The Difference A Year Can Make

Facebook – that purveyor of all things important and relevant – informed me this morning that this was my world last year on this day.

This was my world today.

Snow Feb 2.16

Nope – I’m not complaining.

To all the skiiers out there and to those who just love winter – I’m sorry.   I’ll stop my happy-dance now.


  1. I am not a skier. And I don’t particularly like winter, though I love sweaters and snow. So go and happy dance all you want. We actually found snow this weekend and had a blast! 🙂


  2. What a comparison!
    While I am the winter lover, I embrace all weather. Whatever greets me as I walk out the door is just fine by me (unless it’s pouring and I’ve planned an outdoor event!)


    • Actually I’m fond of all the seasons for different reasons. Even rain doesn’t normally get me down.
      The length of the winter up here though can really become oppressive after a while. Getting a break like this year feels really good.


  3. That’s pretty different! But it was a pretty warm over here…. was it the same in your area? We had one freak snow day, but otherwise, it’s been fairly mild. Which is super odd for Kyoto.


  4. Quite a difference, Joanne! 🙂
    In central Ohio, we have had a very mild winter. Last Saturday, my grandchildren, son and oldest daughter and I went to a large local park. We had so much fun and it was 58 degrees (but windy!) I would not mind if no snow showed up again until December!


      • Un-normal weather is just wrong, truly shows how our global warming is effecting us, Joanne. I also think that snow should start in December and be over by end of January so I am a rather abnormal thinker! There is snow in southern Ohio and part of the north eastern part, too. The middle around Columbus (and my town of Delaware, Ohio) is milder or more moderate usually anyway.
        I hope it doesn’t disturb you too much, don’t lose sleep over this phenomenon, Joanne. Hugs, Robin


  5. I’m not going to whinge about our Summer as at the moment it is quite beautiful at the moment. and I’m so glad it’s not cold and dark. One day, I would like to see piles of snow like that; but not for days on end. Glad you have a reprieve.


  6. I’m a bit of a fan of the “one/two/three year/s ago today” posts that pop up from time to time on Facebook. I tend to forget.

    I realise how happy this scene makes you (see, I’m learning to appreciate the challenges) but you have to admit there’s the tiniest bit of concern about that contrast, no? You live in Canada. It’s supposed to snow, isn’t it?


    • Sigh … I agree that climate change is worrisome and there is a part of me that is concerned about what the impact will be on the summer when the winter is so mild.

      Having said that, last year was so brutal, I’m going to bask in this mildness while I can 🙂

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  7. It’s warm here, muddy and it’s raining.
    The tulips are coming out and it looks like winter is over. Normally I am thrilled when I see them, but not so much this year. It’s kinda like winter is missing. I don’t like tons of snow either, but at least some kind of winter. OK I am walking away with my head held low so nobody can beat me 🙂

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  8. I’m so thankful we’re dealing with a mild winter. Last year totally sucked with all the snow. Okay, I’ll stop grinning now. 😀


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