have me giggling while reading this post. Two thumbs UP.


  4. I love it that you bend the rules. A woman after my own heart. (Bizarrely, the quote on my Doctor Who calendar today? “I’d hate to live my life by some boring rulebook like you do.” – The Seventh Doctor. 😀 )

    I think you could guess my favourite. I’ll never tire of snow pictures. (Because I don’t have to live with it. I know. Yada yada yada.)


    • Glad you like my doors … or rather what is around them 😉
      A pair of kickass boots will always get my attention!
      Now, if only I could get that damn earworm out of my head …


    • I know!! That damn earworm has been following me all day! … and try singing it to yourself without a bit of a shoulder dance at the same time!
      I don’t want to know what people in the grocery store thought of me this afternoon.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Oh. Is there such a thing?

      I hadn’t considered that. Actually I hadn’t considered anything. I just thought it looked very unusual for what was an otherwise normal-ish street 🙂


    • Thanks Janet – I really love those boots too! There is no question as to what is currently playing at the theatre 😉

      … and my comment about bending the rules wasn’t about the number of doors I was offering, but more about the fact that it wasn’t the door at all that captured my attention 🙂
      I’m glad Norm has no rules at all!!


    • I like that attitude! No rules 🙂

      Kinky Boots was a lot of fun … it starts off a bit slowly but then it finds its groove. I recommend it 🙂
      … and I like the Royal Alex too.


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