Having The Last Word

Cemeteries are peaceful and calm oases chock full of local history and stories of people long gone.

One can also find a smile.




Found today at the Necropolis – one of the oldest cemeteries in Toronto.



  1. Joanne, your find in Toronto in the Necropolis was fascinating. I stop all over the states I am in, looking at local cemeteries. I particularly enjoy older cemeteries. πŸ™‚ I actually have had two cemeteries in my blogs, whichI return to. The newest one, I found some revolutionary war heroes buried there.


    • Graves dating back to the revolution would be very old. What was the condition of the graves.
      I don’t know whether it’s our weather, or the quality of particular stones, but I found many of the older ones have not fared well over the years. Some are now unreadable which is rather sad.

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      • There were several split stones but this is a vault and may have transferred a revolutionary soldier into this location, Joanne. I have this scheduled near end of the month. I try with busy work schedule to write ahead over weekends on my posts.
        Many have those brass stars with the Revolutionary War, plus “DAR.” (You and I know are Daughters of American Revolution but in case someone doesn’t will help inform them.)

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    • Oh the birds!! There was one particular grave that had dozens of little birds chirping about it. As we got closer I realized that there was a small bird feeder there beside the stone.
      Yup! It was another smile πŸ™‚

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    • That’s a great point. I thought the statements were a commentary on the personality of the individual. If that’s true – of course I would have liked to have known them πŸ™‚


  2. Love this Joanne! Although I have instructed my loved ones to just toss my ashes to the wind, if one is going to have a headstone, I love the idea of leaving a sassy saying of some sort!


  3. How nice of them to leave us with a permanent reason to smile. I’ve been trying to share a bit of good news or happy news each day, for a friend. I’m going to use this post today πŸ™‚


  4. As you know, I love cemeteries too. So beautiful and peaceful, and often so full of history. I know you had been wanting to go to this one for awhile, and I can see why. My favorite cemetery of all is the one we visited in Cuba. You would be in heaven there (no pun intended).


    • I am now so curious to visit Cuba, if only to see this great cemetery.

      This particular cemetery is a bit of a time capsule of the history of Toronto. In fact, we discovered that an actual time capsule had been created and buried here in 2000 for the 150th anniversary of the cemetery.

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