New Year, New Doors

For the last several years, I’ve had a shoe calendar on my fridge door.  I’m old-school. I like the visual of a large paper calendar in the busiest room in the house.

This year however, I decided it was time to make a change.  Replacing the edgy shoes are now images of beautiful doors with a thought provoking quote.  This month opens with a quote attributed to John Barrymore:

Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open.

That is my wish for all of you in 2018 … that happiness sneaks into your life and fills your world with boundless joy all year.

Now to the part about the doors.

Today I offer you a selection of miscellaneous doors found on the island of Hydra in Greece.  Even Gilles, who doesn’t share my enthusiasm for doors, began to comment on the sheer number of interesting doorways we encountered on this island (but I have a theory that door-mania is contagious).

These doors trigger happy memories for me – the least of which were warmer temperatures than the deep freeze we have endured the past few weeks.

Click on any photo to enlarge and scroll through the gallery.  I hope you enjoy.

Thursday Doors is a weekly photo feature hosted by Norm Frampton at Norm 2.0.  If you love doors, this is a place for you to visit – or contribute your own favourite finds. Everyone is welcome.



  1. I love that quote! The gray weathered door is also my favorite. It looks so inviting surrounded by its greenery. The ship in the arch is magnificent. And all the pretty doors! I’m sure it was all beautiful. 🙂


    • That quote seems to resonate well for the start of a new year. The thought of happiness looking for a way to creep into our lives makes me smile. Happiness is always going to be welcome in my life – I just have to remember to leave a window or door open 🙂

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  2. Hi, Joanne – Your new fridge calendar is very fitting. I love the quote…and your photos from the Island of Hydra. Thank you for sharing these.


  3. Contagious is right! I kept looking at doors while in Rome recently and thinking of you! They have some awesome and HUGE doors there. 🙂 Hope happiness breaks the doors – not literally – and comes to stay with you & us all this year!!


  4. Fantastic collection of Greek doors, Joanne! And, I love the Barrymore quote! Wishing you the best in 2018 as we look back at 2017 wished what it could have been. The cure all is doors almost always bring smiles to our faces so keep on posting your doors!


  5. Beautiful! Yes, I agree, my family, not interested, mocking as they are, frequently point out interesting doors to me 🙂
    I understand the love of shoes and doors — and I do value change.


  6. Love the flower arch above the door! And the view on the middle op of the collage is gorgeous! The Greek islands are so pretty. If we ever go that way, maybe we should do an island tour:)
    That you may find all the happy incidents, situations and events, even ones of doors you haven’t left open, Blog Friend:)


    • It is such a picturesque country. Sometimes I felt like I couldn’t walk 10 feet without taking a photo.
      Thank you for the kind wishes. It’s been a long time since I started a year with such a feeling of boundless optimism.


  7. Oh, I do love that last one. And I enjoyed this Grecian stroll even if I really don’t need to find somewhere warm. It’s so pretty.
    I am also an old school physical calendar kind of gal. It’s the only way I can coordinate five schedules. The last few years I’ve been getting a calendar printed using holiday photos. This year it’s all about the kids in Nepal. So I get to schedule my life and reminisce at the same time. 🙂


  8. It IS contagious isn’t it? Keep working on him, it sounds like he’s almost there 😉
    This is a wonderful collection to start of the year – I can’t pick a favourite. The warm sunny vibe is flowing off the screen as I sit here looking out at the freezing rain and everything covered in ice.


  9. Happy New Year to you too, Joanne, and thanks for the lovely quote. I love weathered doors, but that one with the sailing ship is pretty cool too. I’m not surprised that Gilles started noticing them. Pretty soon he’ll be addicted too. Wishing you and your whole family a happy, healthy, and peaceful new year. ❤

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  10. IMO doors are like benches. Just when you think you have photographed enough along comes another one that you HAVE TO capture. Hence my bench challenge. I do restrain myself these days though, no longer a bench addict. Hope it starts to get warmer for you, we on the other hand have been told to expect an Arctic chill next week… still it could be worse seeing what those poor folk in southern California have had to contend with, not to mention snow in the southern states.

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  11. These are great photos to welcome the start of the 2018 Doors. I had a Doors and Windows calendar in my office for 2016 and 2017. This year, it a Trains calendar. These are all good, Joanne but I really like the simple weathered one at the bottom.

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  12. There’s definitely something about doors that speaks to so many of us. I suspect it’s because they are thresholds to new experiences, something mysterious or wonderful, something safe and inviting. Like Judy, the last one is my favourite. I wonder what our choice of doors says about us.

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    • One of the early lessons I learned as a child was to not judge or envy people because ‘you never know what happens behind closed doors’. I think my mother must have said that hundreds of times.
      I’ve had a fascination with doors ever since. If I see an open door, I just HAVE to look inside. I suspect that’s human curiosity at work.

      I have to say that the last door really speaks to me too. For me, I think it’s the framing by the flowering shrub.

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