A Little This, A Little That

This is another week of exploring the bowels of my photo library looking for inspiration.

I found photos of this interesting old building that I stumbled across 2 years ago and yet I couldn’t find any record of having written about it before now.

A little off topic, but the fire hydrant wearing a dunce hat appealed to my sense of humour.

The broken lettering over the doorway suggests it was once a police station, but I couldn’t find any information on this little castle wannabe. At the time I took the photo, it was serving as a day care centre.

I found photos that I took only because the message accompanying the door made me smile.

… it’s comforting to know I’m not lost …
This sign would be a lot funnier if it was on a door leading into a maternity ward!

Then there were the reminders that sometimes things just go wrong. Last week after we were dumped with 30 cm (12 in) of snow over a 15 hour period – followed by howling winds – this golf dome suffered a fatal blow and came crashing down.

Dome No More

Now the emergency exit doors are all that remains standing of the giant bubble. I had planned to get a winter membership this year to try and improve my golf swing, but I never got around to it.

…. sometimes procrastination pays off.

This post is part of the weekly photo feature Thursday Doors hosted by Norm Frampton from Norm 2.0.


  1. Yikes to the poor golf dome! Not only good you didn’t get a membership financially but practicing a swing at the time would have been disastrous!

    As to the door with the AED sign the old nurse in me immediately thought of CPR and pushing hard on the chest.

    Hope the snow has let up and your winter is becoming tamer.


  2. OMG – you had me roaring with the benefits of procrastination. From here on, I will have that image in my mind when I circuitously make my way to an end goal (I have long since said that procrastination is not a bad thing, its part of my process :-). The first building (again making me laugh with the fire hydrant who looks like he’s donning a lampshade after a bit too much to drink) is charming but somehow, it doesn’t feel ‘cozy enough to be a daycare center…perhaps removing the remanents of the Police Station lettering would do the trick ;-).


  3. Each door tells a story- either a mysterious one as we guess what’s inside, or a humorous one, or both. The first door opens to a place that seems staid and lumbering until we notice the fire hydrant in front of it. Suddenly, the door laughs at our misperception. 😁


  4. I enjoy catching up on reading blogs when I have access to wifi right now. It’s funny how it’s the little things that make us smile, Joanne. The dunce cap and the push hard. I get it. The deflated bubble clearly depicts some of the significant weather patterns this year on Planet Earth.


  5. Wow – seeeing the door with collapsed dome was eerie – and I am sure it will be back up again –
    And the building with the leftover police sign reminds me of a door I took at an old police station entrance in Buffalo Ny –
    And I bet that building I your photo was something else before the police station – hmm


  6. I got a bit lost in the first photo because it tells such an interesting story. The style of the building is reminiscent of the kinds of institutional buildings I saw in New England in the 1970’s. The road cone on the fire hydrant is hysterical and then there is the idea of a police station serving as a child care facility. Great post, Joanne.


    • Thanks Donna. I was starting to get a bit of cabin fever after being stuck indoors with a bad cold. Getting out to stomp through knee-high snow to get those photos of the dome was exactly what I needed.


    • There was definitely too much snow – and it was very heavy snow – and then it got windy. I’m surprised any of us have a roof left!

      I like that little castle wannabe. Reminds me of a chess piece. It’s just so damn cute πŸ™‚

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  7. The old police station is a beauty. There has to be some information about it somewhere! Why the turrets? And I agree that the door does not suit the building, but I am still intrigued to know what it looks like inside. I too have folders of photos of places I haven’t yet written about. Maybe this is the year!!
    Have you tried searching on the address of the building? Sometimes that brings up the history.


  8. I love that old Police Station. The carving at the top looks very detailed. That sign WOULD have been hilarious on a maternity ward. That’s crazy about the golf dome! I hope they’re able to get it fixed.


  9. Joanne, I love the architecture of that old building. The red bricks and the ‘castle” style detailing on both signs. The sign is great. I do agree that the door is perhaps out of place and needs a dark stain to fit in with the rest.



  10. Ouch, that poor golf dome!! I love the building in the first two shots and sure enough, the fire hydrant looks like a little person wearing a yellow jacket and a dunce cap or maybe a Cat in the Hat hat. πŸ™‚



  11. Snow-collapsing golf comes and fires at a public pool. Maybe it’s a sign to stay home and create πŸ˜€ Though I do feel for the golf-dome owner and the loss of business β€” and those poor swimmers. 😬


      • Absolutely; beyond uncomfortable. A hotel I was staying in once had a fire in the kitchen and we were all evacuated. It was early on a winter’s morning, and luckily I was already up and dressed. Most weren’t so lucky and I have to say hotel staff weren’t particularly on to it in terms of providing blankets or anything. They seemed bewildered, and some saw it as a chance for a smoke!!!
        I ended up giving my coat to a woman with a baby — both were in night clothes and not much else. We weren’t outside for all that long, but it seems longer when you have no idea what is actually going on and no-one comes to help.


          • It made me realise how quickly the world can change; and how unprepared we normally are for emergencies. If I hadn’t been going to an early meeting, I would have been going down 14 flights of dark concrete stairs in my nightie β€” or straight from the shower. But at least we could get out, and although the fire was real it was contained.
            Since then I am more careful to keep my clothes and essentials handy (and organised) when I stay in hotels.


            • A while back I read a blog post about a traveller who was in Mexico City during one of their terrible earthquakes. He talked about that feeling of vulnerability on the street in the middle of this chaos in a foreign country without wallets or passports – not knowing whether their hotel would be safe to eventually re-enter.

              I made a mental note that in the future, both would be within quick reach in the case of emergency!

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  12. :LOVE this rustic front, especially how they did the tops! To join the conversation about the door color – in my opinion there are things the don’t fit, and there are things that are a total mismatch. The stark white of the upper windows are the latter in my opinion, and the color of the door is still “kinda okay:):)”


  13. I agree with Ally that the police station door needs a darker stain. The other ones are kinda fun. Now that the dome is down I guess the only thing to do is find a smooth flat surface to work on your putting πŸ˜‰

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    • I hadn’t heard about any injuries so I can only assume that the building was empty when it collapsed.

      On a side note, about a week later, a community centre nearby caught on fire. This cc has a very popular swimming pool and the swimmers were quickly evacuated – in their wet swimsuits – outdoors into -30C temperatures! All I know is that they were immediately moved into warm facilities but I don’t know what exactly that meant. It was a very bad fire and it took 36 hours to fully put it out.
      Can you imagine?!! … clothes, purses, wallets, phones, car keys … and all you have is a wet swimsuit?!!! I thought of my husband. If he had been in the pool, he wouldn’t be able to call me because he doesn’t know my number. Like so many people, he relies entirely on autodial!

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    • I love a good unintentional alliteration πŸ™‚

      Yes, I too appreciate it when the Universe rewards me for my procrastination. On the other hand, I do feel very badly for the owner. This is their busiest time of year πŸ˜•


    • I love to see old buildings repurposed. It’s always interesting to see how they end up. Now that I think of it, I wonder if the “Police” above the door has partially fallen off over the years, or if they’ve tried and failed to remove it.


  14. Great photos and wonderful captions. I’m guessing the door at the police station/day care/should be maternity ward isn’t the original, but it’s a good photo.

    Poor golf dome 😦


  15. In my opinion the light wood paneled door on the dark brick maybe Police station doesn’t look good. That door needs to be a darker color. Who put that door there? Your photo of it, however, is lovely– and that is the point of this post, so *yay*!


    • I’ve been sitting on these photos for a long time with a sense that something wasn’t quite right. Now that you’ve mentioned the colour of the door, it is SO obvious. It just doesn’t match the colour of the stone! Good eye, Ally!

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