I Hear Voices

Lower Don4
{Moan!} … a little too much sacramental wine.  That Sister Mary-Helen is a bad influence!


Lower Don1
BRRRR!!  What the hell happened to my clothes?! Quick! Someone grab me a blanket.  {I knew I shouldn’t have trusted that Sister Mary-Helen}


Lower Don
Gaaaah – there was a bug in my wine … and I swallowed it! 


Lower Don6
Ohhh – my head!  I had the strangest dream I was out with Sister Mary-Helen … and I think she took my wallet.


Lower Don2
Anyone else want to lodge a complaint?  Anyone?  I didn’t think so.



    • These were found randomly scattered in a small clearing off a trail along the Don River near downtown Toronto. They had no plaques, or anything to indicate their origin, meaning, or purpose.
      This section of trail had been closed since early this year for maintenance work and had only recently been reopened.
      This was one of those delightful little finds. I had heard about statues on the trail, but wasn’t expecting this 😃

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    • The Lower Don River Trail has been reopened after having been closed since early in the spring. These sculptures are in an open area along the trail … without any plaques, explanation, or even any obvious organization.


  1. omg was this hilarious – your notes and the sculpture – and I hope that nobody religious becomes offended by your notes – but they were done in good taste and had me laughing – holy cow

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      • yeah – and we have to do what we have to do – and some folks will just get offended no matter what – and I had a lady from church jump on me (back in 2007) for not posting about God enough in one of our online educational forums that we were both in. Really? I did not mention God enough in my posts – how about you mind your own posts and stop judging me – she ended up leaving the church, Amy M., and had such comments about everyone – some legit – but many just her staunchy critical spirit judging people and taking things way too seriously – lighten up and laugh people- and so JS – three cheers to you for the joy and humor…. serious – and may we all lighten up cos life is too short…
        also – these crazy sculptures are just asking for some humor – come on now – what the heck….


  2. So funny, but I think the chap in the second image is struggling to do his sit-ups! And they all look as if they have escaped from a medieval castle/cathedral.

    [and we have noticed how often you refer to wine…]

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