Summer Time Crazy

I’m sorry.

I know I haven’t been around much.

I blame summer.

Maybe I’m just trying to make up for last year’s failure when I moped around with a broken collarbone for the entire summer feeling sorry for myself.  Or maybe it’s just a quirk of us Northerners who feel compelled to squeeze out every possible minute of summer fun.

Whatever the reason, I’ve been too busy cramming in maximum summer activity rather than trying to keep up here in blogland.  You probably didn’t even notice I was gone.

I’ve been golfing for the first time in 3 years.  In spite of having taken many lessons over the years, I’m still horribly dysfunctional with a golf club … but it sure feels good to be back after such a long absence.

On this 9-hole course, there is a water hazard on 7 holes and 5 bridges to cross to reach them.
… that means I will lose at least 7 balls if I attempt to hit over the water.  It’s virtually guaranteed.

Although we’ve had some hot and humid days, they’ve been generously interspersed with overcast skies and rain.  Lots of rain.

Usually by the end of July, everything is starting to look scorched and brown, but this summer all the lawns and gardens are lush and deeply green.

This is my front yard.  It’s flowering like it’s on steroids.  Needless to say, it doesn’t normally look like this.  Note to self – flowering plants LOVE lots of water … or maybe it was the compost …

With summer comes a lot of time spent around water on boats both big and small.

… but not this boat though.  I thought that if I waved in a friendly manner, they might offer to take me out for a ride.  Sadly, it didn’t work.  This is the marina at Toronto’s Ontario Place

For the first time in about 13 years, I made it back north to The Island where we spent our childhood summers in a small cabin.  The small cabin isn’t there anymore – replaced by a 3-bedroom cottage – but the memories overflowed.

The Island-3


It’s a small island of about an acre, surrounded by Crown Land and no other person for several kilometers.  For this city girl used to the constant hum of traffic in the background, it was odd to be back in a place where the darkness at night was absolute and the only sound was the cry of the loons.

The Island-2
Prelude to a major thunderstorm that crashed through the area.  My sister and I sat outside on the veranda to watch the storm – something my mother would NEVER have allowed us to do.  She didn’t like the water, didn’t like The Island, and definitely didn’t like thunderstorms.

Speaking of water,  the Great Lakes are still unusually high with flooded shorelines all along Lake Ontario.  It doesn’t even look unusual to me anymore.  That’s a sad commentary.

Toronto Harbourfront 



… and yes, Helen and I are still making slow progress along the Trans-Canada Trail.

Trans-Canada Trail along the shore of Lake Ontario east of Toronto in Pickering

There are still many more summer days ahead of us, so please forgive me if I’m sporadic in my visits.  I’m going to be busy trying to squeeze out as many memories as possible while I can.

Winter is coming.

This post is in response to The Changing Seasons monthly photo challenge hosted by Max at Cardinal Guzman.  This is my 3rd year participating in this monthly feature.


  1. Yes, we SHOULD take breaks while the weather breathes relaxation into our shoulders and muscles and too-busy-brains. Enjoy those gorgeous flowers in your front lawn, and your long walks and memories of summers past. xo

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  2. Joanne I think it is fabulous that you are out embracing summer and especially so things you haven’t done for a while. As you say winter will be here soon enough. For us it is the hottest summer on record. Can’t remember the last time it rained.


  3. Sounds like you are putting the summer to good use, Joanne ~> making summertime memories is like a squirrel stashing nuts to enjoy amid winter’s chill!


  4. Winter is coming? Did you have to say that? Really? You’re as bad as a vendor’s email I received this morning (check out my latest FB post).

    Being your northern cousin to the west, I understand the need to be outdoors as much as possible. I’m there with you. If it wasn’t for this work thing, I would be hitting all of the bike trails in Wisconsin every day it wasn’t raining.

    Your front yard is BEAUTIFUL! Pretty, pretty pinks! I don’t think Appleton has had as much rain as Toronto, but it’s been enough to keep me from having to water plants every other day. Perhaps by the time that other season comes around, there will be very little of a white substance that I shall not name.


    • Seriously?!! “Is it snowing there?” Sheesh!!

      You have to admit that as Northerners, the thought of the *other* season is never far from our minds during summer. That’s why we have an almost frantic obsession with warmth and sunshine … not that we’ve seen a lot of either of them this year, but at least I’m wearing short sleeves and sandals 🙂

      To tell you the truth, I’m starting to drag my behind though. Tomorrow I have a 50k bike ride scheduled and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to do it. I’m really tired and I think I might need a rest.

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  5. I’ll forgive you, but then again I haven’t been in blogland that much myself this month. Sadly for the wrong reasons. I am hoping that we have a beautiful September again this year and I can catch up with exploring my new county. (In August the place is full of grockles so I won’t be going very far).
    Your island looks gorgeous. I could do with a couple of weeks in a place like that. And your ‘yard’ looks grand 🙂


    • ha! I’ve never heard the term *grockles* before. I guess if I lived in a touristy area, I’d feel invaded too.

      The Island really is a special place. Time seems to stand still there – although I think my tolerance level for that kind of sustained isolation is only a few days at most.

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  6. Front garden is GORGEOUS! Wowza! I love the contrast and the stone! Well done!
    You and golf is me and volleyball. I love to play. You do not want me on your team. 😛
    I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I’ve been making the most of my unemployment and doing more than I usually do in summer. I’m tired a lot, but I’m enjoying it. Glad you’re keeping busy with HAPPY stuff! 🙂


    • Your volleyball comment made me laugh out loud. I get it – you don’t want me in your 4-some either 😀

      It’s interesting you mentioned being tired a lot. I’m dragging my behind today. I think all this busy-ness is catching up with me and some much-needed downtime will be put on the agenda.

      We had our front yard landscaped 6 years ago, but this is really the first summer it’s taken off in a big way. Husband has just noticed how pink it is … from his tone, I gathered he wasn’t impressed 😀

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      • Oh pshaw, it looks great!
        I slept well last night, so I’m ready to get goin again, but I thought I’d never make it through dinner prep last night! Hah! I hope you get some good downtime 🙂

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    • Thanks 🙂
      I wish I could take credit from my front yard, but things grow more in spite of my efforts than because of it.
      All the rain we’ve been receiving this spring and summer seems to be a winning formula 🙂

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  7. Enjoy summer, Joanne, keep working on the trail, and don’t mind us. We’ll be here when you get back. The cabin location looks lovely and on Monday, I’ll be heading up to the mountains of Wyoming for three weeks in our cabin. No blogging from there, as the internet we can get there is quite slow and there are a number of people using it. But I’ll have fodder for many posts when I get back (and I’m not even done with France yet.) My big question, though, is: How can it be almost August already????????



  8. Good for you…Summer is so short in Canada that you have to enjoy every minutes of it. I was in Toronto two weeks ago and I couldn’t believe how high the water was at Harbourfront and on the Woodbine beach…It was fun to be back after very short visits 2 years ago…


    • Water levels seem to be high everywhere I go throughout the province. Even up north in the Arctic Watershed, water levels are higher than I’ve ever seen before.
      Glad you enjoyed your time in Toronto!


  9. I’m the same – not playing online as much. This summer in particular with the cool, wet weather makes us eager for the chances to get out and about. See you when we see you! (Online, that is, of course! 😉 )


    • I think that summertime tends to be a quieter time online for many bloggers. There’s just so much to do!
      I think of the end of July as the halfway point of summer. I’m always a little bit sad when August arrives, but let’s hope it’s a good one 🙂

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  10. I missed you, Joanne…but glad you’re enjoying Summer…my oldest went back to school this morning (a year-round school) so the summer is already over for us…grab hold of summer…it is fleeting as well you know. Oh, yes, that golf course looks scary…are you kidding me…bridges to cross over the water hazards…Yikes…walking the ball over all that would be my advise. 🙂


  11. Those of us who live in the northern climes have to make the best use of the warm weather! Enjoy your adventures, Joanne. The solitude of the lake looks wonderful, as well as taking your yacht out on Lake Ontario between golfing with the pros. 🙂


    • I’d like to think that if I had a yacht, I’d be the type of person to take random people out for a ride.
      … but I know I wouldn’t. Introverts don’t do that sort of thing 😉

      Hope you’re enjoying your summer, Diana!

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  12. I did miss your crazy antics along with your posts Joanne 🙂 These are beautiful images. I gave up golf years ago because there was just too many headless worms left in my wake !


  13. 🙂 Agree on all points except the golf bit as I don’t play the game. Good to hear you are having a good, if rather wet, summer! Sigh, for an entire week of sunny 25 degree weather without humidity…. But you are right, the plants and flowers are lush! Walking about the city’s hoods is lovely. Enjoy the rest of your summer!


    • 25C with no humidity is perfect summer temperature in my opinion – sun or no sun 🙂
      It’s also much nicer for getting outside and doing things.
      Hope you’re enjoying your summer! As always, there is so much to see and do in this city!


  14. My summer has been the 180º opposite of yours. So I’m thrilled to be living vicariously through you. I had golf lessons galore when I was younger, but I am a failure at that game. But sitting on a dock on a lake, I could excel at that! Please, carry on with you fun summer, and share all your photos. I’m grooving on it all.


    • ooo – glad you’re liking it. I could bury you in photos – I’ve taken so many!
      I didn’t take up golf until my early 50s, so I’m a latecomer to this party. The only reason I picked it up was because a friend dragged me against my will to a one day golf school for women. I had a blast! I discovered I loved the social aspect of the game and when I learned about the beverage cart providing booze on the course, I was hooked 😉

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  15. I applaud you for picking up Golf again. I tried it years ago and never got the hang of it. I love walking and hiking but the idea of walking behind a little ball was lost on me. My first tries were very unsuccessful, what might have a lot to do with my negativity about golf.

    The pictures of the lake are gorgeous. What a great place. I can see you splashing in the water as a little girl.

    Enjoy your summer, it will be over before we know it.

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  16. I love that you are having such a wonderful time this summer! No need to apologize for having fun! Your yard looks gorgeous, the hydrangeas this year are loving the climate, every one I see is bursting with colour.

    Here’s to continued fun in the coming days!

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    • It’s true – hydrangeas everywhere are big and bodacious. I guess it stands to reason that with *hydra* in its name, it’s going to love this wet summer. Apparently up until this year, mine weren’t getting nearly enough!

      Hope you are enjoying your summer too. We have to cram a lot of living in a couple of short months!


  17. I think we can all relate to wanting to be outside in the summer rather than in front of a computer. My visits to blogging have also been sporadic, and though I noticed you were gone, I was hoping that meant you were on the trail. Enjoy the rest of the summer.


    • I hope you’re enjoying your summer too. I must say that these cooler than normal temperatures make outdoor activities like hiking so much more enjoyable. I’m not a heat bunny.


  18. Beautiful photos! That golf course looks like a nice hike in the woods. 7 balls, not a bad price. Enjoy summer. I hope the water recedes on the shoreline, and I hope you get to visit a few more sections of that trail.


    • Winters are long here so maximizing summer is important for my sanity 🙂

      I am loving my front yard this summer … well, except for the weeds. They too are growing like crazy and I don’t have the time or inclination to do anything about them 🙂


  19. Joanne do not apologize for being in the moment and enjoying every moment of summer! 🙂 How wonderful to return to a place that you spent time as a child and have so many memories of. It is very fun to be able to do that! Especially if the place is still more the same than different…. which in this case seems it is. What a gorgeous spot! How blissful.

    Flooding sadly is the result of our global new climate reality. We all have to adjust and be ready because this problem is not going away, quite on the contrary…it can only get worse!


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    • Peta, the impact of this climate change worriesme so much. The efforts of us as , while important, is just a small drop in the bucket without the aappropriate actions ofgovernments and business.
      No one is immune.


  20. Yep, you are turning into California, while Tuscany is becoming a desert. Rome is thinking of closing down its fountains due to water crisis.

    Your front yard and Island are beautiful. If you miss city noises, you could make a recording of traffic and play it before bedtime like John Cusack does in that movie. 😀

    And I wouldn’t notice much in blogosphere either since I’m back in my country of origin and didn’t have time for breathe, let alone browse. Some calmer days now. But I know – we’ll be back. Enjoy your summer.


    • We saw a news story on TV a couple of days ago about the Vatican shutting down its water fountains. I hadn’t realized the problem was so widespread in Italy. That’s bad news indeed. I know I’ve said it before, but I wish I could send you some of our rain. You really need it.

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  21. Life is meant to be lived! It is summer, so never feel guilty that you are out living life. Time enough for writing when the cold winds blow! Your pictures are gorgeous, by the way!


  22. Enjoy your summer; you never know what happens tomorrow so take today and enjoy the heck out of it. I was a.w.o.l. too on a 3 week vacation in Europe looking for doors when I had the time. Wish I could get back into golfing; my bag and clubs are accumulating a lot of dust but the body is equally rusty. Looking forward to seeing your posts when you find the time.


    • Nice to hear from you again. I’m looking forward to reading about your European adventures. Where did you spend your time on this trip?

      I wondered if I was ever going to golf again. My clubs sat neglected in the basement for much too long. It feels good to be back out again – and of course the cooler temperatures make it easy as well 🙂
      Strangely, I’m golfing better now than I ever did before. Perhaps forgetting all my bad habits wasn’t such a bad thing 😉

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      • Thank you, Joanne! It’s nice to be back home again. We flew to Copenhagen a few days early and then hooked-up with our tour starting in Copenhagen to Stockholm to Helsinki to St. Petersburg and ending in Moscow. I’m reviewing and processing photos now.
        My old golfing days were what some called military golf – right, left, etc. Got a lot of exercise but the frustration level elevated.
        Will be in touch!

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  23. Looks like you’re making the most of your summer in some very beautiful places. I also noticed you have a rain barrel. Does it save you much on your water bill?


  24. I did miss you when you didn’t post anything for Thursday Doors, and weren’t commenting on any either. I’m so glad you posted on Instagram then I knew all was well!

    Your Hydrangeas and Snapdragons? are gorgeous!! What beautiful scenery high water and all!

    Too bad your wave didn’t work. Perhaps it did work before, but that person was a nightmare and they don’t dare risk it again? 🙂 Their loss!

    Have a wonderful time enjoying your summer! Take lots of photos, and we’ll catch up whenever you care to blog!

    Oh yeah, better stock up on bug spray…I hear the black flies and mosquitoes are awful this year! 🙂


    • Many people are very unhappy about this *non-summer* we’re having. Those are the ones that love the heat and thrive in the hot temperatures. I’m not one of them. I find the heat just sucks all the energy out of my soul.
      The rain can get kind of tiresome after a while, but I’m not going to complain. These cooler than normal temperatures actually work for me … not to mention the fact that I don’t shrink when wet 😉


    • Thank you! I’m golfing tomorrow so hopefully I’ll have good luck 🙂

      I was starting to get a little antsy about all the blog posts backlogging in my email box, but then I had to prioritize what was important to me. Right now, it’s enjoying summer 🙂


    • That is such an iconic view from the cottage. I spent long summer hours on that dock … or I should say its various predecessors over the years. I have a strong emotional attachment to it too 🙂

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