Greek Doors

It’s been a while since I featured a door post, so today I’m trying to squeeze in some Athenian doors I’ve been stockpiling.

I was finding just so many interesting doors that after a while I stopped taking photos unless it REALLY captured my attention.  In other words, with so much abundance, I’ve become picky.

Not far from the apartment we’ve rented, is this crumbling building that looks so sad and yet beautiful at the same time.  Dilapidated buildings like this are not unusual. In a city where there seem to be ancient ruins everywhere you turn, perhaps   deteriorating structures don’t seem out of place.

Greece - Door



At the other end of the scale, is the entrance to the British Embassy.  Behind the great iron gate are 2 metal detectors before you even reach the front door.

Greece - Door3

… and if that doesn’t feel intimidating enough, there is razor wire blanketing the top of the fencing.

Greece - Embassy

These pretty green louvre doors to the subway were interesting enough, but it was the gathering of police that piqued my curiosity.  I managed to snap this photo, but then I piqued their curiosity, so I beat a hasty retreat.

Greece - Door5

Thursday Doors is a weekly photo challenge hosted by Norm Frampton at Norm 2.0.



    • A plethora of amazing doors is a perfect way to put it! The buildings all tend to look alike (to me) with no little or no green space around them, so it seems that beautiful doors is the way they have put a unique stamp on their homes.

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  1. Many thanks for sharing such gorgeous photos.

    I don’t understand graffiti. The wall mural types can be interesting but tagging is downright ugly especially when it’s on historic sites. Here in the US it signals potentially dangerous gang activity whereas elsewhere it doesn’t so maybe that’s where my prejudice lies.


  2. More more more! I understand picky – and you do too now – but don’t exaggerate in ignoring doors on offer, please! 😉 I was often in Greece but much before I started paying attention to doors. I love the first photo, and the police will take care of itself, I’m sure. 😀 Good that you fled!

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  3. My favorite is the old crumbling building. Isn’t that beautiful and romantic? A little fix-up and I could live in a place like that – it’s all about the ambiance and magic. 🙂 Great post, Joanne. Loved it. Happy Travels!

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    • I don’t quite know what it is about that crumbling building that appeals to me too. There is just so much potential there and it hurts me to see it abandoned and unloved.

      This trip has been full of unexpected delights. I have fallen in love with Greece and hope I return someday.

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  4. Athens does have a lot of great doors! Also a lot of tagging which isn’t so great. I have a feeling that I either have a photo of door #1 or of a door that’s very similar!

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    • Ooooh – that would be very interesting if you had the same photo. That would imply we stayed in the same neighbourhood 🙂
      I’m not sure what you mean by *tagging* … I assume you mean graffiti?


      • I just checked my Athens pics and didn’t see it. The one I’m thinking of was part way up the hill to the Parthenon/Acropolis. Yes, tagging is the word I use for all the ‘scrawl’ & junk lettering that passes for graffiti.

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  5. I’m thinking you are being fairly brave to be taking photos of police in a foreign country my friend. And they call me adventurous! Love seeing your travels and longing for a return trip to Athens.

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    • I know, Sue. I stood there for a while itching to take the photo, but questioned the wisdom of it. In the end, I couldn’t resist.
      I managed to take only one before I was noticed and one of them started to move towards me.
      I ever-so-nonchalently walked away.


  6. You’re in Greece? European Greece? (Just in case there happens to be one in Canada). I must have missed something. Oh, boy you will have so many photos… I think you find lots of dilapidated buildings in countries like Greece and Italy and eastern Europe, sometimes quite beautiful, others in quite shocking states of neglect. Be careful photographing the police though and whatever you do, do NOT take photographs at the airport. Now I am going to see if you have written anything about why you are suddenly in my part of the world… xx

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    • Yes, I’m still in Greece-Greece … and land of ancient civilizations, good food, friendly people, and INSANE drivers.

      It’s been a wonderful trip, but sadly we head home on Monday with hundreds of photos, and many great memories!!

      I don’t think I wrote anything that I was taking this trip. Although we had been talking about it for months, we didn’t decide to go on until the spur of the moment. We came here with no plan – just an apartment rental in Athens to be our base for 10 days.


      • Athens is a fascinating city. Of course with all the problems Greece has had recently it is probably not the same as it was 10 years ago, but you are right, the driving is atrocious and the people are ultra friendly. I’d love to go island hopping again.


        • I’m sorry we only got to see one island, but there’s only so much we could do in 10 days. I hope I can return some day. The water looks beautiful and I’ve read there is very good scuba diving off Mykonos with underwater ruins. Because we were travelling in November, I had to take it off my want-to-do list.

          .. and yes, the people are super-friendly!

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  7. Yes that first one has tons of character – I’m sure it could tell a few stories.
    Though we don’t have a fund for bail money, in this case considering that I’ve always wanted to see Greece, if you do get into trouble with the law let me know and I’ll do my darnedest to fly right on over to help out 😉

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  8. Great doors – especially that first one – I’m a special fn of dilapidated buildings! I remember one time when we were in Cuba, I took a picture of some police officers (or, they might have been military) sitting around on their motorcycles. When they noticed my camera, they gestured rather aggressively for me to put it away… fortunately I got the picture before they saw me!

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  9. The first one is so appealing to me, in a tragically romantic way.
    I don’t mind you being picky! Do you have doors for life now?
    You always seem to have ‘encounters’ Joanne. If we ever do have to take up a donation for bail, I bet it’ll be for you! 😉

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  10. Great doors. You’re right about the building….it’s beautiful but looks like it should be demolished. Good grief, is there any place in the world that there isn’t graffiti?!

    I’m a new subscriber to your blog Joanne, and I’m enjoying traveling with you from my Lazy Boy! Lol, —— Ginger

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