Wrapping It All Up

It’s been a frenetic month and I’m in a full out sprint to the finish line.

The month, the year, and Cardinal Guzman’s Changing Seasons are all coming to an end.  The word is that Su Leslie at Zimmerbitch is picking up the challenge, so I’m not as sad as I might otherwise be.

This has been one of those crazy months where I thought maybe I wouldn’t have very many photos to work with for the month-end wrap-up.  I was wrong.

I managed to squeeze in a hike at the beginning of the month with the Seniors Club I joined earlier this year.  It looked like we would be primed for a white Christmas.

However, then a big melt rolled in just before the first day of winter and all our snow disappeared.

For months I had planned a ‘campfire’ in the backyard for December 21st , and on that first day of winter, the mild temperatures ended.  It was cold. Gilles would have said it was very cold, but with alcohol in hand, we braved the temperatures.

At least our martinis stayed cold.

Then the snow returned and even colder temperatures.  That deep freeze has locked in place and we haven’t shaken it since.  Since I can’t show you cold, I’ll give you more snow.

1st day of winter snow


I can’t talk about December and leave out Christmas.  It was the usual frantic rush to shop, clean, cook, followed by eating, drinking, laughing … and even more cleaning.

In a few more days, all the lights and decorations will be packed away for another year.  I’ll miss them … at least until the days start to get longer again and the world doesn’t feel so dark.

But the best part of December has been being surrounded by those I love.

Christmas was a house full of family and friends.  Full of their laughter, voices in conversation, and very rarely … quiet.  As exhausting as it was, I loved it all.  That too I will miss as everyone resumes their hectic lives.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year, and thank you for joining me each month for my version of Changing Seasons.


Because of Max’s beautiful photos of Oslo, I was inspired to visit his city in 2015.  Max was our gracious host for 3 hours as we toured his city with him.

Christmas 2016

I have great memories of both this trip, and the 36 months of this photo challenge.

Christmas 2015

Thank you, Max, for 3 great years of Changing Seasons!!



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