I’ve Been Unfaithful

I admit it.

I should feel ashamed for what I’ve done … the temptation was strong, and I was weak.

Nay – I was willing.

Many of you know that I committed to a long term relationship with the TransCanada Trail.  You were there when I swore faithfulness to him … but you also know the dark side … that our relationship has often been strained and rocky.

I’ve spoken harsh words and I’m not proud.

… and now this.

It started with a seductive call from my first love, the Bruce Trail … a smouldering love that’s never been extinguished by the passing of time since we parted ways almost 5 years ago.

I thought – what could be the harm of one little hike? After all, I’ve always wanted to return to Mount Nemo.  I’m sure we can just be friends.

Yeah.  No.  We can’t.

He pulled out all the stops.  Everything I held dear about my memories with Bruce came flooding back.  The rocks, the climbs, the grand vistas …


My heart sang again!


I skipped across rocks and peered into crevices, greeting them like long lost friends.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was feeling liberated and defiant in my reignited passion.

… but now my thoughts turn to tomorrow when I must face the TransCanada with all that passion still naked on my face.

Can I be forgiven?


Thanks to the Widow Badass for accompanying me on today’s transgression.  I enjoyed the hike, the company, and the reminder of why I love the Bruce so much!




    • It’s the Mount Nemo Conservation Area … 5317 Guelph Line, Burlington

      It is everything I love about hiking. The first time I was there was in winter several years ago when it was under a couple feet of snow. I was completely smitten and delighted to make this return trip to experience it again in a different season.


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