Mystery Behind A Door

In the final scene of the 1981 movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Ark of The Covenant was confiscated by the US government and put into a vast storage building.

Raiders of the Lost Ark final scene – photo from

We never saw the outside of that building, so perhaps it was in fact an innocuous-looking place very much like the one behind a door like this.


That simple padlock doesn’t look like a serious deterrent for someone intent on breaking into the building.  So perhaps they may in fact be trying to prevent something from breaking OUT?

Maybe this IS where the Ark is hidden …. and it wants to escape ….

Thursday Doors is a weekly photo feature hosted by Norm Frampton at Norm 2.0.


This door was found in the Distillery District in Toronto where I enjoyed a wonderful day at the Christmas Market a few weeks ago with Lynn from Life After 50.  Since I was unable to drive and was housebound, Lynn graciously came to pick me up and brought me downtown for several hours of browsing the market stalls, lunch at the Pub, and great company.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with Lynn several times over the past 18 months and if you haven’t visited her blog, I encourage you to take a visit.  She’s a lovely person both inside and out.  Blogging has introduced me to many people around the world I proudly call friends, and I’m so grateful that one of them has become a dear friend in the ‘real’ world.


  1. What a great suggestion of the possible contents in this building, Joanne!! I would think like you suggested, a bigger padlock may be needed for the “Raiders of the Ark” treasures. 😉
    The other way of looking at this, so humorously given, could be true!! What is being prevented from escaping! xo
    Happy holiday season and sending you wishes for a safer, better New Year, Joanne, hubby and family!


  2. I love the Raiders intro to this post…who knows, maybe there are prized treasures behind your green door…did you bring the bolt cutters? Sadly, I think I’d chicken out because I was too afraid of the sentence that might come with the curiosity.

    So glad you have gotten out and about, even better that it was with a blogging buddy!! 😀

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  3. That is a very looking, mysterious, curious door. You should knock and see what happens…. 😂 Just kidding. Don’t get abducted into a small wooden crate… we’d miss you… 😥


  4. Hi, Joanne – Thanks for the introduction to Lynn. I checked out her blog earlier today and have just become a subscriber. Thanks also for another great door post. I just pressed publish on my first Thursday Door entry (which I was also introduced to through your blog).


    • I just finished reading your first Thursday Doors and I think you are off and running 😀
      Doors really are quite addictive once you start to notice them … but it seems you’ve already found that out 🙂


  5. My dad worked in Customs and Escise all of his working life. He retired quite senior, and the grog and fags were plied on as graft and corruption every year. I found a link on this building and it appears to have contained barrels, of booze no doubt. It seems that this building is in the distillery district so that would make sense. You probably already know this but I found the process interesting. What do think the chain on outside’s purpose was? I assume the hook is to hold the door open.
    Times have changed. Like my dad, I’m a public servant but I can barely accept a pen as a gift from suppliers without the threat of auditing. Unlike my dad, I haven’t climbed the ladder. I’m happy with the way it has all turned out though.


      • Yes, it wasn’t a stretch of the imagination as to why an excise building would be directly across the street from all the distillery buildings. You made an interesting point about all the graft. Even over the time span of my career I witnessed a huge change in perception over the receipt of “gifts”.
        If I had to put my finger on it, I would say it started in the early 2000’s with Enron, WorldCom and all the other accounting frauds. It put corporate governance under the microscope – including the appropriateness of all these gifts.

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  6. What a fabulous door! It really deserved its own focused post… so mysterious! How nice that you were able to meet up with another blogger and enjoy a wonderful day at the Christmas Market. I’m now off to check out Lynn’s blog… I consider a recommendation from you as pretty much a sure thing.

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  7. That might be a small padlock, but the door looks as if someone has been trying to break in – all those dents and dings!! “Curiouser and curiouser” cried Alice.


  8. Hey, I recognize that door! Love how you spun this one. On a personal note, thank you for the love my friend. Your friendship has been a gift through this blogging experience & our time together is always a special one. Wishing you & your beautiful family the very best of the season & remember, just give up control!😘🍷🎉🎄

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  9. Nice find Joanne – this one does a bare industrial look to it. It’s always fun to meet up with blog buddies – I’m hoping to meet both you and Lynn in the future too.
    All the best to you for the holidays and much better health in 2017 🙂


    • I know. I’m still bitter about missing our meet-up in July. This damn shoulder has a lot to account for!!
      You’re still on my list of blog buddies to meet with. You aren’t off the hook yet 😉

      Merry Christmas, Norm. Hope your holidays are the best!!

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  10. You know it is hidden in a place like that, buried behind old tax forms, army uniforms and WWII surplus canned goods. Great door, Joanne. For some reason, the multiple dents give it a special character.

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  11. That last scene always makes me laugh and I’ve had to try to find some things that I think must be in that warehouse. As Churchill once famously said, although about Russia, not giant warehouses, “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” Great post to start my morning.



  12. What an intriguing facade… Not sure about “innocuous” though – there are a lot of dints in that door, and I know the hook is probably there so you can latch it onto something to keep the door open, but it looked pretty sinister at first glance!


  13. Have you ever watched the show “Warehouse 13”? If you’re a sci-fi freak, you’d like it. 😉 I loved it.
    It’s so fun to meet fellow bloggers in the flesh. I’ve met 3 and got #4 in the works.
    I also enjoy ‘plugs’ from my current blogger buddies, as sometimes it’s hard to find other blogs to follow. I’m not so willy-nilly to follow everyone that follows me. I need substanace. I did just follow Lynn at her blog. I read the latest few posts and laughed my ass off! Sold! 😂😃
    I hope you’re repairing quickly and hope you have fun holidays! 😁

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    • I love sci-fi but never got into Warehouse 13. Unfortunately I picked it up part way through and never really caught on to what was happening.
      Maybe I can find the series someday and start watching from the beginning.

      I’m with you on being picky about my follows. Lynn is a great choice 🙂

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  14. hahaha – this sure is mysterious – and now I seriously wonder what is inside.
    and how nice to connect with your blog friend – I will go and check out the blog now.


    • aha! I found them!!
      In case you’re wondering … I went into WP Admin / Comments and did a search based on “Prior”. All your comments popped up. Some of the comments have a “label” on them saying “un-spammed by joanne”.
      Cool! After 4 years on this platform, I just learned something new 🙂

      btw – I suspect it’s just a boring old warehouse, but isn’t it fun to imagine otherwise! 😉

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  15. I think I need a refund from my speed reading course. I thought the sign said ‘blog no 42’ and I refuse to divulge what I thought ‘bonding warehouse’ was.
    Lovely post, Joanne and well played Lynn. I for one will check out her BLDG just as soon as I’ve discovered the mystical number 42 one.


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