D = Denmark

It wasn’t my intention to use a country as a destination for this Challenge, but since I couldn’t find suitable photos for Disney or Detroit or any other D-city, I had no choice but to improvise.

So it’s off to Denmark we go … or Copenhagen to be exact.


I have featured Copenhagen in previous posts – like this one here.  It’s a beautiful city to visit and easy to explore by bicycle – for those with nerves of steel.


This old city is a visual feast of wonderful statues and fountains that seem to be everywhere.


… but not just any statues.  It has an impressive collection of really odd statues.

Snakes pop up frequently as a common theme.


…. as do strange lizard-like creatures.

D= Denmark2

This reptilian horror I’ve featured in a previous post.


There are even statues underwater in the Slotsholm Canal.  Called Agnete and the Merman, it is comprised of a group of bronze sculptures half-hidden in the murky water.

It is considered one of the least-known works of art in Copenhagen.  I’m not surprised.  I spotted it only by accident

D= Denmark

Now that I think of it, perhaps it’s because of their predilection for the weird and wonderful that puts Copenhagen on the list as one of my favourite places to visit.



  1. All of these snake features makes me curious about the Danish mythology and the significance of snakes. And the under water statue…really/! How odd!


  2. Sadly; all I’ve seen of Denmark is their airport Kastrup. Oh, and the ferry terminal in Frederikshavn for one hour in pouring rain. Nothing adventurous like the Cardinal *grin*. I want, badly, to go to Denmark … not only for Copenhagen … I want to go to Skagen.

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  3. Copenhagen, I’ve quite a bit of fun there a few times. The first time I was there without any parents or adults, I had just turned 16 and I was on the run with my friend. We ended up getting arrested after a couple of days and were escorted on to the flight to Oslo by two police officers. 😀


  4. We were there in June one year – sun didn’t really set and thus people were wandering the streets all “night” singing, drinking and enjoying the long days. Hard to get sleep but a fun town.

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  5. I think your post for D is DEFINITELY DIVINE! Love these pix much better than more pix of a giant mouse anytime! (Though I’m sure yours would be the best pix of a giant mouse ever!)


    • I’m sitting here thinking ‘huh? … giant mouse?’
      It took me a while to clue in 😀
      I must be the only person in the world who wasn’t particularly impressed with Disney. It was a ‘meh’ experience for me which was a disappointment considering I had wanted to go since I was a kid.

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  6. It sounds awesome. They seem to really be into mythology there. I wonder about those statues under the water though. Like maybe someone made them and they decided they were kind of weird looking so they decided to hide them in a fountain so no one could really see all the imperfections.

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  7. Those statues are certainly strange looking! I wonder if there is any kind of meaning to the reptile imagery. That would be an interesting research project!


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