September, And It’s Hot

Don’t let the summer weather fool you.  The calendar says it’s September.

It’s been hot, and it feels odd to have July-like temperatures in early autumn when the leaves are turning yellow and red.

My photo library continues to fill up with memories, but inspiration still escapes me to put words around them.  So for this month’s Changing Seasons, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.  Click on any photo to enlarge.

Hiking forest trails

Cycling trails both near and far

Reluctantly doing yard work

An indication of how unseasonably cool this summer has been, by September, these plants would usually be covering the statue’s face.

… and to end, instead of a photo of Theo this month, a selfie …

A day alone on the Beaver River Wetland Trail enjoying the summer-like weather

Changing Seasons is a monthly photo feature hosted by Max at Cardinal Guzman.

Sadly, after 3 years, Max has decided that at the end of this year, Changing Seasons will come to an end.  I have really enjoyed this challenge and reflecting on the month I’ve had.

For the remainder of the year, I will also be including a photo from each of the prior years of this challenge.  Thanks Max for this great journey we’ve been on.

Prince Edward County
From 2015 – winery hopping in Prince Edward County
From 2016 – Gibraltar Point Lighthouse on Toronto Island. Built in 1808, it is the oldest existing lighthouse on the Great Lakes. It is said to be haunted.


  1. Missed this one! Just went over to the Cardinal to have a look at his September and to check out the participating links. I used to do that every month up until June this year when I ‘dropped out’ due to my illness and then family illness. Since returning home in August with the invalid it has been a constant run of visitors culminating in three weeks of the Aussie family staying nearby, so blogging and keeping up with blogs has been somewhat erratic. I’m trying to think whether it was through Max’s challenge that we met. I have really enjoyed visiting the other participating blogs and seeing what has been happening each month, but I can appreciate how difficult it is to host such a challenge. I have run two, but each one only for a year.
    Love the Buddha head btw 😀


    • I’m not sure, but for some reason I think I ‘found’ you via M.R. Stringer.
      … but yes, I’m going to miss this challenge. I may just continue to do a monthly summary anyway. It’s become a bit of a habit.

      I knew that you had been struggling with a cough, but I didn’t realize you had been very ill. I hope you’re feeling much better now … and your son? How is he doing?


      • I haven’t been seriously ill, just a cold in May that was difficult to shake and left me very tired all the time, then having to leave home for a month with daily hospital visits and all the anxiety that produced; little niggles with aching joints and a foot that isn’t quite right plus a recent sore throat/cough. All add up to the knowledge that I am not as healthy as I should be! My son has just returned home so I have empty nest syndrome now too! He has made a good recovery from the surgery, but it has changed his life. I have loved having his company especially for walks and having the Aussie family over for three weeks was very special. Life feels a bit flat at the moment.


    • The difference is you can look forward to warmer days ahead, while our’s will only get colder. Yesterday Gilles closed the pool and that’s always a bit sad at the end of the season. Last weekend we were sitting in the 30s and this weekend, morning temperatures have been only around 6C. The sudden shift has been a bit bone-chilling.


    • I was at an apple orchard last week, stockpiling my fall supply of my favourite apple, and they said this year’s harvest is very poor. I was lucky to go early because they expect to run out soon.


  2. how cool to share the photos from year’s past – and isn’t it fun to see the years go by as we evolve – or stay the same – in blogging modes….
    and I think i recall the chess pieces – but maybe someone else blogged about that winery to anyhow, the real reason I wanted to leave a comment (cos sometimes I just scroll and go…. ya know)
    but your self is absolutely artistic – the long angle of the bridge and the water and the centering – dang girl – you take a good selfie


  3. The weather has been off everywhere I think. I love your statue with the plants around, even if the plants aren’t doing their usual thing. It’s been fun to read your monthly posts, but you can keep doing this on your own, yes?


  4. Sometimes I think we have to go silent for a while, Joanne, and recharge by drinking in the sights, smells and sounds around us. I’m glad you’re honouring your need to do that, and that you’re sharing those sights with the rest of us. I too am in southern Ontario and many of these sights are familiar to me. Thanks for sharing them.


    • The beauty of the blogging community is that they ‘get it’.
      I’m not one of those people who always has something to say. Being around people – even those I know very well – takes energy and sometimes, like you say, I just need to be quiet and recharge.
      Thanks for validating that.


  5. We visiting w family and I have just not had time to get to all the lovely blogs I follow. So its nice to have a moment to see serious you with the wetlands behind! Climate change is definitely changing weather patterns in some very seriously impactful and other just strange ways. Lovely pics!


  6. You pretty much described how I’m felt all year…lots of images and good times, but I lack the inspiration to put words about how I felt or feel about them, so Wordless Wednesday has been working for me this year. I’m still shooting as much as ever, just posting a lot less.

    I’ve the grumpy looking turtle, or tortoise I can never tell which is which, and that lighthouse is lovely! Your Hostas are stunning!


    • Glad to hear this phase of no inspiration isn’t just me. I start posts that never get finished. Oh well, once it starts I assume it will be a torrent.

      I don’t know a turtle from a tortoise either, but the claws on this guy fascinated me. He was considerably less impressed with me though 😉


  7. There’s no reason why you can’t keep up the changing seasons posts on your own!
    Yes, often hot here in L.A. right up until November but I guess that’s no big surprise.
    Always nice to see your pics Joanne!


  8. We’ve been having our usual lovely September weather here. No changing of the leaves (palm trees stay green year-round 🙂 ) though, so I am envious that you get both the warmth and the color. Love, love the lighthouse. If I were a ghost, I’d like to haunt someplace like that.


    • The lighthouse was one of those hidden treasures that I didn’t know existed until I stumbled across it by accident. Those are my favourite discoveries 🙂

      I’m going to continue to milk this gorgeous weather for as long as I can. Winter will be here much too soon!

      Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve heard that residents in California like September best.
      Usually it much more temperate here when September rolls in – not nearly as hot as it’s been. No complaining though. Winter will be here much too soon.


  9. Love the lighthouse!
    You’ve got heat, we’ve got cold! Here in Alberta we’ve had a week of killing frosts, one day of snow… hope it warms up soon – time to ‘winterize’ the yard!


  10. Your photos are brilliant, Joanne. They truly do speak one thousand words. ‘Hope that the warm weather stays for just a bit longer….and that your ‘inspiration’ returns soon!


  11. Geez, it’s been cold here, and we’re much further south than you. I like the photo of the snapping turtle. It looks like it’s waiting for some poor unsuspecting pedestrian to step just a little bit too close.


  12. Great collection of photos- love the selfie. I guess we’d better enjoy this crazily hot autumn…the way the squirrels in our neighbourhood are frantically stripping the acorns from the oaks, it could be a rough winter ahead!


  13. Aw, a biking selfie on top of the lovely natural landscapes 🙂 It’s a shame the challenge is ending, but I get it, it must have been extremely demanding to manage. Enjoy your great weather, here, the winter has come early and suddenly.


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