Some Like It Hot

Gilles and I were running errands together yesterday and decided to head out to the west end near the airport to check out a restaurant that a recent article suggested had the best samosas in the city.

We like to occasionally buy a few dozen and freeze them for easy, last minute lunches.  We have a local place with an *ok* samosa, but not great.

The restaurant we found was a small, non-descript kind of place with both a hot food and take-out counter.  Getting carried away by the variety in the display counter, Gilles’ attention was captured by a tray of pepper pakoras.

Although Gilles likes spicy food, he doesn’t necessarily like over-the-top hot food and these appeared to be full-sized banana peppers.  I attempted to caution him that maybe they weren’t a great choice.

Now, Gilles can occasionally be …. how do I put this kindly? … pigheadedly self-righteous. Right now, any of you who actually know Gilles are vigorously nodding your heads at this understatement.

This was one of those times.

His response: “Bah.  How hot can they be?”

Me:  “What do you mean ‘How hot can they be?’ … we’re in an INDIAN restaurant.”

Gilles: “I’ll take six.”

By this point, the woman behind the counter was unsuccessfully stifling a broad smile, but I didn’t bother trying.  I was laughing out loud.  Six!!!!

Sweet India

So how were they?

The samosas were in fact the best we’ve ever had and definitely worth the trip to the west end.

… and you guessed it, the pepper pakoras were Holy Hell, Burn-My-Mouth-Off-Hot.

It was funny only because I was right.


  1. This was hilarious but true in relationships. Someone usually is right while the other is making a Big mistake! 😉
    I like General Tso’s chicken with red peppers in the sauce. Now when I eat “plain” sweet and sour chicken it seems “bland.” That being said, I could not eat an entire pakora but those samosas sound delicious, Joanne. I admire your “spunk” more and more that I get to know you! 😀


  2. Those look and sound good. I like spicy food, but not “holy hell hot” – Sorry for Gilles, first because they were too hot and second because you were right (sorry, it’s a guy thing).


  3. I’ve never had a samosa. I know what they are but Indian food isn’t the done thing around here. As for a husband not listening to a wise wife, it’s a tale as old, and funny, as the hills. 😉


    • Toronto is very multi-cultural so you can find just about any kind of restaurant and specialty stores here.
      Indian isn’t my favourite food, but I do occasionally love to have a few samosas.
      … and as for husbands … aren’t they cute when they’re being stubborn? 😉

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    • We were at a place called Sweet India on Airport Road just past Derry.
      I’ve made a note of Mississauga Sweets. We’ll have to check it out and see who wins the samosa competition 🙂


  4. He-Man would gobble those up! He loves HOT peppers. I don’t know how he eats it.

    I have to make sure there’s plenty of Tahini or yogurt sauce around to cut the heat.

    Maybe after you freeze and thaw them out they’ll mellow. 🙂


  5. Of course you were right! I have two daughters like that. I’m not sure I could partner with the pig-headed. LOL I’m not as tolerant as some seem to be. May they find tolerant mates.
    Yay for samosas! 🙂
    I like it hot, but it doesn’t like me, so hot things are often avoided and then when I can’t resist, they’re followed by ice water with apple cider vinegar! Phew!


      • Oh, see, then you tolerate one another ❤

        Water with apple cider vinegar is my body's cure for heartburn/reflux. Without it I'd be (have been) miserable. I do not know why, but it works for me!


          • YES. I understand. Sometimes you just want to eat the things that don’t agree with you.
            If you’re going to do it, it’s very important to use the unpasteurized sort, with the ‘mother’ in it. You may want to read about it. It seems it’s different for everyone.

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  6. Hilarious!! The hubby and I just went to Chinese tonight and he had them add extra spice. We usually go at lunch and it’s still mild at a 4 spice level. The dinnertime cooks must have a different meaning for 4 spice. This time he couldn’t even finish eating it. lol


  7. Never underestimate the wisdom of a woman!

    Note to self…of I am ever in your neck of the woods…stop by for some samosas…and of course a visit with you! ! 😉


  8. Ha! “How hot could they be?” You didn’t by chance get a video of him biting into the pakoras to post on YouTube, did you? Something like that just might go viral (at least among those of us who sometimes find ourselves dealing with a… um… pigheaded, self righteous spouse now and then).


  9. Heehee… thanks for the smiles Jo. I love hot spicy food, but I think I’d rather have the samosas than those funny looking things! I hope Giles is, ahem, not feeling any after affects. 🙂


  10. Haha, you really shouldn’t have put it so kindly, Joanne 🙂
    I don’t know Gilles and I was nodding. Maybe it’s a husband thing. Is there ever a time when a wife isn’t right 🙂


  11. “Some like it hot.” That would NOT be me. In the seventies in Madrid on my first trip to Europe and first ever encounter with Indian food, I asked myself the question, “How hot can it be?” The answer was something I never forgot!



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