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Battle of the Saints

Situated in the town of Uxbridge, about 90 minutes northeast of Toronto, there are two churches which sit less than 100 metres from each other on opposite sides of the street.

St Paul’s Anglican – 1834

Both are heritage buildings with a long history in the community.

St Andrew’s/Chalmers Presbyterian – 1884

While St Paul’s looks more prosperous than its neighbour across the street, both immediately appealed to me.

They both have note-worthy doors, although St Andrew’s gets a special nod for having an entrance on the corner of a wedge.  That alone demanded that I stop for a closer look. Well that, and their small bell tower that no longer holds a bell.

Not to be outdone, St Paul’s actually opened her doors to allow me a peek inside when the custodian found me lurking outside taking photos.

Doors from the outside

Rich in history – with apparently a wealthy congregation – the stained glass windows of St Paul’s lit up the interior in soft light.

Doors on the inside

Incredibly I was even given access to the private lounge which was also bathed in coloured light.

However, sadly I wasn’t given access to the tower.

So I’m withholding my vote in the battle of these 2 churches just in case St Andrew’s/ Chalmers comes back to offer me a tour of their tower.  That would be a game changer.

Thursday Doors is a weekly photo feature hosted by Norm Frampton at Norm 2.0.


All photos were taken in the summer of 2017 while I was in the Uxbridge area hiking on the Trans-Canada Trail.