A Chocolate Failure

Don’t let the sign fool you.  Welcomed, I was not.


It all started while on a walk with Helen on the Trans-Canada Trail east of Toronto.

Helen will stop and read every memorial plaque we encounter on our travels – without exception – and on this particular day we found one honouring the maker of the machinery that puts the caramel in the Caramilk bar.


Cadbury?  Did someone mention my favourite purveyor of chocolatey delights?

The only online references I could find to Mr Lester were to his 2016 obituary which appeared to now be closed to access.  I did however discover that Cadbury had a chocolate factory here in Toronto.  How could I have not known this earlier?!!

When it comes to chocolate, I tend to move swiftly and decisively, so without delay I embarked on the journey to an area of the city known as Dufferin Grove.

I found a very large, nondescript box of a building … and a large, imposing security guard.

“No, there aren’t any public tours except for school groups.”

“No, there is no public access to the factory museum except for school groups.”

“Please, I must insist you stop taking photos … especially of the signage.”

So I skulked away quietly.

Sometimes adventures end in disappointment.


  1. Horsefeathers! I’m very disappointed in Cadbury for not letting you in, Joanne. School groups… It reminds me of one of the historic places in DC (I forget which one). A friend was in town to watch over her daughter — the girl’s school group was going to various sites. We followed to one location so she could spend a little time with her daughter before the tour. It sounded really cool to us and we decided we would like to see it as well. She explained her situation/relationship to the guard… and he refused to let us in. Only school groups. Even though she was the mom of one in the group and we would be right behind them… no. I suppose the two of us just looked like a threat to national security. (eye roll).
    I’d switch to Lindt. Love their extra dark chocolate. 😉



    • Yeah Teagan – I don’t get the logic. I’m assuming there is one …

      But to go so far as to say I couldn’t take photos standing outside – that went too far.

      What I really must do is stop eating chocolate. I tell myself that every morning … and each evening I sigh in recognition of my failure to do just that.


  2. Dear Joanne,
    I was born in Birmingham England the original home of Cadburys chocolate, which makes it incredibly sad to see how bad Cadbury’s has become. I’m not just talking about their foolish choices when chocolate lovers come to their factory, but the chocolate itself. Cadbury Dairy Milk used have 32% cocoa solids and thus a really rich chocolaty taste. But in recent years corporate decisions to put profit above taste and reputation has meant the amount of cocoa solids in each bar has been reduced to 21%. So the chocolate could still set the makers added palm oil which also encourages the slashing and burning of rainforests in the far east. If want a chocolate company worthy of your love you might try Zotter chocolate, which not only tastes great but is also fair trade, ethical and organic. 🙂


    • Thank you for visiting and your great comment. I am aware of the outcry from chocolate lovers about Cadbury’s decision to dumb-down their chocolate. I agree that it is not the same. Palm oil gives chocolate a ‘greasy’ feel that is not appealing to me at all. Thanks for the tip about Zotter. I can’t say I’ve ever seen it before, but now of course I will have to look for it 🙂


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