P = Prague, Czech Republic

The first time I ever heard of the city of Prague was in 1968.  I was only 12 years old listening to radio and TV reports of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia and I wondered whether the world would go to war.

It never occurred to me that one day I could visit there, but in 2014 we made it happen.

P= Prague

Prague is easily one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen.

P= Prague2

I have long held Paris high on a pedestal as the Centre of the Universe, but I had been told that Prague would challenge that position.

Needless to say, both my expectations and skepticism were running high on this trip.

P = Prague-2

… but Prague delivered with exceptionally high scores.  It seemed every corner we turned offered new visual delights with breathtaking architecture and ornate details everywhere.


P = Prague 5

Don’t let the bustling crowds of tourists discourage you.  This is a city worth visiting.

P = Prague

… and yes, we spent several days here and it wasn’t nearly enough time.



    • Mr Science (aka Gilles) was quite enthralled with it, but couldn’t figure out how to read it. Even after going online, it still baffled him.
      It’s a very pretty clock (I do love clocks) but after waiting around for its *performance*, I was underwhelmed.


  1. I totally agree with you. I also have only spent a few days in Prague, but it was in late September and much quieter than during the summer. Downside was the weather. But walking around the city you can’t help photographing yet another door, window, sculpture, view. I think it certainly rivals Paris and I’d love to go back. I too remember the 1968 invasion and wondered whether this was the start of WW3 – maybe that’s why I was so keen to see the world because then we weren’t sure how long we’d have a world…


  2. I remember babysitting for a Czech couple when I was young…I always loved the way their language sounded and was curious about their country. I think opportunity is calling.

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  3. I have fond memories of Prague even though we only spent a day or so there on a youthful bus tour. (Yes, I took a bus tour. I was young and it was an easy way to get a lay of the land for when I went back later on the trains by myself. Sometimes they’re not such a bad thing, you know.) I definitely remember the Charles Bridge. I think it must have made an impression.

    By the way, I’m glad the “Related Posts” are now showing your other 2016 A-Z posts instead of last year’s so I can no longer be taunted by photos of yummy sweet things.


    • Oh yes – those treats!! That was such a god-awful amount of work! 😉

      My problem with tours in general is that I’m not an *entourage* kind of person. Being in a large group of people is bad by itself. Being in a large group that transitions from one point to another is even worse.

      We have occasionally done city bus tours where you can hop on and hop off where you want along the route. Those are great when you have only a short amount of time in a city and want to cover a lot of ground.

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    • Normally I would be a little freaked out by crowds like that, but on this trip I wasn’t. Maybe because the crowds didn’t feel pushy and aggressive like we encountered in London. This was slower and more laid-back.


  4. Gorgeous images; your love for the city really shines through. Prague is one of those places I really want to visit. Have got close a couple of times, but never quite made it.


  5. This was a very interesting post for me to read – as a native of the country, though not of Prague, I was curious what you thought of the city! I’m glad that your trip wasn’t a wasted time. And I’m surprised that you actually liked the city. I was never very fond of it – for the most part precisely because of the decorative architecture and the crowds of tourists (with me as one of them). Perhaps my point of view is somewhat influenced by my knowledge of how unpleasant city it is to live in – that’s a different perspective from visiting a city.


    • I was very interested in what you might think of this post.
      We come from very different perspectives. Generally, Canadians are enthralled with the oldness and history of these very old cities largely because we have so very little of it. I grew up in a small town where the oldest building wasn’t even a 100 years old. When I see the opulence of old European cities, I can’t help but be in awe.

      I agree the crowds are wild. I don’t think I’ve ever seen crowds quite so bad.

      … and you are so right. Living somewhere and visiting for a few days are quite very different things!!


      • I completely understand that we are all fascinated by what we don’t have. Historical buildings don’t usually capture my interest because I’m used to them – and you can take my word for it that it’s not practical at all to work in a historical building because the insides are as historical as the façade – but I am enthralled by large, open spaces. Mine is such a small and crammed country that I’m amazed any time I find myself somewhere where there is space.


    • I don’t know about the canals (plural) part … I know there was at least one. There is a rather large river that runs through Prague and they have the most gorgeous bridges … but then again, I do love bridges 😉

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    • It was actually my oldest son and his friend who told us we needed to go to Prague. They had been to Europe the previous year and couldn’t say enough wonderful things about the city.
      They were absolutely right!


  6. Another one for the list Joanne. I have heard many great things about the city. although I loathe the idea of a European city bus tour it would be a way to see all of these great spots . Maybe when I’m 80. 🙂


  7. Ahhh, so beautiful! Prague is high on my to-go list 😀 I’m totally jealous you’ve been! Can you imagine what doors I could glean in Prague?!? Oh the dream!


    • Thank you! I’m not usually a night owl, but Prague just begged to be explored at night. Maybe that’s because it was so hot and the streets were packed with people until the wee hours of the morning.
      I shot a number of night photos – none with a tripod – so I’m rather pleased that they turned out as well as they did.

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  8. I remember that too, I was thirteen. Mainly, I remember those events, because my brother’s friends were there just then, and got stuck somehow. Another titbit I remember from school, about Prague, is that its name Praha means threshold.

    These are wonderful pictures … they make me want to go there even more.


  9. That last photo is stunning. What significance is the tower/building? Joanne, you have been so fortunate to visit many interesting places…Prague is no exception. Love the architecture.


    • This is the Old Town Bridge Tower at the end of the Charles Bridge. It is a huge (although I appreciate that is a relative word) bridge open only to pedestrian traffic and is simply magnificent.
      If the tower itself has significance, I’m not sure what it is. Perhaps it may have been as simple as controlling traffic into the city in the early days.

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