Q = Québec City, Canada

Did you really think I wasn’t going to bring up Québec, again?  I mean, really! There aren’t that many *Q* cities.

In 2015, we were back in Québec for my mother-in-law’s 80th birthday and the beautiful weather gave us the opportunity to play tourist for a weekend.

Q = Quebec City2

Québec is another one of my favourite cities and I never seem to get tired of visiting it … which is a good thing considering it’s my husband’s home town.

Q = Quebec 4

It’s old and has a European feel.

Q = Quebec City

…. but it’s Canada, which makes it home.

Q = Quebec City3
Chateau Frontenac



  1. I’ve popped back to this post because I was reading Su Leslie’s post about ANZAC Day and that led me to go off and look up the details of my Great Uncle James who died in WW1. (No, I’d never done it before. And now Dad is gone and I can’t talk to him about it. Why do we always do that? 😦 ) I knew he’d served with the Canadian Infantry but it turns out he was with the Quebec Regiment. How about that?


    • It would be interesting to compare your impressions of the city as an adult compared to a child.
      Certainly children don’t have to worry about the challenges of driving in a strange city, parking, and accommodations.
      I have to say that parking stresses me out more than anything!


    • Thank you so much for visiting!
      I tend to forget that as much as we Canadians dream about a vacation in Europe, there are those who dream about a vacation in Canada 🙂


  2. A lovely post and lovely photos! It doesn’t look too European for my taste – and it’s a city I’d like to visit. Or anything in Canada, for the matter. I have a soft spot for Canada…


  3. Another one on my list, Joanne….you make them all look so enticing! You know, I’m thinking you should really do some advertising for these places, your pix are fab! I’m sure word would get out and you’d be paid to travel! Yep, just one of my little ideas…..


  4. Quebec City is such a fantastic city to visit. The whole of Quebec as a province is so beautiful. I think what I love most about Quebec is regardless of what time of year you visit, those who live there embrace the outdoors & enjoy all that the weather offers!


    • I don’t attempt night shots nearly often enough and of course I never have a tripod with me when I do, so I’m always delighted when I get something that’s reasonably good 🙂


      • That’s the problem, always, with night shots — we don’t drag the tripod along. When I was in Stockholm 2011, a friend and I were out walking a whole night, and HOW I wished I’d had my three-legged-friend with me!


        • I think I need to seriously consider investing in a good, easily portable tripod. The one we have is very old, one side is now a bit wonky, and so I rarely think to use it.


          • Good idea, since you travel so much. I have a great, sturdy tripod (Manfrotto), but I wouldn’t like to travel with it. I’ve never looked into it, if there are good, portable ones that can hold the weight of this camera … but I’m pretty sure there are.

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  5. Quebec City is one of my favorite places to visit. The last time we went was during the winter for carnival! We stayed at the Chateau in a room overlooking the river. It was a fantastic trip. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.


    • Quebec is predominantly french speaking, however the vast majority of people working in the service industry will speak english.

      Many people who don’t speak any french are intimidated about venturing off into Quebec. Don’t be. My strategy when travelling has always been that when all else fails, a smile and sign language goes a long way 🙂

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  6. I’ve sadly, not been to Canada yet. I surely will get up there, no big ponds in between me and the Great White North. Just a bit of driving!

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    • I hope you enjoyed your visit and have nice memories of it.
      The first time I was there was on a school trip in Grade 8 and I was completely smitten with the city.
      How interesting that years later I would marry a Quebecker and visit the city regularly 🙂

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      • Joanne, I was circling round to see if I missed any comments back. I love that you now get to see Quebec and also like the way you used the Quebecker to denote your dear hubby. I am impressed that eighth graders get to go into such a beautiful place and I am sure this implanted your traveling bug’s seed, along with other childhood trips. . . 🙂


        • It is a popular destination for Grade 8 school trips because there was a very famous historical battle on the Plains of Abraham in QC in 1759.
          This battle between the french and the english (eventually won by the english) was a pivotal part of Canadian history.


  7. [Warning: Obtuse joke ahead.] Come to Oz, we’ve got heaps of Qs. We’re an orderly people. Also we have cities and towns starting with Q. (Took Sue to one last month just down the road.) Heck, we’ve got a whole state.

    Canada and Europe in one place? I like the sound of that!


    • I’m always happy to hear that people enjoyed themselves visiting Canada. We always want people to feel welcome went they visit our home – whether *home* is our house, city, or country 🙂

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