The Norm Edition

It’s Thursday and that should mean doors, however I’ve been absent from this feature for a while and blogging in general this summer.  As this day is drawing to a close – at least in my part of the world – I’m offering something different.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Norm Frampton 3 times this year and this week I’ve had the added privilege of being a guest in his home with him and his charming wife.

So while this post does contain a couple of doors, this is less about the doors and more about wanting to thank the man behind this weekly event.  It’s been such a great week getting to know Norm’s wit and humour.

With Norm while cycling in June. 

You may remember that back in June I was cycling for 4 days on the TransCanada Trail north of Montreal and Norm joined me for the last day of riding.

When he learned I was planning to return in August for 4 more days of riding on the urban trails through Montreal, he offered to host me in his home.

I couldn’t have asked for two kinder, warmer hosts than Norm and his wife.

Terrebonne 2
Mill from 1850 in Terrebonne

The weather was very hot and not exactly ideal for cycling.  Norm was unable to join me on my bike rides, but that didn’t stop us from having lively conversations at the end of the day about everything and anything.

While shrines are not uncommon in this predominantly Catholic province, we were both confused by the cow.  I can only assume it is a nod to the owner’s farming roots.
Old stone farm houses with a sloped tin roof are a common feature of this area. The landscape of the area around Montreal is changing …. modern homes being built next door to old stone farm houses from the 1800s, while across the street there are still operating farms.

Two days of riding in 35C (95F) heat was enough to kick the stuffing out of me, and when Norm suggested a day of kayaking instead, I jumped at the chance.

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.




The gates leading to the private island and former home of Celine Dion.

So while this post is rather light on doors, it’s full of gratitude to the man behind the weekly photo feature … and to his wife who is simply a treasure.  This visit has been more than simply meeting up with a blogger in real life.

This has been about something far more valuable – friendship.



  1. Ohh, this is lovely, Joanne. I’m so glad to hear you all had a wonderful time, three time no less. I just hope Norm won’t expect any such boat and bike ideas around here. 😉 And that photo of him inside the train is magnificent. 😀

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  2. It’s so wonderful that you got to spend time with Norm! The cow definitely has me scratching my head! That old stone farm house looks inviting. I love a tin roof. 🙂

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  3. That is wonderful! I am so glad you got to meet the man behind the legend 😛 I’m delighted to know he’s warm and funny in person as well.
    The cow, oh the cow! Haha!

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    • I would not trade this stage of my life for more of my youth! It’s wonderful – even better than I imagined in so many ways 🙂

      I’ve often heard it said that it’s harder to make friends as we age, but thanks to blogging, I’m finding the opposite is true. It’s so much easier now than when I was working.


  4. A triple delight! It really is awesome meeting up with people you have had an online connection with…even better when the relationship is one that inspires multiple reconnection.

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  5. The photo of Norm in the childrens’ play train tells me a lot about the man – fun loving and perhaps a little goofy (I say that in a nice way because I find goofiness to be an attribute). It’s so awesome to actually meet a blogging buddy in person, to make the connection a more personal one and to cement a friendship. Good for you both!

    You and I…one day, biking sister…

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    • Norm definitely has a strong streak of ‘goofy’. I too consider it a positive attribute 🙂

      I’m counting on a biking adventure together biking sister. Counting down the months until you retire 😉

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  6. Wow! How wonderful to get to know the man behind the doors and spend time in one of my favourite cities. Where did you paddle? Is that the St. Lawrence River? It looks fabulous. We were in Montreal on the August long weekend – flaming friggin’ hot it was – and rented Bixi bikes in Old Montreal and cycled down a path that followed the old Lachine Canal. We bailed at Atwater Market because I was about to spontaneously combust. I marvel that you lasted two days in that heat!

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    • I agree that this summer has been ‘flaming friggin’ hot’!! Holy Hell. On my 2nd day of cycling, I was downtown cycling the Lachine Canal trail from the old port to the Rene Levesque Park at the end. It was a hot one but not nearly as bad as the previous day when I felt like I was in an oven.

      We went paddling at Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles. It’s about 20-30 minutes north of Montreal. What a treat! Touring around all the little islands was a lot of fun. If you ever get a chance to go, I think it’s worth the visit.

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  7. Thanks for sharing sights and thoughts from your visit. What a great opportunity that was. I can’t thank Norm enough for hosting this weekly event. It’s fun, it’s educational and the people in the Doors Community are the best, starting with the founder of the feast.

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  8. Thanks for the “bit more” about Norm and his wife. You saw some lovely sights, too. I love meeting fellow bloggers and have become friends with several. It’s one of the great things about blogging and I hope to meet more in person as time goes on.


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  9. Excellent post, Joanne. The warmth and ease of your friendship with Norm comes through in every word. And I’m glad you made the switch to kayaking on day three. Very self-preserving of you 🙂

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  10. Awe shucks… *blushing*
    Thanks a bunch for the shout-out and most of all for sharing such a fun week with us my friend.
    We had an absolute blast.
    I’m glad the heat and humidity broke enough for me to join you on the water: it was a magical day.
    Inside joke: Hé Celine!!!

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  11. Wow, biking in the heat is tough, glad you got out on the water for a little break. How fun to stay with your friend Norm and his wife and get to know them better. Scratching my head about the cow – can’t remember that being part of my Catholic upbringing. 🙂

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    • hehehe! Mine either 😏 … but I still giggle every time I think of that cow with the shrine.

      Cycling in the heat and humidity is not fun. I’m in the mountains now and it’s been raining all day. It’s blessedly cool!!


    • I would have been seriously remiss if I had failed to recognize how warm and welcoming Norm and his wife had been to me this past week. They made my experience here in Quebec that much sweeter!


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