Enter This Way

This post has been inspired by Joey at Joeyfully Stated.  You see, she did a door post today on arches and because of it, I’ve had arches on my mind.

While technically these aren’t doors, they are entrance ways and I do have a fondness for archways.

University of Toronto
Casa Loma (2014) Toronto
Queen’s Park, Toronto
Soldier’s Tower, University of Toronto
Bruce Trail (2013) – Beaver Valley

Thursday Doors is a photo feature hosted by Norm Frampton at Norm 2.0.


  1. Everyone here seems to love arches, and I’m no exception 🙂

    I’ve always imagined archways as portals, sometimes through time, sometimes through space. It’s a silly idea, considering how I used to jump back and forth a pace or two (my feet were small then) and think I was defying the fourth dimension. But even now, when I walk through an archway, something small within me clicks, as though I’m aware of a transformation, however subtle it may be.

    Nonetheless to achieve this (nonsensical) effect, to me the roof cannot be too thick (the ideal archway in this case would be the first one). The last photo, though, is really beautiful, and like you’ve mentioned, there’s this strange fairy tale air that does complement the mystery of portals 🙂

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  2. How stunning – there really is something special about arches. I especially love the last one, it poses all sorts of questions as to where it once led to!

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  3. Got a soft spot for arches too and you’ve collected some fabulous ones. But like most who have commented already, it’s the Bruce Trail one that wins the prize for me. I wonder why that is? Is it the natural setting? Is it the rustic nature of it? Is it that of all the arches, this one just shouts “let me lead you to an adventure”?

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    • Those arches in the middle of nowhere continue to intrigue me. I had wondered whether it was just me, but it seems many others feel the same way.

      Like you said, they say to me ‘there’s adventure here’, like you’re entering a fairy tale.

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    • I don’t even the know the story about those arches except they are in the middle of nowhere.
      It’s the stone stairs leading up to the top that intrigues me. This arch gives me the impression of stepping into a fairy tale 🙂


  4. These arches are stunning, Joanne. I love arched entryways and when they’re made of stone, even better. I also really enjoy finding stone arch bridges. I think I like the soldiers tower the best, maybe the bridge. It’s hard to choose today.


    • You know those moments in time that you remember intensely for whatever reason? I call them freeze-frame moments.
      That arch on the Bruce Trail was a freeze-frame moment for me because I had a major anxiety attack at that point. I realized where we were on the trail versus where I thought we were.
      I can look at the picture now and smile but it was very stressful at the time!!


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