No, It’s Not Important

It’s Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada.  Like our American cousins, this is a time when we should be reflecting on all the things in our life for which we are grateful.  The markets are exploding with the abundance of nature’s harvest and the focus is on the celebration of food, family, and friends.

While I was contemplating what was special about Thanksgiving, I kept coming up with a big blank. It was just another weekend – except with an extra day to do it all in.  Nothing particularly special.

Well, except for that one time 30+ years ago when Gilles and I got married on Thanksgiving Weekend – my dad’s birthday to be exact.  He would be 104 years old today.  That day was pretty cool … but when I think about it, it still boiled down to family, friends, and food.


And there was the time 2 years later when we were anxiously waiting for son #1 to arrive. But he was late and missed all the Thanksgiving stuff by a few days.


Maybe I should also toss in the times Gilles and I were away for Thanksgiving Weekend. There was Rome, and Hawaii … and of course, Chicago.  I did my first marathon in Chicago on a Thanksgiving Weekend.  Friends were involved that weekend too – we traveled with our good friends, Cathie and Bob.

Bob amused me throughout the 42 km course reciting all the words he knew in French – baguette, fromage, bouillabaise.  Yes, food was definitely involved in that trip.


But Cathie and Bob are in Thailand right now – which is where I’m supposed to be …. but I’m trying not to dwell on it – much.

So yeah.  Basically, Canadian Thanksgiving is nothing special.  The family will gather, a few friends, food and drink will be involved, but I won’t make much of an effort.


Because it’s not important – too much.




  1. As someone who lives in a country that doesn’t have a Thanksgiving holiday, my jealousy would seem to indicate that it IS important. It must be nice to stop and think about what to be grateful for together as a family.


    • Both my husband and oldest son did not read this post as being tongue-in-cheek. They thought I really did feel *meh* about the whole month.
      Silly men.

      I love October. I love the season, nature is so beautiful as it changes colours, and I can associate so many personal happy occasions to the month. What’s not to be grateful about? 🙂

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  2. As you know, thanksgiving isn’t an Aussie thing. But it’s still cold here in Victoria, and I would go a big hearty meal and a small family gathering for sure. Nice post as usual. I hope you get to Thailand one day.


  3. wow – this is a very special holiday for you! the month of october must be such a fun time of year for your family… and it is my spouse’s favorite month.

    anyhow, sorry you are not traveling the way you want to be – and without sounding too cheesy – remember that everything happens for a reason and detours – or being sidelined or grounded – well they often set the course later for better things that needed to pivot that way.

    anyhow, happy anniversary 🙂


  4. That is so cool that so many major life events happened at the same time. Sorry about your injury/not going to Thailand. Thanksgiving was always my favorite holiday because it was family and feasting and no pressure. There was no gifts, Easter egg hunts, costumes – just food and socializing!


  5. From stunning young woman to gorgeous woman, both inside and out! What a pic, Joanne! And oh, I love your table setting…elegant and festive, actually quite like the Joanne I know! 🙂

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  6. Getting married 30+years ago over your own Canadian Thanksgiving celebration sounds like a memorable day, Joanne! You were a beautiful bride and Gilles was a handsome groom. Happy Anniversary to you both. ❤
    Hope your family gathering was still full of all those joyful elements.
    You will have another race, another trip again someday and this will all be in your past! 🙂
    Hope the shoulder keeps mending and possibly a miracle will speed the process. (I cannot believe how slow the process is on an able bodied healthy woman, such as you!)

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    • Thanks Robin. I have a huge amount to be grateful for and it was fun to write this post in such a tongue-in-cheek manner.

      My shoulder is doing well – only a few minor restrictions now, like no pushups 😉
      The way I understand it, the long healing process has been caused by the large displacement in the bone … and the fact that the shoulder is constantly moving – no matter how hard you try to keep it still.

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  7. I’ve had some really splendid Thanksgivings, too, with quite a bit of variety, but most of them have been rather blah compared to the hype of the season.
    What a lovely couple you are/were — quite the glowing bride! 🙂

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    • You are so right about all the hype around these family / friends holidays. I don’t know about you, but I get sucked into that vortex of hyper-planning, ambitious menu, food, food, food. This year was no exception – but that’s never what we ever remember. In the end, no one really cares whether the pumpkin pie was the. best. ever.
      What we remember is the time we spent together – whether it was laugher, tears, cold silence, drama, etc.

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      • YESSS, exactly what you wrote, “laughter, tears, cold silence, drama” — that’s the stuff. I remember wonderful laughing times, but also times of struggle and pure gratitude.
        I never have gone berserk about the food, I’m rather traditional, don’t like ‘new and improved’ this and that messing up my holidays! lol

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    • Thanks! Hope your’s was a good one too.

      There’s still lots of pie. Actually there’s still lots of everything!
      Coffee and pumpkin pie sounds like a perfect way to start the day 🙂


    • Yeah – not too important 😉

      Glad you liked my dress. Traditional frothy wedding dresses didn’t hold any appeal for me, and I had an image of this dress in my head since I was quite young. I was thrilled that I found someone who could create it for me.


  8. Lovely post! You really have a lot of happy memories associated with Thanksgiving! Still … after twelve years, I feel a bit “new” to this North American tradition. While we were still in QC, we used to have turkey, and the lads would come over [Gerry’s sons], but not now. Pretty much business as usual … which doesn’t stop me from being grateful for all I have.

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    • I would imagine it’s very different when it’s just of the two of you. When the boys were small, it really bothered me that we had no extended family around us. Holidays like Thanksgiving were really sad affairs.
      I’m really grateful that they are close by and we can gather for these celebrations 🙂


  9. Love the wedding photo… you look very much the same today, same smile, same obvious enthusiasm. You have aged well, if I might say.

    What an elegant table setting. Congrats!


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  10. I agree – Thanksgiving is about Family, Friends and Food!
    This year my hubby and I are all on our own for Thanksgiving, so food choices will be a bit different. We’ve decided to do a ‘progressive’ meal. We’ll cook, and eat part of one special dish tonight. We’ll make another special one tomorrow night, and eat part of it. On Monday we’ll cook a third special dish, and serve it with the special leftovers from the first two nights!

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  11. First of all; Happy Anniversary! I have to agree that your wedding photo is gorgeous. You look incredible and you both look so happy! Happy Thanksgiving and may it continue to be associated with wonderful experiences and memories.

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  12. So another excuse to raise my glass to you! Happy anniversary dear Jo, you don’t look any different except for maybe the hair – you have such a beautiful smile 🙂
    Enjoy your weekend with food, family and friends and did I say food? And maybe a few glasses of cheer…

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    • Awww – thanks Jude. Yes, I mourn the lost of my nice dark hair … except now it would look terrible with my older face 😉

      There will definitely be lots of food and generous amounts of cheer 🙂

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  13. Yes, Thanksgiving is kind of a weird holiday because it loses it’s significance and tends to revolve around eating. You’re lucky to have so many great memories associated with the holiday. Thanks for sharing your pictures! I love to see pictures from the past.

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    • Maybe it’s the Italian half of my heritage, but I find ALL holidays and special occasions revolve around eating.

      Sometimes we forgot exactly how fortunate we are … until we start to tally the score!!


  14. What lovely memories! You look so happy – and beautiful – in your wedding photo. Best wishes to you and your husband on your anniversary, and here’s to making many, many more wonderful memories as the years unfold. I know not going to Thailand was hard for you, but I’m confident there are many amazing adventures in your future.

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  15. Your wedding photo is beautiful. So many adventures that followed, maybe the weekend isn’t so much, but plenty to be thankful for. How many marathons since that first one? (I’ve never, so it’s clear that you have me beat).

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  16. Happy Anniversary!
    And Happy Birthday to your dad, Buon compleanno papà… As they might say. My Italian blood is merely a thimble full (mother’s side, can’t reveal names for security reasons).
    And Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

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  17. That wedding photo is gorgeous! You look so beautiful. Sorry Giles but the bride steals the show. Seems like you have had a lot of very happy moment on Thanksgiving. We are having a low key weekend here and loving that. It doesn’t happen very often. Sending best wishes and hugs. I’m so sorry you aren’t in Thailand. xo

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    • Thanks Sue. I certainly felt beautiful that day. Don’t all brides? 🙂

      Although I stress over all the details whenever the ‘clan’ gathers, it is always a time for laughter and stories and enjoying the company of the people I love dearly. That’s what it’s all about ❤


  18. How beautiful you look in your satin gown Joanne. Sounds like you have much to celebrate around this time of year. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving, surrounded by loved ones making new memories. ❤️

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  19. I don’t even know where to begin. What a beautiful, beautiful couple you two are. So many memories, so much to be thankful for. I know you and yours will have a great weekend, how could you not.
    As for Thailand, it’s not going anywhere, it just had to be postponed.

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