Inside The Snow Globe

Every once in a while I need to break hibernation-mode and drag my unwilling body outside into the elements.

So it was that I found myself down on Woodbine Beach on a cold, windy Sunday morning.

Just about the only thing not slip-sliding – frozen into the layer of ice.

There’s a reason why it’s called the “winter blues”. The dull grey skies create a blue-grey hue to the world. Although the days are getting noticeably longer, sunshine feels like a rare and precious commodity – especially on a day like this when we are expecting more snow.

Down by the water there was a -18C (0F) windchill and to my surprise, there was a paddle-boarder riding the waves.

I watched incredibly from the top of a 6-foot bank of snow and ice at the edge of the water. Β He couldn’t be seen from the shore and no one would know if he disappeared under the waves.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t check the battery strength on my camera before I left and in short order, my camera died in the cold. I had to resort to my phone for photos, which meant taking off my gloves.

Winter Art Installations add colour to the dull landscape

Invigorated by the cold and stimulated by a brisk stroll along the boardwalk, I went home and promptly spent the rest of the day watching Netflix.

I had earned the right.

No challengers today



  1. As you know I am all for adventure but that paddleboarder looks completely over the top. Not jus the cold but as you say to be there alone seems a bit risky? Just my opinion. As to camera batteries and cold that does annoy me a great deal. My old phone was meant for tropical use only as well. Not such a great thing when one lives in Canada. πŸ™‚

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    • I’m in agreement with you, Sue. There’s adventure, and then there’s recklessness bordering on stupid. I don’t need much encouragement to keep a healthy distance from that mark πŸ˜‰


    • Now that you mention it, there is a surreal element to a February landscape.
      I remember my cousin telling me a story once about visitors they had from Australia many years ago. They were dumbfounded by the barren landscape at this time of year and likened it to the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust. That description has always stuck with me. I guess that’s why we celebrate spring so much.

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    • What amazed me were the number of people out on that chilly Sunday morning. The winter is long and tends to drag on. Eventually people feel the need to get out – regardless of the cold.


  2. that outdoor chess set up was pretty awesome.
    I wonder if our paddle person had on some high-tech wet suit?
    Hope so – but going solo is just not wise – esp in the weather.
    and that winter art installation was nice color – what a great idea

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    • I’ve never seen this chess/checkers set up before down by the waterfront. It was in a lovely spot underneath a big tree that would be a perfect location in the heat of summer. On this particular day … not so much 😏

      I do wonder what the little bucket was for though. I’m assuming game pieces?

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      • Yeah – I would assume game pieces too.
        And you know what else had me thinking – have you heard of grounding or earthing?
        It is where humans connect with the earth or nature to have physiological balance – the charge from the earth and from nature impacts our ions positively –
        And so I wonder if sitting in a seat carved from a tree trunk would help balance the body – hmmm


  3. Haha Joanne you had us both chuckling about the Netflix after the escapade in the cold. That video made us shudder just to watch that guy out there braving the icy waves. He must be from Norway or Sweden or Siberia where this is normal behavior.

    Your post brought back great memories from our years of living in Chicago. We used to go to the lake all the time in the winter with our dogs and even though it was often bitterly cold such as in Toronto, we always loved to see what the lake looked like with frozen icicles, frozen waves sometimes. Once our dog fell in and our son promptly followed, in order to rescue the love of his life. THAT was scary. Thankfully both were okay.

    Stay warm.. sending you some sunshine rays from hot and humid Sri Lanka (80 degrees or so… sorrrryyyyyy)


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    • O.M.G. He went in?!! That would not be my first instinct. Amazing!

      There is a lot of pretty about the winter – it just takes some effort to see it. Thanks for the bit of warmth. Much appreciated on this very chilly day!


  4. Ahhh! And I posted my first bee yesterday. Do you see how relative everything is in this world? Imagine your worries in comparison with mine. For you taking off your gloves is a severe risk, while I get to choose whether to wear a bra with the coat open, or I suffer in the heat of coat closed and no bra. πŸ˜€

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  5. I actually know this beach!! Well, in the context that we walked to it from the city, thinking that there would be a nice path/boardwalk along the lake. Almost gave up trying to reach the shoreline! Found a boardwalk at the beach and finally enjoyed the walk! We cut back through Kew Garden (which made us smile) and caught a tram back to the centre! Very different then to what it looks like now (hot and humid in August) and we even sat outside and had a beer somewhere on the beach!

    The paddleboarder must be crazy. As you say, what if he ran into difficulties.

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    • That’s so cool! Don’t you love it when you recognize a place you’ve been to a long time ago! btw – that’s a long walk from downtown!

      Yes – the beach is very different In the winter. It always surprises me that I can’t actually see the waterline in the winter because of the buildup of ice and snow. It’s much more inviting in the summer πŸ˜‰

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  6. Good for you for getting out in the cold. Your pictures are terrific. That paddle boarder is completely out of his/her mind! Like you said, if any bad had happened it would be all over. I saw in one of your replies that you are watching The Umbrella Academy too… it is so much fun! Great music too.

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    • Isn’t The Umbrella Academy addictive?!! We have one more episode to watch and I’m going to be despondent when there aren’t any more. I hope there will be a 2nd season.


  7. As a total temperate-climate sissy, I’d say you not only earned Netflix but hot chocolate, wine, grilled cheese sandwiches, whatever you felt like.
    Binge-watching TV is so much more satisfying than trying to find something in real-time. Roll on our winter so I don’t feel bad about not being outside in the evenings.

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      • Haha… Su is right. I don’t have Netflix, but like nothing more than to curl up with a good book or watch a film I have recorded on a dull afternoon. Feels so naughty somehow when there is housework to be done. Oh, and please check your SPAM folder – I wrote a comment and it disappeared. Of course there is a chance this will too 😦


  8. That paddle boarder is NUTS! And yes, I meant the caps. πŸ™‚ I went out this morning after too many mornings of being inside. It was snowing just a tiny bit, so the sun wasn’t out. But it was absolutely glorious! The sun is out now, but to me, there’s something marvelous about being out early when all is silent and beautiful, silent that is except for the ever-present traffic noise in the background. Sometimes I can almost forget it’s there. πŸ™‚


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  9. Joanne, you have captured the pathos of the winter blues with these photos: the bicycle frozen into the ice; the cold icy stump chairs. And, of course, the paddleboarder driven into the freezing waves by a bout of cabin fever…


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  10. That paddle boarder is probably a relative of my husband’s, an unrepentant lover of all things winter. Guess I won’t come to Toronto for relief from the the cold, which, like you, I am SO over. Drooling over the Widow Badass’ posts from Barbardos. Everyone I know seems to have escaped a portion of this brutal winter except you and me.

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  11. That ice sure does create chaos, doesn’t it? So nice to have a wee bit of sunshine over the past few days & have you noticed the day light hanging around a bit longer?β˜€οΈ

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    • The longer days are greatly appreciated – as well as those moments when the sun comes blazing out. I have crystals hanging in my kitchen window and in the winter the sun creates rainbows throughout the room. I love it πŸ™‚

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  12. My iPhone dies when it’s cold outside even though it’s fully charged. I found this out about Apple. As for the weather, yikes, -18 must feel like colder than Antartica. Yay, Netflix to the rescue with hot drink and popcorn, I hope. Keep Warm!

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  13. Can’t believe that no one was there to spot him out on the water. Brrrrr! I find taking photos in this cold very frustrating. Even my camera phone can’t handle the cold. I can only take a few shots before my battery completely drained.

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    • My phone came close to dying too. It was dumb on my part to not check the battery before I left.

      White watching that guy on the water, it did occur to me that even if people were watching him from shore, how would anyone be able to save him in an emergency?


  14. I agree, you earned the right to binge for a while. I took the pup for a walk and I felt that that earned me a beer and some TV time. That bike frozen into the ice looks so sad, The paddle board guy is nuts. I’m just going to go on record with that diagnosis – that’s just crazy.

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    • … and I think virtually everyone, including me, is going to concurrent with your assessment. Crazy indeed!

      Some days just lend themselves to a warm fire, a glass (or several) of wine, and some TV entertainment πŸ™‚

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