Thursday Doors: Kalmar Cathedral

This week’s door offering is from the cathedral in Kalmar, Sweden – an imposing landmark forming part of the town square.


You’d think I would have taken a photo of the exterior doors of this magnificent building … or perhaps a photo of the building itself, which was completed in 1703.  Sadly, I did not.

In my defense, the exterior doors were actually quite simple and plain compared to the formidable building itself – stunning in its bright golden colour.

I did however photograph the top of the cathedral – because I am enamoured with clocks on buildings.  So I guess what you lost in a door, you gained in a clock.


Thursday Doors is a weekly feature hosted by Norm Frampton at Norm 2.0.  You should drop by and visit.



  1. I guess you might have wanted an outside shot. But the inside one you got is excellent…especially for a “doors” shot. And the reflection shot is just very cool! I keep thinking I’m going to do “doors” or “windows” but I just don’t get around to it. So thanks for doing it!


    • Thank you.
      I’ve noticed I have a tendency to photograph certain types of things – doors happen to be one of them and Norm’s Thursday Doors fit right into it.
      Now if only there was a similar feature for clocks, bridges, statues, signs, …. 😉


  2. Ah, a photographer from the same school as me. When you get home and you’re going through the photos and realise you don’t have a photo of something that logically you think you should have a photo of and think “Why didn’t I take a photo of that?”

    Mind you, in this case, it’s superfluous because the inside doors are the money shot.


  3. What a stunning interior – like a fairytale palace. The contrast to the exterior is interesting, though what we can see of the outside is beautiful in its own right. Someday you’ll have to do a post on your clock photos 🙂


  4. Joanne, this is absolutely gorgeous and truly “Divine.” I had a grandpa born from Swedish parents and he would have enjoyed the beauty in this elaborate door and sanctuary. The door’s reflection in the chandelier was like out of a magazine! 🙂

    I went the opposite direction, thinking about politicians snd how they used to go to small towns and hold town hall meetings. The Donald disembarked his private jet in Columbus and held his campaign speech in the airport hangar! Gone are the days of meeting and greeting the everyday people in a local diner or coffee shop. . .

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    • Thank you Robin 🙂
      I’m quite thrilled that the chandelier photo has received so much praise. It was simply a quick fun shot taken after I had taken SO. MANY. other photos inside the church.
      I added it at the last minute to the post because it amused me 🙂

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  5. Even though I’ve never been to Kalmar, it looked familiar … it was as if I sensed it was Swedish before I read it. The interior of my hometown Cathedral looks very similar! Love the reflection in the chandelier 🙂


    • I don’t know anything about the history of swedish architecture, but I’m not surprised it would feel familiar to you.

      The chandelier was really just an afterthought of me being playful with my camera. There was just SO MUCH to see in this cathedral.

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  6. Oh what a beauty. I am talking about the organ, I learned how to play when I was a child, but wouldn’t dare touching this impressive instrument.

    The picture that shows the reflection in the chandelier is one of your best. Good eye!


  7. Beautiful, love those historic pipe organs! I’m not sure about Sweden any more, but in Denmark and Norway the state church is still Lutheran, and therefore the state provides funding for parishes, including pipe organs. Almost every church has one.


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