A Time To Give Thanks

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving and a time to be with family and friends to enjoy and appreciate the good things we have.

I have a lot to be thankful for in my life.  Last year I tried to write a tongue-in-cheek piece  that my family didn’t quite *get*, but this year I feel a bit more serious and sentimental.  As it should be, relationships top the list of things I value most.

I’m grateful for my husband of 34 years.  We celebrated our anniversary this weekend and remarked on how quickly the years have raced by.  We remembered the many happy occasions, and the times we laughed even when the going got rough.

Wedding 1983
October 1983

The ugly patches fall away as unimportant.  We survived, that’s all that matters.

I’m grateful for my sons – the two that nature gave me, my future son-in-law, and the one who adopted us.  All four bring an unique richness to my life, and they fill a void I didn’t know existed … until they came into it.

October 2017

I’m so blessed to have sons who want to come home, who want to visit and spend time with us.  We laugh, we eat and drink too much, we tell stories, we support and encourage one another.  It’s the best of what family should be, and it’s extraordinarily precious.

I’m grateful we each enjoy good health.  Our bodies are strong, allowing us to live an active lifestyle.  Upon reflection, that’s even more important the day after a day filled with excessive celebration.

I’m grateful we live in a country that is largely peaceful, tolerant, and genuinely tries to be kind … most of the time.  That’s a pretty tall order in today’s world and the older I get, the more I appreciate it.

I know this entire post sounds trite, like a tired cliché, and maybe it’s just the pumpkin pie talking, but I’m incredibly grateful for all of it.

I’ve been given a great life.  It’s not perfect – I’d like to think a lottery win could solve many of those problems – but there were oh-so-many things could have gone horribly wrong along the way … but didn’t.

This Thanksgiving, I’m simply happy to be here, right now, comfortable in the knowledge that I’m loved by the people who mean the most to me.


  1. Perfectly said. Love the photo of the four boys. Handsome!!

    Our four boys (3 that “nature gave me” as you say, and 1 my “bonus” (step) son bring me so much joy. All the hard work WAS worth it.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you belatedly. Cute pic of you, years back,,,,,



    • They certainly are worth all the effort – and cost! Good grief children are expensive 😉 As #1 prepares to get married next year, he’s being even more expensive than usual, but as you say, worth every penny!! 🙂


  2. So not trite or cliché. I love the joy and happiness that comes through with your words Joanne. You and Gilles look stunning in your wedding photo and all your boys look so happy. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.


  3. You encompassed so much warmth and love within this simple expression of thanksgiving, Joanne. Happy Thanksgiving (belated) and happy 34 years of wedded bliss plus ups and downs to appreciate the journey you went through together. Gilles and Joanne, may you have many, many more. Here’s to the boys who fill those walls when visiting with so much joy! 🍾🍷🍷 💞 🍻


  4. Not trite at all, quite beautiful…in my opinion. If more people could feel gratitude we’d have a much better world. I share many of you sentiments…perhaps a move to Canada would make it perfect. Don’t get me wrong. I love America, I just hate the division and bickering.


      • I know…I try to keep myself informed but there is so much negativity on the airways and in social media that I’ve forced myself to turn it off and walk away. Too depressing and not how I want to spend my quality time in this world.

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  5. Happy Anniversary and Thanksgiving Joanne (albeit belatedly). The photos are lovely (your boys are all very handsome), and your words make me a bit teary. In a good way of course.


  6. I loved your Thanksgiving post last year, and this year as well. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Anniversary!!
    BTW – Great looking men in your photos!


  7. Not trite at all, simply taking a moment to recognize all how truly rich & full your life is. Something we could all spend a little more time giving thought to I suspect!

    Wonderful pic of the boys. How are the wedding plans coming?

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    • We were so lucky with the weather. I can’t remember a Thanksgiving where we spent the entire day and evening outside.

      When the boys were small, I was always so unhappy around holidays because we had no extended family nearby. It felt so lonely with just us.
      Now that the boys are grown men, our holidays feel so full ❤


  8. Oh, yes, most excellent! Enjoy your anniversary, holiday and life as such, as you already do daily. Looking at your guys and thinking of my two beasties (one human, one canine), I can only say – you and me, we both need something female to counteract all this. At least a kitty! Or blogging buddies, and these we have. Cin cin!

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  9. Happy Thankgiving and Happy Anniversary. Lovely article and wedding photo. Love my Canadian neighbors – I grew up near Detroit so we went to Canada often for my brother’s hockey games. My great-grand father came to Detroit through Canada (originally from Ireland) in the early 1900’s.


    • You’re right, Judy. Discussions can get very lively! There are some big personalities around the table 🙂
      I treasure family time. Without any extended family nearby, it’s just been us for most holidays since the boys were small. Once upon a time, it felt lonely, but now it feels perfect ❤

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  10. Hi Joanne. I loved the sentiment of your post. Family is everything to me and spending the day with most of my family was very special. Our son and daughter-in-law in London, England called us this weekend and announced that they would be spending Christmas with us. It doesn’t get much better than that.


    • The importance of your family to you is so apparent in your blog. The lives of these people who are so dear to us is tightly woven into our own lives.
      I’m sure it made your heart sing to hear your son and DIL would be home for Christmas. You’re right – it doesn’t get much better!!

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  11. Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Anniversary! and Happy Life! I had some struggles through my 20’s, but life has been so great since I met husband 2. Also, being at this point in my life, I have nothing to complain about (well, except our prez.) but life is good here too! Cheers.


  12. love that classic elegance in your wedding dress – and 34 years – congrats 🙂
    also – nothing trite here at all – well written and felt so sincere and beautiful. cheers


  13. Your post sounds heartfelt and you made me smile and you made me sad. “To live in a country that is largely peaceful, tolerant, and genuinely tries to be kind … most of the time,” that hit a mark. You are so right, be grateful for that, as you can see, it can change in a heartbeat.

    Isn’t it wonderful to look back and to realize how great our life has been and still is?


    • It certainly is wonderful, Bridget. We stress and worry about so much, but it’s only in hindsight that we realize so much of our angst was unnecessary. I think there’s a lesson in there somewhere.

      … and yes, I agree that things can change in a heartbeat. Who would have ever guessed the unreal scenario that’s currently playing out in the White House? It’s a horror show.


  14. Joanne, I wish for the lottery win too, but I’m more grateful for the people in my life. They are truly what makes me happy You have a fine looking bunch of sons there, a wonderful husband and pumpkin pie. What more can you ask for?


    • You are so right ❤

      Gilles and I occasionally have debates about the effect a large lottery win would have on our relationships. I do agree with him that it would change friendships, and family dynamics – likely not for the better.
      Having said that, who wouldn't want an opportunity to try? That's the point we debate 😉

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  15. I think you are entitled to be happy Jo. Of course us Brits don’t even have Thanksgiving, which probably explains why we are so good at being miserable and moaning all the time 😛


  16. Beautifully put Joanne…we have much to be grateful for including great friends like you and Gilles. Happy Thanksgiving Anniversary!


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