Time Is On Our Side

There are those people who seem to have no concept of time, and others, like me, who are overly aware of it.  Whether we are sensitive to time or not, it is deeply ingrained into our language and reminders of it surround us.

Niagara-on-the-Lake 2016

Whether it’s time to get up, time for dinner, or show-time, it seems we are always running out of time.

Toronto 2016

We are constantly making time or need more time.  On rare occasions we even have time, but mostly we feel like slaves to time.

Wawel Castle, Krakow 2014

It is said that time heals all wounds.  Whether that’s true or not, there are days when time seems to standstill and other days when time flies.

Prague 2014

Right now, I admit I’m just wasting time and it’s time for me to go.

This post was inspired by Dan Antion at No Facilities and is included as part of Thursday Doors, a weekly photo feature hosted by Norm Frampton at Norm 2.0.

Toronto 2016.  I admit there is no door here, but this clock tower is just so damn cute.  It begged to be included.


  1. I was able to make quite a big change in my life once by looking at my lovely Mama (maternal grandmother) and thinking “life is not short, it is long and I don’t want to live like this for the rest of it”.


  2. Well Joanne, this time you’ve done it! You just posted a timeless blog on Norm’s TD.
    Ever hear of the expression, “Hawaiian Time”? In Hawaii, we are always late (happened to me when missing the deadline to upload my post on Norm’s TD this week so only my followers will see it); since I now live on the mainland I try to avoid my Hawaiian Time heritage but sometimes not.
    Thought your post was awesome this week and wanted to attach an appropriate photo I took in Shanghai last year but I can’t upload images so I’m attaching my Flickr link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/138993329@N02/31386398163/in/album-72157671692401691/

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    • omg – I love them!! Now, I would have been tempted to buy one – partly the dark versions on the right 🙂

      … and yes, we experienced Hawaiian Time. It doesn’t take long to slide into that groove when you’re there 🙂

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  3. Great timing. 🙂 I almost feel as if the blog world has been operating on its own time while I’ve been off doing other things. I’d swear I’d only been gone a few days but WP insisted it had been more than a month.
    I love that last clock tower. It’s a beauty. 🙂


  4. Through the portal of time we must allow your cute, black and white Toronto clock, Joanne.
    In your Prague photo, the arches are pretty with a fancy door to the balcony featured.
    That mint green clock looks like jade with a beautiful antique window, with 14 sides to it, on the next church section. The two styles compliment each other.
    I am impressed with how many “times” you featured clocks! Let’s hope time is carefully measured to lengthen when we need to linger and savour moments. Then, may it hurry along only during moments of anguish or pain towards quick recovery in healing. 🙂


    • I do like clocks and discovered I have a LOT of photos of clocks. I really like your sentiment about hoping “time is carefully measured to lengthen when we need to linger and savour moments”. That is a lovely wish to give anyone 🙂


  5. This is so funny you mention about how overly aware of time you are. I always (always!) wore a watch to work. Without fail. And my kids always wondered, WHY? They had their cellphones to tell them what time it was. After I was out of work last year for so long, I never wore a watch. No need. When I did go back, I said heck with the watch–I have my cellphone to tell me what time it is. Can you say ‘Hello bracelets?’ All my vintage bracelets in place of my watch. What took me so long?? 😀

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  6. What a cool take on the challenge Joanne. I’ve just been tidying my office bookshelf (about time) and found, next to each other — ‘A Brief History of Time’, ‘The Anthropology of Time’ and ‘A Geography of Time.’ Guess now I’ll spend some time flipping through them and some more wondering why I bought them in the first place. Thanks for providing an excuse to read rather than tidy 🙂


  7. Nice post for my Friday morning at work – no I should not be peeking at this. I’ll continue for the time being, then back to the no air conditioning grind. It’s going to be 33° today and the air con is having it’s annual service grrr. Love the clocks and cold. Michael


  8. What a great collection of clocks and doors! I guess back-in-the-day people didn’t have wrist watches, and they certainty didn’t have all the electronic gadgets we now have to tell us what time it is. I don’t imagine many modern buildings have clocks incorporated into their facades. They are all beautiful, but I especially like the one on the castle in Krakow.


  9. Awesome doors and CLOCKS and thanks for the shout, Joanne. I like all the ways you talked about time. I have a conference call in a few minutes, so I am clearly wasting time while I wait for others to get on the call. I like the first photo the best but I really like the last clock too.


  10. Yup, time is today a subject for everyone as it seems to just slip by though I think we need to be disciplined and leave our electronic devices on their own and spend some quality time with ourselves…we have to make time. (Suzanne)

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