Bouncy Fun

In my last post, I promised that I would be revisiting the play area of the fall fair I unexpectedly found at the end of last week’s bike ride.

But the story actually started earlier this summer when Husband turned 60.

I wanted to do something special … but Gilles didn’t want to go anywhere, he didn’t want a party, nor did he want to do anything out of the ordinary to mark the occasion.  All he wanted was to have “the boys” come home as usual for a family dinner.

But an idea was starting to take shape that had all the makings of a Giggle Fest, and with the help of a very good friend, I managed to secure a bouncy castle for the day.

You know we’re all adults, right?  You know, of course, that wasn’t going to stop us.

This is what the backyard looked like BEFORE pandemonium started

There’s a reason why these things aren’t intended for adults. We are over-grown children with too much energy and imagination to spare, and as a result, a simple idea quickly deteriorates into a very questionable activity.  In fact there is an entire TV show devoted to these kinds of scenarios.  It’s called The Science of Stupid.

In our case, the bouncy castle morphed into a makeshift diving platform …

Note – the pool is 9 feet deep here

While I was rather concerned that this little adventure could easily turn into a visit to the ER, I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much that I couldn’t breathe.

So, let’s just say that this was my most recent memory concerning bouncy castles.  Enter now the Sunderland Fall Fair.

It was Bouncy Castle Heaven.

… and since it was a fall fair, all the bounce areas had a country theme … well, except for the 5-stage “combat zone” obstacle course.   That just made my jaw drop.  Where were these things when I was an 8-year-old?!

Anyway, back to the country theme ….

The Little Red Barn
The Smiling Cow
What’s a farm without John Deer tractor equipment?
… or other heavy equipment?

So while the adults were inside the arena “tripping the light fantastic” on the dance floor, I was longingly watching the children while they were having the *real* fun of the fair.

This would be perfect for our next party … but I’m going to need a much bigger backyard … and maybe more insurance.


  1. I instantly thought of a diving platform when I saw the bouncy house next to the pool! Having grown up with a pool we were always trying to create more ways to have fun…like the hoopla hoops attached to weights that we swam through, pretending we were Flipper.

    Those are some amazing bouncy houses that you saw at the fair. I have never seen any of them…just wild!


  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I so need a bouncy cow for Pauly’s 60th. That would be such a hoot. Good on you for being creative with the 60th. These men are hard to please. Pauly didn’t want a party either but I talked him around.


  3. Happy Un-Birthday to Gilles! That was an awesome idea to get a bouncy house for Gilles. What adult doesn’t want to go in one, but is either not allowed in or too embarrassed to try? I wonder if my boss would mind having a bouncy house in our conference room for a day? I see it as not only a birthday treat, but a great way to relieve stress.


    • Damn – I never thought to ask my boss to have a bouncy house at our strategy meetings. That would have been a brilliant idea!!
      Not only would it relieve stress, but I’m positive it would have improved our creative thinking 🙂

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  4. What a great idea! Why should the ankle-biters have all the fun? I met a lady on the weekend who just completed a mud run. Got me thinking and hoping that someday I can do something like this again. Never grow up – it’s a trap…or so I’ve been told 😉


    • I think there is absolutely a market for adult bounce parks. The liability insurance however could be a bit of a deterrent 😉

      Just because you didn’t have a party, doesn’t mean you can’t have a bouncy castle. Just saying … it’s not too late … and somehow I think your family would enthusiastically embrace the idea 😉
      However, you might want to wait until after your marathon! Don’t want to poke the gods unnecessarily.

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  5. Haha, what a great time! You all are so brave and yet I ride, train and enjoy horses on trails where there are bouncy houses sometimes that can spook them! (Horses should be scary, I’m more afraid of a bouncy house!) Haha, you sound like such a fun group! My fam are the board games, card games type of people…. Good times! Us adults don’t let the inner child in us out enough. I’ve always said laughter is the BEST medicine!! – Diana


    • I’m definitely in the category of thinking horses are scary … but then, I’ve never spent much time around them.

      We played a lot of card and board games when I was a child, but unfortunately my husband and sons never warmed to the idea.
      I agree completely that we need to let our inner child out to play more often. Personally, I tend to worry about how it might look.

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    • Gilles was seriously skeptical at first. He was so worried that someone would get hurt and 911 calls would be required. In a family of athletes, a pulled muscle – or worse, a broken bone – could kill the racing season.

      Happily, he did caught the fun-bug and did his fair share of bouncing and plunging into the pool 🙂


  6. I love how bounce houses can bring your inner child to the surface! When the kids were little, we had one of those inflatable water slides. The scariest part was the climb to the top!! I’m hanging on for dear life and they’re all scrambling past me. lol.


  7. I had no idea these crazy inflatable things that came in such whimsical shapes! Someday maybe you’ll be a grandma and you’ll have a legit reason to get into a bouncy thingy again. Such fun!


  8. What an awesome idea, Joanne! I remember enjoying it when friends celebrated my 21st birthday with a children’s party at McDonald’s. The bouncy castle looks like way more fun. I’ve also always wanted to try one of those rooms filled with balls, like at IKEA. I wonder if those are rentable? Hmm, you’re giving me lots of food for thought.


  9. Those bouncies look like so much fun! When I was visiting relatives in the Seattle area last month, I spied one of those big trampolines in their back yard. I LOVE trampolines! They were nice enough to let me try it (and nice enough not to take any pictures of me on it). That was a great idea for your husband’s birthday!


  10. This is so brilliant Joanne. I haven’t been in a bouncy castle since the boy-child was very small and needed “adult supervision” (cue hysterical laughter).
    A friend turned 70 last week, and we were talking about how adults don’t have enough parties to celebrate things. Perhaps we just need swimming pools and some very robust bouncy castles. And more crazy friends. And a really good first aid kit.
    Belated happy birthday to Gilles 🙂


    • I had never been in a bouncy castle. Who knew that just bouncing could be so much fun? … and really hard work!!

      Children have fun parties and do fun things that make them laugh. Adults tend to just sit around eating and drinking.
      I find that as I get older, I want to do more fun things that make me laugh … and hopefully don’t put me in traction 😉

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      • 🙂 I totally get the “fun” versus food and drink thing. Maybe we need to create slightly more grown up (I was going to say adult, but perhaps not in mixed company) versions of kids games. Actually, I’m pretty sure that adult parties did used to involve games. I have one of those old “life hack” books from the 1940s that has an entire section on party games. As well as how to get coal dust out of antimacassars and other spectacularly useful things.


          • We used to play board games when I was a kid, and the boychild went through a Scrabble stage — lasted til we lost some tiles off a hotel balcony in Tahiti! But I think the games in the book were more “parlour” games — like that one where you walk around with a label on your head with someone famous’s name on it and you have to guess who you are from the comments people make to you. I think stuff like this may have been why TV was invented.


            • I’m all for resurrecting parlour games!! I’m also considering a karaoke party at some point. This has potential for a laugh or two … some of us aren’t exactly known for our singing ability 😉

              … and I can’t help but wonder how Scrabble tiles end up flying off a hotel balcony. Sounds like the game got a little – say we say – exuberant? 🙂

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    • omg – ‘shits n giggles’ has to be my oldest son’s favourite expression. I’ve never heard anyone else use it. You made me laugh 😀

      … and yes, we are very much a shit n giggles kind of family 🙂


    • Now you know why I was laughing hysterically.

      As soon as I got inside, the boys broke my one rule that – for safety – only one person could be in the castle at a time. They all piled in at the same time. Once I went down, I couldn’t get back up and they bounced me around like a rag doll!
      I think they might try to use the video of that episode for future blackmail. Brats.

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  11. This post is soooo fun, Joanne! Richard turns 70 this week. I wish that I could get my hands on a bouncy castle. That is such a great idea.
    Happy belated birthday to Giles!


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