Beware! Nature Ahead

What do you do on a gray rainy day when you’re feeling dark and gloomy?

Well, if you’re like I was yesterday, you’d spend it overdosing on jelly beans while watching CraveTV.  I preferred not to have a repeat of yesterday, so today in an attempt to evict the pity-party that had moved in, I forced myself to go outside and face the unpromising day.

My target destination was an inner city ravine called Glen Stewart that I had read about but really didn’t know the area.  What could be a better mood booster than getting outdoors and walking in nature? – rain or no rain!

Glen Stewart Ravine2

The gods were smiling upon me because not only did the rain stop when I approached my destination, but I actually found street parking directly in front of the entrance.

This day was starting to look up.

I discovered a richly verdant valley and the only noise I could hear was from the many birds arguing up in the trees … at least from the volume, I assumed they were arguing.

Glen Stewart Ravine3

Squirrels, birds, and the sounds of burbling water was all I could hear.  The self-absorbed pout I had felt since yesterday was starting to slide off my shoulders as I ventured further into the deep green city forest.

Glen Stewart Ravine5

However, as I stopped to take numerous photos, I suddenly noticed something that made my skin crawl.  Was that what I thought it was?!!

OMG!!  Wormy things!  Hundreds and thousands of tiny crawling black wormy things EVERYWHERE!!

Glen Stewart Ravine6

I did a quick mental check to confirm I hadn’t actually touched anything, and then firmly instructed myself to stay away from the railings.  I’ll respect my distance, and I expected them to respect their’s.

I continued – although with considerably more caution now.

Glen Stewart Ravine8

It was still good.

Humidity hung in the air and everything was such an impossible intensity of green. If it wasn’t for the vegetation, I could almost imagine myself in a rain forest near the equator.

I was starting to feel a little warm and loosened up the scarf around my neck.

Wait! What’s this?!!

GAAAAAAHHHHH!!!  There were wormy things on my scarf!!

Trying to pretend I was an adult and NOT panic, I started to strip off my sweater and scarf while maintaining a minimum level of decorum.  I think.

In my current state of ALMOST-not-panic, I couldn’t be entirely sure I was successful.

Glen Stewart Ravine9

As I’m frantically trying to brush all the little cling-ons off my sweater and scarf, I notice them on my legs.  Holy-Crap-On-A-Stick!!

Obviously they were falling out of the trees onto me.  In self-defense, I opened my umbrella and practically sprinted back to the car.  My suspicions were confirmed when I subsequently found more cling-ons on my umbrella.

I threw everything into the trunk of my car and then – trying to appear reasonably sane – I approached a nearby couple and asked if there were any wormy things on my back or in my hair that I couldn’t see.  By this point my hair was doing an Einstein impression caused by me frantically trying to brush imagined wormy things off my head.

With a smile they assured me I was ok, but they both laughed with the comment ‘they’re so much smaller than you are’.

My mother would have said that.  So would my husband.

But I don’t know why anyone would say that, because I doubt it’s ever made anyone feel better.

Glen Stewart Ravine7 As I’m driving away, I happened to look down and OMG! there was one on my arm … and I nearly drove into oncoming traffic trying to get it off me.

Nature 1.  City Girl 0.


  1. Hi
    Nice post! I’ve made a post about battery life so if you have time and will please go and check it out! If you like it pls follow me, I follow you.
    Thank you! 🙂

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  2. Arr great story and very reminiscent of a story of ours many years ago. In our case, the black wormy things were leeches and one was on Jo’s eyelid while driving. There are some more funny things about this story too. Jo had ripped off her trousers, so was driving in her underwear when the eyelid event occurred. She stopped immediately, yelling at me to get salt from the glove box. Thankfully it was a quiet country road. But then the police arrived, out of nowhere, to our right. (remember the driver sits on the right here) Jo wound down the window and explained the leech situation. They pulled up in front and came to my side and provided a bottle of water, This sorted the situation.

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