The Journey Has Started

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about our plan to tackle the Trans-Canada Trail – a 21,000 km epic adventure that will likely take at least a decade for us to complete.

I was overwhelmed by the interest, support, and kind words you expressed in your comments to that blog post. Β Several people asked if I was going to blog about this journey.

I honestly didn’t know what I was going to do and after considerable thought, I’ve decided I will be blogging about it – but not in this forum. Β I’ve spent the better part of today setting up a new blog which will be dedicated to the Trans-Canada Trail.

Many thanks to Manee Trautz for keeping me sane this afternoon as I fumbled around with settings and themes.

I had seriously considered calling it Two Crazy Old Women, but Helen said she didn’t like that name, so I finally settled on Following A Bold Plan.

I hope you’ll give it a look and follow us on this journey across our immense country.



  1. Congrats on starting this huge adventure! I know shamefully little about Canada, but I do know that taking the trans-Canada trail is a thing each Canadian should do. Looking forward to the accounts of your trip!


  2. I’d have called it An Epic Journey because it is. I’ll definitely come along for the journey(s) – how’s the shoulder? Fit enough for me to perch on? Exciting times await… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


    • Actually, that was one of the considerations too … but after a long philosophical debate with myself, I chose otherwise.
      The shoulder is very good, thank you. I’m happy to carry you along πŸ™‚


  3. Joanne, that’s awesome! I visited the new blog, think I pushed follow? Tried to comment over there but couldn’t seem to access the comment section?


  4. I’m really excited for you – and will be following along in spirit. I share your camping attitude, at this age, I have no desire to sleep on hard ground. I have enough trouble sleeping in my own bed. Have a wonderful journey!


  5. I did like “Two crazy old women,” but as usual, nobody asks what I think…sigh.

    I think it’s a great idea to separate this journey from the rest of your blog. You will have so much fun and I am looking forward reading about it.


  6. I am a follower! I will be there with you in spirit. Sitting at the computer with hot tea and Parker in my lap cheering you on. You will be camping along the way and do the trail in segments?


  7. I cannot tell you how much this means to me. Other than the fact that you mentioned me, you very much remind me of a special person to me who is only equaled by someone named Helen. I am looking forward to this adventure.


  8. Good for you for starting another trail-focused blog! I “followed” and I hope that means I’ll get email notices since I don’t usually read the Reader. I am so looking forward to reading about your adventures! I like the title “Two crazy…” but I’d leave out the part about being old – you certainly are not! Helen look like a fun travel buddy.


    • Let me know if you don’t get email notifications. I’m not necessarily happy with this theme, but I spent hours working on this and finally decided to let it go for a while.

      Thanks for joining the journey. It’s nice to have you along πŸ™‚


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