V = Vignettes

A vignette is a brief but powerful scene. A good vignette leaves you wanting more. 
…. from vocabulary.com

Rather than choosing one city for the letter V, I’ve selected a  vignette from 3 different cities.  No story, no commentary, just 3 vintage photos that I hope are good enough to speak for themselves.

2000 Vancouver, Canada

V = Vancouver, Capolano Bridge
Vertigo on the Capilano Bridge

1997 Versailles, France

V = Versaille
Vast extravagance

1997 Venice, Italy

V = Venice2
Visiting by vaporeto (ferry)




  1. I like your 3 “V” locations in vignette form, Joanne. Versailles ceiling is simple ethereal, Vancouver bridge amazing and frightening a little and Venice would be so romantic to share with someone special.
    p.s. My good single friend, Anna, joined all kinds of dating sites when I did 4 years ago. She stuck with it and she got engaged and is moving away. So, I joined again. . . shh-h!

    Liked by 1 person

      • I am never too old but I kept wishing for a referral date from a brother or friend, Joanne. There are only a few hopeful people who wish like I do for the accidental party where our eyes meet “across a crowded room” like in South Pacific. 🙂


        • Yeaaaaah – I think that only happens in the movies, right?
          Mine was an accidental meeting through friends. Does that count?

          So many of my friends and family have met their partner through on-line dating. They seem almost embarrassed by it, but wow – how they found each other doesn’t really matter.


  2. Can’t believe you’ve already gotten to V. Good idea, about vignette. They have a similar bridge here, on the Fundy Parkway … on a much smaller scale, though. I’ve never been to any of these places, but my husband could easily do an A-Z thing like you’ve done here.


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