Thirty-Five Years

If you’ve been following me for a while, you may have noticed that every October I get rather sentimental.

It’s partly due to Canadian Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October – it seems like a good time to be reflective – but I tend to generally be that kind of person anyway.  I don’t need much of a reason to get all mushy.

… but October is extra special and this year I’ve been thinking a lot about the past 35 years.  You see, that’s how long I’ve been married to this man.

2003 - Black Tie
2003 – Quebec City


Thirty-five years … this Thanksgiving weekend.

In my youth when my parents used to talk about events 30 – 40 years ago, I couldn’t help but think that they were old.  I mean really old.  I couldn’t imagine reminiscing about events in my past that were SOOOO long ago.

…. and yet, here I am.  Reflecting on 35 years of marriage.

Family - group-4
1988 – young parents

So these are my thoughts and a handful of grainy photos from our lives well-lived together – so far.

Thirty-five years.

Two sons.

One son-in-law.

2018 - wedding 1
2018 – Jordan & Dempsey’s wedding


Three addresses we’ve called home.  All in one city.

Countless friends who have graced our lives.

We’ve mourned the loss of 3 parents …. and too many friends.

We’ve travelled thousands and thousands of miles together across 22 countries.

2008 Majorca
2008 – Majorca

We’ve survived countless renovations, wallpapering, and dance lessons.  We’ve agreed to never attempt the latter two again.

We’ve laughed. We’ve cried. We’ve argued.

We’ve shouted at each other.  We’ve given each other the silent treatment.

… but we’ve always forgiven and moved on.

Love, respect, and a sense of humour always prevail in a life well lived.

1982 - before marriage
1982 – yes, let’s get married!









  1. Had to jump down here and wish you a very happy (and very belated) 35th anniversary. I very much enjoyed sharing in your memories here. Here is to 35 more years of joy, laughter, love ….and forgiveness


  2. I was browsing wordpress reader and came upon your upbeat, yet realistic post “reflecting on 35 years of marriage”. This Saturday will be our actual 40th wedding anniversary. All year I have been reflecting on 40 years of marriage with many similar, thoughts and feelings to yours “love respect and a sense of humour”. Definitely a pervasive feeling of sentimentality. Thanks for sharing your feelings on a long term marriage. Erica


    • First, let me say CONGRATULATIONS!! Forty years is a significant milestone in a marriage 💕

      On our 30th anniversary, I thought 35 looked a long way off. Now I know the opposite is true and 40 will be staring us down before I know it!! Sometimes I marvel at how much time as gone by – always together weathering the ups and downs.

      Best wishes and I hope you will be celebrating 🙂

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