What To Do With The Letter *E*?

I knew I was going to have problems with certain letters in my Travel theme.  The letter *E* has been one of them.

Trying to improvise, I considered the little town of Elora which is about a 90 minute drive northwest of Toronto.

E = Elora

Elora sits on the edge of the Elora Gorge Conservation Area which attracts many visitors during the summer months.

E = Elora-2

The problem is that I have no pictures of the key attraction in this area which is the Gorge itself and its magnificent 70 foot limestone cliffs.

Then I had the brilliant idea of featuring *Eating* since a big part of travel is experiencing the local foods.

E = Eating3
Peirogies in Krakow

That’s when I discovered I don’t tend to take many photos of food and the few I have aren’t worthy of an interesting story.

E = Eating2
So much food in Prague

In the end, I had to concede defeat – I’m coming up completely empty.




  1. Certainly not ’empty’ after that great looking food. Nice to get a photo of you and your beloved anyway. I think you should cut yourself some slack though since this is your third time around which is pretty amazing – maybe links to past years posts if you get stuck!


  2. Food is such an important part of travel!! We try to avoid any chain restaurants anytime we are traveling even if it is in Texas.
    Way to get creative with the post….Bad “E” for making it so challenging!!


    • As it turns out *E* has been a cake walk (food related comparison intentional) compared to a few other letters.
      For the first time doing the A to Z, I may have to skip a few.


  3. This was a fun NE presentation of Elora and eating, Joanne. We don’t mind a bridge and pretty sights, we actually don’t miss the cliffs if you hadn’t mentioned them!!
    E is for elegant and elusive Elora. Happy nearly weekend, Joanne!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh thank you! I really liked little Elora and I’ve made a note to myself to make a return trip in nice weather. I want to see the cliffs!!

      Happy Friday to you. It’s been snowing here this morning. I’m hoping this cold weather passes soon!


  4. To someone who has never been to a specific locale, any picture is worth posting. Elora looks charming, even though there were only two pictures. Eating is essential when traveling. You’ll have to start taking pictures of food, even if with your cell phone, so you will have some to post! Empty? This was anything but! 🙂


  5. I am sure there will be a few letter challenges as you make your way through the alphabet! I think you did an exemplary job with the letter “E”!


  6. Yes, you don’t want to be one of those who’s just constantly posting food. The only pics I have tend to be pics of chocolate cake which would beg the question of whether that would be a ‘C’ blog…


  7. Ohhh! Joanne, I wish I would’ve known you were struggling on this one. I have pix of the Gorge! We did the rafting there and swimming. Beautiful place. But I like your post for E actually…a little Elora, a little eating,


    • Oh them … the old decrepit couple with way too much food 😉
      I’m not a big fan of posting photos of myself, but I do make exceptions 🙂

      … and I’ve recently discovered the “Little Poland” area of Toronto. On a recent cold and blustery day, a friend and I went out for peirogies and vodka shots. Ahhh – good times 🙂

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  8. I actually really like the first photo. I have several places where the stone supports remain in the river, long after the bridge has collapsed or been torn down. I like these places.


    • Actually, the first many years we travelled, we didn’t have money for luxuries like eating. We were there to see and do stuff so we survived on bread, cheese, and peanut butter if we could find it :/


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