Celebrating January

My calendar for the month of January has been jam-packed with activities. Small wonder then that it seems to have flown by so quickly. I’m sorry for those of you who have felt the opposite.

My month was full of outings, meetups with friends, and finally the eye procedure I needed to correct the vision problem I’ve had since early December. I can see clearly again!

If January is the early indicator, 2019 is going to be another mighty fine year.

Getting ready to skate at Colonel Samuel Smith skating trail and leaving a “Wise Rock” behind.

The month started off atypically. It didn’t look or feel much like winter at all. I can’t say I was complaining – with no snow and mild temperatures, it was my kind of winter!

Seaton Trail
View of the CN Tower from Fort York

Oh, it was cold enough to maintain ice on the skating trails and frost the shoreline of lakes and rivers, but it was not the bone-chilling cold that would finally arrive mid-month.

Colonel Samuel Smith skating trail
Trail along Lake Ontario on the east end of Toronto
Lake Ontario shoreline

In fact we are bracing again for another winter storm, however I’m still smiling because I have the luxury of hunkering down at home if I choose not to brave the elements.

Skating at Arrowhead Provincial Park

… even though I have been and can’t deny the beauty of fresh snow.

Arrowhead Provincial Park – it was postcard beautiful in the falling snow … but a nightmare to drive in.
Arrowhead Provincial Park – after snow ended and the wind cleared the trees.
Arrowhead Provincial Park

I hope your 2019 has started off on the right foot too and the end of January is finding you in bright spirits – whether you are in the heat or the cold. There’s lots more ahead!

Changing Seasons is a monthly photo challenge hosted by Su Leslie at Zimmerbitch.


  1. so glad your eye is better – and for some reason, I could see a person wearing a sign that said “danger due to erosion – proceed with caution”
    you know
    “danger due to some hard seasons to watch the flaw-finding and putdowns – just have no room”

    well that is what I thought of with that sign…

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  2. Beautiful photographs Joanne. I admire your spirit. Team tennis goes on, even when the temps dip into the 40’s, and this week that happened. I looked like a polar bear swinging a tennis racket! Cannot even imagine what folks are going through these last couple of days. Sending you some virtual sunshine!


    • Thank you – my skates are quite unusual and I’m rather fond of them πŸ’œ … but it’s way too cold outside for me the past few days. I think I’m going to hunker down inside until this arctic blast passes.


  3. Another blogger posted about how long January has seemed this year with a title that sardonically asked it was “January 72nd” yet? I probably have the number wrong, but it was something close. Anyway, that’s how I feel; for some reason it’s been a month that’s crawled. But you put the time to good use, Joanne. Lots on your plate! – Marty


  4. Hi Joanne, Your new year started with a bang, for sure! I have to say I am not missing the snow thing this winter…in fact I am in Costa Rica as I write this and am toasty warm and pampered…glad to start my year this way!!!


    • Your Costa Rica photos look so glorious. I soaked up some of that tropical sunshine from your post.

      It seems that my comments on your blog are still disappearing into never-never land and I keep getting an error message trying to subscribe to your blog πŸ˜•


  5. Our January has been somewhat chaotic. The high school needs remodeling and delays, etc. meant my teens were out of school for a week and a half while they got the temporary units properly in place. A fresh snow is beautiful. I love that stone that you left. It looks like you are definitely off to a wonderful 2019! πŸ™‚


    • Oh dear. If they were out of school for a week and a half, what does that mean to them from a make-up perspective?

      We had a massive snowstorm yesterday and overnight and we are currently digging out from 8 inches of snow – much deeper where there has been drifting.
      But the sun is now blazing in a blue-blue sky and it really is very pretty right. Give me another week and I’ll be yearning for spring πŸ˜‰

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      • Right now they have enough banked days that it doesn’t have to be made up. If we get snow…that’s another story.

        I hope that you are enjoying the snow just a little. Otherwise, it really does get old really fast. I’m already yearning for spring! πŸ˜‰

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  6. What a great beginning to this year! The snow looks so beautiful and the trails so inviting. It must be hard to talk yourself into bundling up and getting out in the cold… but then so satisfying when you are out there enjoying the scenery.


    • So very true – getting outside is the hardest part. When you’re dressed correctly, it really can be a lot of fun outside in the snow.

      Gilles was in San Diego all last week for work and came home on Friday with a cold … which he promptly gave me. Now I’m at home coughing up a lung instead of being outdoors today with the Seniors, snowshoeing on yesterday’s fresh snowfall πŸ˜•


  7. Wonderful on your eye, Joanne! Our precious gift of health. Yes, postcard beautiful. Yes, nightmare to drive in, since I have lived in a few northern communities. And yes, to lots more ahead this year. Beautiful photos, Joanne!


  8. Being able to see clearly makes a big difference especially for your painting. By February your skating would have taken up a notch with breaking speed. Can you send us some snow, please.


    • Being able to see clearly again is really nice. I was so frustrated during those 6 weeks. It affects you in ways you don’t imagine – ie I had become extraordinarily clumsy.

      It’s turned very cold here again and another big storm is expected to hit us later today and overnight. It’s too bad we can’t share πŸ˜‰

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  9. So glad to hear your year has kicked off so nicely. Long may it continue. This probably sounds weird but I’m kind of blown away by the concept of a skating trail. And I really want to try one. Although I suspect they lack rails so it would likely turn into a slide on my bum.


    • Maybe it’s because skating wasn’t on my radar until last year, but I had never heard of skating trails before and now they seem to be a ‘thing’, popping up everywhere.

      The one at Arrowhead was the longest I’ve seen at about 1.6 km through snow-covered forest. It was gorgeous!
      They do lack anything to hold onto, so yes – falling is a real danger. I now wear head protection in case I bang my head on the ice. It actually helps me feel more confident – although that might not be a good thing πŸ˜‰


  10. You were so close to me when you went to Col Sam Smith Park. Unfortunately I can’t find my skates so I couldn’t have joined you for skating but we could have gone for a coffee or tea afterwards.


    • It looks like such a lovely area to walk when the weather is nice. I live on the east end of the city, but it’s really not so far. We must try to get together for a coffee one day and chat!


  11. You have been busy and I suppose in some way that makes the winter pass more quickly. I still have a beach walk to fit in before the end of the month, but the weather has not been conducive to walking. Or ice-skating I am pleased to report πŸ˜€


  12. It’s beautiful, when we don’t drive in it, you’re right. That postcard-esque photo is amazing. We got some of that fluffy sort of snow yesterday, which is nice, cause it sweeps right off. My January has been packed. Overfull. Still, it feels like a long month.


    • It has been quite beautiful although I might not be so enthusiastic this time tomorrow after the next big snowstorm has hit us πŸ˜‰
      Photography in a winter-scape it kind of tricky – everything tends to look monochromatic.

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  13. Hi, Joanne – Congratulations on a wonderful start to 2019. Wishing you more great months ahead! We have had awesome weather here this past month which has helped increase my walking and outdoor activities from past Januarys. I am excited to take Deb (WBA) off for a hike in our area this week. I’ll keep you posted on that.


  14. Yay for the start of a good year, Joanne. It sound like you had a wonderful January and congrats on getting the vision challenge fixed. I hope the rest of your year unfolds with equal adventure and success. πŸ™‚


    • There were several people skating that day and NO ONE looked at my stone!!! I was terribly disappointed that not even the people I was with mentioned seeing it.

      Oh well. Maybe with others around, people are too polite to look closely (this is Canada after all πŸ˜‰)

      Hope your 2019 is going well. Big storm is coming tomorrow so I’m prepared to lay low for a while πŸ™‚

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