Thursday Doors: The Oddballs

I’m going to drift in a different direction this week.  As I was looking through my photos trying to chose some doors, I discovered that I had a few that could only fit into the category of *odd*.

I found this short Hobbit-sized door on a windmill on Öland across from Kalmar, Sweden.  I stand somewhat less than 5’4″ / 162cm and I needed to duck my head entering the windmill.

What really caught my eye though was the arched doorway, but with a rectangular door … until I noticed the *cutout* made in the door to fit into the archway.

…. then there is the angled door handle.  Is it just me or does that make more sense ergonomically?


Dutch-style stone windmill built in 1791.

I found this door in a seafood restaurant in Toronto.  I really liked the unusual door handle … but then I noticed the sign.

Puzzled, I opened and closed the door a number of times trying to figure out why it needed to be handled gently, especially since the men’s room did not have a similar sign.

I left with the mystery unsolved.

Seafood restaurant

Speaking of signs, this one was found on an otherwise ordinary apartment door while I was visiting a friend.  It appealed to my inner-adolescent.


Thursday Doors is a weekly feature hosted by Norm Frampton at Norm 2.0.


  1. I wonder if the people were shorter in the days of that windmill, or they just liked stooping to enter? And it’s only courteous not to put your junk where people don’t want it in their slots…everyone knows that.


  2. I love the door photos as well as the way you made me belly laugh. You’re awesome!
    I just found you on Instagram!! Any chance you’ve seen the #rsa_doorsandwindows or #jj_doorsandwindows feeds? Magic!


  3. I love the short little door in the windmill. I can’t imagine why it would be so short, but I suppose there was a reason long ago. My mind went right to the “slot” too. Ha ha. Oh dear. A fun post, Joanne. 🙂


  4. I’m not going to make a 12-year old boy comment on the “junk” and move on to the sign on the ladies’ door. Here’s my take on it:

    The restaurant is busy, the women have been drinking heartily and all of a sudden, there is a rush to the bathroom that creates a line on the inside all the way back to the door. Then, Joanne, without reading the sign because she has to really pee, pushes hard on the door to get in and hits two women waiting in line, sending them to the floor. They both break a hip and an ambulance is called. Two days later, the restaurant is served with a lawsuit and the sign is fixed to the door.

    And now that I’ve written that clever theory, I suppose the door opens outward…right?


      • Well, I have brothers. so my mind went there.
        One is passed away now, but they’re know for their pranks… and they were often gross especially if they thought it was funny…and would horrify their sisters and make us think they were GROSS! They just laughed all the more! Brothers! Impossible, and yet so damn lovable at the same time! God knew what he was doing! 🙂


  5. Once again, you’ve successfully played with the concept and made it your own. I’ve never really grown up so I laughed out loud at the last one. And now I really want to know the story behind the restaurant door. Who did what?

    I was always jealous of Jonathan Creek….

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  6. An eclectic collection🤔…love that windmill by the way and the odd door in it! Aside from the bizarre sign (you must go back and ask!) that is some bathroom door – was it a seafood restaurant?…looks like a ships door.


    • Yes, it was a seafood restaurant. It was Diana’s Oyster Bar and Grill … and the oysters were AMAZING!
      The restaurant itself didn’t particularly have a nautical theme to it so the bathroom door really caught me off guard.

      I’ll definitely be going back for more oysters though 🙂

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  7. The cutout in that first one is unusual but also a great way to create a good seal to keep out cold air. The restaurant door sign is a real head-scratcher, and the last… 😀


  8. Hmmm, in regards to the restaurant sign on the door, perhaps it is a hotspot for women slamming the door. I am surprised you didn’t ask, “what’s with the sign on the door”? I would have!


    • Now I feel silly …. it didn’t even occur to me to ask.
      I actually tried slamming the door … it’s not that kind of door. It automatically closes itself … gently.
      It was very curious. Of course, now I will have to go back 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • Joanne, why didn’t it surprise me at all to read this and find that you totally disregarded the sign and slammed the door? Further, we’re told it never once entered your brain to ask the simple question. Your curiosity is insatiable, your self-sufficiency enviable, but you are such a rebel! 🙂


        • Yeah – you say that now, but you didn’t see me crying in frustration at my computer earlier today.
          It’s such a long sad tale.
          If I commit computercide, I want to go on record that it was self-defense :/


          • So noted. Awfully sorry to hear of your computer woes this morning…..some day perhaps the humans will rule the machines rather than the other way ’round?

            P.S. Thanks so much for sending your dishy PM down our way this week! Actually finding the news enjoyable for a change!


  9. I had no idea doors are this interesting before I fell into the blogging sphere. So many fantastic captures. Thanks you for sharing, Joanne. I couldn’t have enjoyed these doors more without your post–had I been there myself. 😀 😀


  10. Awesome shots Joanne but to be honest when I saw the title I thought I would find a picture of me :). Speaking of inner adolescence my wife has a tattoo that is the same a that sign 😜


  11. I do so enjoy variances on door posts. These are all good. I have come to prefer the levered door knobs in my house. They make sense for people carrying things, or people, or pets. Nicely done! 🙂


  12. Love the old windmill…and it’s hobbit door. I completely agree, slanted handle is much more ergonomic.

    I need your junk sign…to put on my mailbox!

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