Thursday Doors: Come On In

This week for Thursday Doors, I want to feature “open doors” as my theme.  An open door can be welcoming and seems to invite you in to stay a while.  Or it can be a little creepy like last week’s cold storage door.

I discovered however that I actually have very few open doors in my photo library, but not to be deterred, these are a few I’ve managed to find.

From the opulent and ornate …

The Vatican
Oslo, Norway
Side entrance to Our Lady Of Lourdes Church, Toronto … where I was married 33 years ago

… to the very plain and purely functional ..

BCPV - broom making
Black Creek Pioneer Village, Toronto
BCPV - barn
Black Creek Pioneer Village, Toronto

Come on it and stay a while!


Thursday Doors is a weekly feature hosted by Norm 2.0.  Coincidentally, Norm also features an open door!  Drop by and take a look.


  1. Hello Joanne, I came in and stayed, opened a few more doors and poked around while sprinkling likes in my wake. I loved my visit and am sad that you have to cancel your Thailand trip. I seem to recall that, and maybe it was mooted back when I visited last – yes, I am ashamed of myself! I’m glad you are on the mend and the ice floe looks less likely. Take care.


  2. Joanne, the open doors theme is great, and I especially like the Black Creek Pioneer Village door.
    In reading the comment previous to mine: I hope you enjoyed your Martini, and I also hope you are continuing to heal!

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  3. We have just come back from Italy, and went to the Vatican….crazy with people! I had been to Rome when I was young and it was really interesting, now it is a struggle to get through…I felt sorry for my husband as this was his first visit. Enough already with the crowds!


  4. Okay, I’m curious now….I know you are super organized and I would like to get there one day as I do like organization, but how do you store your photos to be able to find pics with open doors among the many you have collected?

    Do you keep them off the computer on drives, store on the computer…and if so, how big is your computer…please share…please!


    • I have a separate external hard drive where all my photos are stored.
      I use a software called Lightroom which provides both photo management and photo editing capability. I’m sure there are other softwares, but this was the one I discovered a lot of bloggers were using.

      I’m not going to lie – the software was expensive (about $200 cdn if I remember correctly) and I had to take a couple of courses (through my local camera store) to learn how to use it (I still fumble around a little)

      I love the software because I can tag photos with key words (whatever words makes sense to me) that allow me to retrieve photos later.
      I currently have almost 17,000 photos stored and tagged in LR. For the doors post, I simply chose the key word “doors” and all the photos I had tagged with ‘door’ come up.

      Just to give you some perspective, my external hard drive is 1 terabyte and only about 10% of it is currently used.

      Hope this helps 🙂

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      • Yes this helps tremendously. I bought an external hard drive for back up purposes but could never figure out how to retrieve the files after I saved them. 😦 Which hard drive do you have?

        I have heard of Lightroom and had thought about getting it at one point but I really don’t do a lot of editing and I am completely uninterested in Photoshop. I just don’t have time for a lot of editing. Other projects are a priority…digitizing my 35mm negatives before they degrade too much. I do like the tagging idea and that is something I could start implementing and it would certainly be a better tool than racking my brain over which flash drive did I put it on.

        My computer is almost full so I have to take photos off of it for now. Between photography and genealogy my computer groans a lot.

        Still haven’t decided on a replacement computer. I have the general specs I need for my purposes but I’m not so thrilled with the current options available.


        • I have 2 hard drives – both of them “My Passport” bought at Costco. I use one to store all my photos and the 2nd one is for running backups.

          I just did a quick search and discovered there are actually free software tools for photo management that you might want to consider

          #9 (Preclick Gold Photo Organizer) in particular looked promising because the short blurb actually included the use of keywords for quick search and retrieval.


          • Thanks so much! Hmmm, I think I have a My Passpor. Like I said, I stopped using it because I couldn’t figure out how to retrieve the files. I guess I need to do a bit of Googling and find a video on how to do it. I see a light now at the end of the tunnel. 😀


  5. Nice theme with the open doors, Joanne. They are all beautiful, even the plain wooden wooden ones, but my favorite is from Oslo. Such lovely ornate work. Must have taken the craftsmen extra effort to finish.


  6. And are you like me? Seeing an open doorway I have to have a peek inside… much to my OH’s chagrin. He usually bumbles off in the opposite direction pretending he doesn’t know me.


  7. Open doors are often irresistible, aren’t they? When I go on walks with my 3-yr-old grandson, he has to visit every shop with an open door and talk with the salesperson. Great photos, Joanne. They brought a smile 🙂


  8. I’m with Heather I can’t seem to keep up with what day of the week it is! I will admit the sight of the Vatican door and the crowds made my hands sweat. The Oslo door looks like a whole story to be told and that one might need to be a weight lifter to open it. 🙂


  9. Beautiful open doors Joanne. I sometimes wish I could go up and close doors to get a better photo, but I always like seeing open doors on a church. The barn doors at the bottom are my favorite. It seems so welcoming.


  10. Joanne, the ornate doors leave me in awe while the simple ones, represent time passing with heritage displayed. Hard to choose, so will proclaim appreciation of both styles and periods in time!
    Hey, I was showing off your Ironman photographs to my running brother. 🙂 He is able to run marathons but has only entered a few “half-Ironman’s!” He was quite sympathetic about your railroad accident. Anyway, hope you are healing up and will not face pain for long. . .

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  11. I love this theme! What a gorgeous idea. I follow several “door” accounts on Instagram. Always inspirational. Now I have a cozy place to come on Thursdays, too.
    I hope you’re having a great summer, Joanne!

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  12. I love the Open Door theme this week! My favorite is the plain brown panel door next to that lovely green staircase. Green is my favorite color and that shade of green is lovely. The patterns of the panels, stairs with that bucket of kindling make a lovely composition.

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  13. A lovely eclectic collection Joanne. I can imagine it’s almost impossible to take a picture at the Vatican that doesn’t include other tourists trying to take pictures 😉
    The Olso one is my fave.

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