Just Horsing Around – Part 2

Earlier this year I did a post about Awesome Acres – the horse farm owned by a long-time friend and former work colleague.  You can read about it here.

At the time, Cathy had just acquired 2 new miniature horses and one of them, Caly, was in foal.  I was asked by some of you to provide an update when her little one was finally born.

Awesome Acres5
Proud Mama, Caly.

Caly gave birth to her tiny filly at the end of April.  Welcome to Applebrook Pippin’s Envy … or just Pippin.

Awesome Acres6

The new mama has been highly protective of her foal so Cathy can only guess what the little one weighs – currently thought to be about 60 lbs.

Besides her tiny stature and over-the-top cuteness factor, Pippin has extraordinary blue eyes.

Awesome Acres4

The 3-week-old is a frisky bundle of energy running and hopping around the paddock.  It was extremely difficult to take photos of Pippin as she was almost always in constant motion.

Awesome Acres7
To give an idea of Pippin’s size, she is pictured here with Cathy’s dog.

She’s also teething and wasn’t at all shy about chewing on our shoes.

Awesome Acres3

Only in hindsight did I realize I should have been taking video instead of stills.


  1. So cute!!! The picture with the dog was especially helpful in seeing how tiny she is. Thanks for the morning smiles, Joanne. You’ll just have to go back again this summer for some video! 😀


  2. I’m glad someone else asked the blue eye question and that you’d wondered same. I haven’t seen many horses up close, but I can’t recall any with blue eyes. Pippin is beautiful, of course, blue eyes or not. She’s like a horse doll!
    I hate the feeling of realizing I should have taken video. :/ Better luck next time. Once isn’t enough for me, I’ve got to do it over and over, lol!


  3. Could she be any more adorable? Baby animals are all heart melters I have to say. Thanks for the perspective against Cathy’s dog. Such a little bundle of energy. As to wishing you had taken some video that often happens for us. Unless we are focused on that plan we seem to miss out. Always a next time. 🙂


    • Gilles stopped taking stills many years ago and only takes video. I have to find that magical in between.

      So true about baby animals being heart melters. I guess that’s nature’s way of ensuring they get protected 🙂

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    • It is a cute name. I know that naming horses normally follows some formal naming convention and wondered what the logic was on this one.
      Cathy bought Caly at a farm called Applebrook, and since Caly was impregnated at their farm, they asked Cathy to follow their naming convention which is Applebrook followed by a type of apple – hence Pippin.

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  4. Just a thought, but are horses like Caucasian babies in being born with blue eyes that change over the course of infancy? Looks like you are going to have to return for more photos later on in the year 😀

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  5. Oh, you tugged my heart strings with this one. We had two minis back about 15 years ago. I loved those two guys, but when we made a cross country move to a furnished condo, I had to give them away to another family we knew. One of them was fairly independent, but the other little guy would follow me around like a pup. Good memories on this Friday morning. 🙂


    • A cross-country move is challenging enough, but I’m thinking it would also have been very emotional to leave the horses behind 💔

      Isn’t it funny how we can bond so inexplicably with an animal? My cat is like that and will follow me around like a dog.

      The foal was so excited and curious – constantly nudging us and nibbling at our shoes. Aren’t nature’s babies adorable?!

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  6. Oh I just love, love, love miniature anythings and Pippin is so adorable.

    I’m glad you told us that it was difficult to get good photos, Joanne, because that just speaks to how good you are. You have awesome CREATIVE skills as a photographer. Your photos are excellent, and the one showing us Pippin in comparison to the dog is inspired.

    Have a great weekend, Joanne.


    • Thanks Karen. It’s nice to have you as a fan cheering me on. You’re doing wonders for my confidence 🙂

      I really do wish I had thought of taking video though. Like all small children, she was a delight to watch. She was running all around the paddock and then would suddenly start bouncing. Hilarious to watch 🙂


  7. Hi, Joanne – I fully agree. Pippin does an excellent job at providing ‘cuteness overload’! Thank you for sharing these photos with us. (Love those eyes!)


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