An Assortment of Doors

It’s another helping of random doors for today’s Thursday Doors.

Little Italy – Toronto 2015.  This door is battered, but the rings as door handles caught my eye, as did – what I assume are – boot scrapers on both sides of the door

I don’t even remember many of the buildings themselves … just their doors.

2016 – University of Toronto.  Apparently an emergency exit only.  It opens only from the inside.

Another battered old door found in Port Perry, a 45 minute drive away.

The door might be in disrepair, but the window gracing the top with its decorative arch is still gorgeous.  Photo from 2016

This door was attached to a wonderful old building that originally served as the Town Hall, jail, and court house for the Port Perry area. It is now a theatre for the Performing Arts.


Lastly, I found this lovely pair of side-by-side doors while strolling through Yorkville last weekend in downtown Toronto.  I really like the transom window on #62 and little faces on the decorative molding under the overhang.

Photo 2017

Thursday Doors is a weekly photo feature hosted by the Head Door Man himself, Norm 2.0.





  1. Fabulous doors. Love the bit about not remembering much about the buildings, just the doors. I so identify with that. Found your blog on Marsha Ingrao’s list. So pleased I did. 😊


  2. Ooh, Joanne! I like your variety of doors in the presentation. The battered door and the 1873 town hall door were ones I liked to picture the history and people who had passed through them. The U of T door had a fantastic clear reflection in the pretty window. This door looks well preserved and attractive! 🙂


  3. Terrific selection of doors this week Joanne. That Town Hall one is my fave and if I hadn’t known what the building was used for before I would have guessed some sort of performing arts center anyway so I think it has found it’s true vocation.


  4. Another beautiful collection! The Port Perry Town Hall was also used in the 50’s through the 60’s by the H.W. Gossard Co., manufacturers of women’s undergarments. We lived in Port Perry at that time and my mom worked at Gossard making brassieres and girdles!


  5. Doors tell so many stories, they are the very first thing we see when entering a home, I truly think they deserve the importance they are given. Great photos. Hope you are having some warmer weather?


    • Good question. I’ve been noticing doors for a very long time, but I’ve had a camera only for a few years. I started participating in Thursday Doors when I realized I had photos to share.
      Now I’m a run-away train 😉


    • Walking around the U of T grounds is so beautiful. When I was a teenager I didn’t want to go to school in Toronto and choose a much smaller school in a much smaller city. Now I wish I had gone here instead.

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  6. Sorry, Joanne, I couldn’t help but imagine someone lost in Toronto approaching you for directions, and being sent across town, not with ‘left at the lights and right at the library’ but stop at the lights look to your left and there’s a beautiful old Italian door. Well the ornate brass handles are…no come back, I haven’t told you about the delightful decorative carvings of the library’s inner hallway door yet…’ Which is a reflection of how much I enjoy your door posts 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  7. WOW these are some spectacular doors Joanne 😀 In the first image I believe those are door stops but can also be used for boot scrapers. I love all the detail you achieved in these images, great work.


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