Travel With A Badass

It’s been several days since I returned home from a week of hiking and iceberg hunting in St John’s, Newfoundland.

Truth is, I’ve been running non-stop and today the tank is finally empty. This is a much needed recharge day and a perfect opportunity to start writing about this most recent adventure.

Some of you follow my other blog, Following A Bold Plan, and know that I was travelling with Deb from Widow Badass. This is the first time I’ve gone off on a major excursion without my husband and although our trips together are always amazing, this one with Deb was an absolute blast.

Photo by Deb – she was our selfie wizard

Travel with a girlfriend is different in all the best possible ways – especially when that friend shares the same interests, energy level, and sense of adventure.

No, we weren’t camping.  These two women like their amenities and we had rented a large 2-bedroom apartment in the heart of St John’s.  It was a great jumping-off point for all our adventures.

Exploring Newfoundland lent itself to taking videos, so today I’m going to share one that managed to encompass the essence of this trip – hiking, icebergs, and the ubiquitous wind.

In spite of my glib ‘finders keepers’ comment in this video, after this hike we did followup about the possession of eagle feathers.  It confirmed Deb’s suspicion that it IS illegal in Canada and the US to have any part – even a found item like a feather – of a protected migratory bird such as the Bald Eagle.

If you are interested in reading more, check out this link –

A few days later we met this bad boy on a different trail.  He did not seem to be even the least bit disturbed by our presence, and watched calmly as we finally walked away.

I made a comment about the temperature in the video.  It was a balmy 15C (60F) – probably a bit cooler with the chill of the wind coming off the North Atlantic – but compared to the previous day at 5C (40F), with a bone-chilling wind, this day was glorious.

Expect more about our adventures in Newfoundland – an absolutely magical place to visit if you love the outdoors.  If you aren’t following Deb’s blog, why not?  I for one am looking forward to her stories about our week together.  


  1. Girl-friend trips are the best! I loved hearing your voices! I thought you’d have more of an accent, but I didn’t detect one. The coastline looks lovely, and the found feather neat! I’m guilty of collecting them. Shhh! I’ve found an Eagle Feather but left it behind. I knew about that one being illegal to have. What a gorgeous Eagle that one was you saw. I’m looking forward to reading more about your adventure, and seeing more videos if you have those too.beach traveler


  2. So glad to hear you had a great time together and that you did indeed find icebergs. It’s so cool to hear your voices, I always imagined it to be deeper…don’t know why, just did. Reminds me of the first time I hear Rick’s voice and I was taken aback by how much deeper it was than I had envisioned during our pen pal days. And you are so spot on about trips with girls being different than boys, especially when the girls are in the minority!

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    • Travelling with a like-minded girlfriend was such a treat! When/if you get the chance, do it.
      My husband and I have travelled extensively over the years and this isn’t intended to detract from those experiences, but the girlfriend dynamic is so different. I LOVED it and would do it again in a heartbeat.

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      • Not necessarily better – just different. I have travelled with my husband extensively and we make good travelling partners, but with a girlfriend it’s different.
        My husband would have been miserable on this trip. It’s simply not his thing and yet with a like -spirited girlfriend, it was a blast!


  3. I have always thought Newfoundland would be a great travel destination. But that wind factor does put me off. It must blow constantly going by the looks of the trees in the video. Interesting re the feather info. I suppose it stops poachers? So is the famous iceberg alley, near this spot?

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    • It was definitely windy and apparently is always windy. We went knowing it was going to be cold and packed accordingly.

      My understanding is that Iceberg Alley is that southern drift from the Arctic along the eastern coast of Newfoundland … so yes, this is Iceberg Alley.
      Apparently the most dramatic icebergs were found much further north than we were. I was really conflicted about the locations to travel to on this trip – NFLD is big. Very big.
      In the end, I decided to focus on one area.

      Next time …. πŸ™‚

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  4. Joanne, during the years that I worked with Indigenous peoples in Alberta, I was gifted with an eagle feather by the Blackfoot. They have special permission to collect eagle feathers for ceremonial purposes. The eagle feather is very special to me, and it is on my mantelpiece in the handmade case that was given to me with it.


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  5. Hi Joanne,
    I read all about icebergs, codfish tongues, and local beer and food over at the Badass’s blog…it was great to see this trip show up here as well!
    Looks like you two had quite the trip!!!
    Time for me to get Dan on board with a bucket-lister to Newfoundland!

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  6. What fun to go this trip together!!! Love the photo of the two of you. So far we have met two bloggers and adored both of them. They both stayed at our home in Sri Lanka ( at separate times haha not together). It’s amazing how blogging connects us to our readers and vice versa.


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    • Blogging has created this amazing opportunity to connect with people world-wide – both virtually and physically.

      However if someone had told me – even a few years ago – that someday I would take a trip like this with someone I met online, I would have been incredulous. A lot of things had to go right πŸ™‚


  7. Hi Joanne (and Deb). I loved seeing some of your photos on Instagram. Sharing the video is a great idea, especially for this coast. I had no doubt this excursion would be a blast. I am the worst selfie taker. One day Deb may give us all a lesson. The feather thing is interesting……not that I have a feather. Have you and Deb thought about entering The Amazing Race Canada. You guys would be fun to watch and my money is on your team:)

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    • omg – I would be a disaster on a show like that!!! … ok, maybe that would be fun to watch but we’d be eliminated on the first day 😏

      (1) I’m a stress bunny.
      (2) I don’t handle ‘lost’ very well. See (1).
      (3) I don’t think quickly. I like to ‘process’. See (1).
      (4) Did I mention I was a stress bunny? I don’t even like watching shows like that.

      I can’t imagine your selfies are any worse than mine πŸ˜†

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  8. Spectacular! What a scenic share! It was so cool to hear your voice!
    I did know that about the feathers.
    I wonder if I’ll run out of money in Quebec City or Nova Scotia, or if I’ll be able to get to New Newfoundland, too! Haha! The first two are places I yearn to return to, and to take my husband, who has NEVER BEEN any farther northeast than Niagara. (Which is why he is not yet in love with the region, she strongly suspects.)

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    • I haven’t visited the other Atlantic provinces since I was a teenager. I’m overdue, and like you, yearn to return. I hope you can convince your husband to take this trip someday. DEFINITELY Quebec City!!


  9. Wowza. How I would love to say that I’d just come back from HUNTING ICEBERGS 😍. Thank you for giving me a taste of the hunt with that video and for introducing me to that eagle on the trail. Looking forward to more from New Foundland.

    I’ve not met the Widow Badass before so thank you for the introduction to her as well. You both look pretty chuffed in that selfie and I can see why. I’ll go off and her space and say hello.

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    • I’m sure you’ve seen MANY things in your travels that elicited the same response from you as icebergs did for me … ie a squeal of delight every time one was spotted.

      I would travel with Deb again in a heartbeat!!

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    • Deb would tell you that the only thing that would have made this trip ‘more perfect’ would have been a whale sighting. It’s not the season yet but we had held out an element of hope.
      Other than that – PERFECTION!

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  10. I love the way you introduced this adventure, Joanne (and I didn’t realize you had another blog). It sounds like such a marvelous time!
    Yes, I’ve always thought it’s a shame about the “found” feathers and things. But there are so many horrible people in the world who would claim items were found even though they had been butchers… I can understand why the law had to go all-or-nothing…

    Thanks for including the video. A glorious day indeed. πŸ˜€ Hugs on the wing.

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    • The world is full of unscrupulous people and it’s a shame that laws have to be put in place to control this behaviour.

      I’m thrilled that people liked the video. I’m encouraged to experiment more πŸ™‚


  11. Glad you saw your first Bald Eagle. We have a few around here. Now I know not to collect eagle feathers for my raindance headdress!

    Sounds like a fun trip. BFF had several meals of pretzels & cheese on our trip to GA. Sometimes Less is More!

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    • Thanks! This apparently was an exceptional year for seeing icebergs in Newfoundland. They had predominantly easterly winds for a number of weeks which were pushing the icebergs into the coast. It made them easy to see from shore rather than having to take a boat out.

      It’s so hard to judge these things. Apparently we were off by a week. Although we saw icebergs every day except the last one, had we been there a week earlier, there were a peak number of icebergs viewable from the shorelines. It just makes me want to go back again next year.

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  12. This was great, Joanne. And isn’t it funny that so many commented on your voice. Count me among them! I was waiting for the accent, and thought, “Oh….she sounds so normal.” But I mean that in a good way! Cheese and crackers for dinner….oh, yes. Add a glass of wine and it becomes a gourmet dinner. πŸ˜‰

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  13. I like the off the beaten track sort of places far more than crowded cities (except for perhaps Montreal). Looks like you gals travel well together. What fun. Cheese and crackers for dinner – oh yeah!

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    • While I do enjoy visiting cities and what they have to offer, the quiet ‘undiscovered’ places draw me. I guess the small town girl in me still needs the small town feel πŸ™‚


  14. Girl-friend trips are the best! I loved hearing your voices! I thought you’d have more of an accent, but I didn’t detect one.

    The coastline looks lovely, and the found feather neat! I’m guilty of collecting them. Shhh! I’ve found an Eagle Feather but left it behind. I knew about that one being illegal to have. What a gorgeous Eagle that one was you saw.

    I’m looking forward to reading more about your adventure, and seeing more videos if you have those too.

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    • Posting a video was a little more uncomfortable than the first time I posted a photo of myself. Is anyone ever comfortable hearing their own voice? … and of course my reaction would be ‘what accent?’ πŸ˜†

      Learning about the ‘Feather Law” was interesting. I had NO idea but Deb obviously had some inkling and knew enough to question it πŸ¦… Her instincts were right.

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  15. Girl Trips are the best. How beautiful and how cool to hear your voices after just reading in print! Speaking of which, I’ve been thinking what a dedicated blogger you are and how do you do it!? Now I read here that you have 2!! Looks like you had an excellent adventure!

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    • hahaha! Call it a small piece of craziness πŸ˜‰
      I too sometimes question how – or even why – I’m trying to maintain two blogs 😏

      Taking video is still quite new and a bit foreign to me. It provides a very different perspective than just an image.


  16. Awesome stuff. I can feel the wind and smell the sea air just watching your video.
    Next time I have to do the eastern part of the island to see the icebergs and you have to do the western part to see Gros Morne.

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    • I’ve had this on my bucket list for a very long time, but the problem is I don’t want to consider it ‘done’. I want to go back for more. As you know, there is just so much more!!! Gros Morne – definitely!!

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  17. As you know, I have had the experience of travelling with girlfriends on a number of occasions & I concur, it is a blast! Sounds like you & Deb will be in for more adventures together in the future. How wonderful to have found a like minded travel companion for those trips Gilles is not interested in. Looking so roward to hearing more about your trip!

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    • I know we’ve all said it many times – blogging brings likeminded people together. Although Deb and I have done a number of things together, this was a major step. We made excellent travelling partners πŸ™‚

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  18. The iceberg is cool (pun intended), and I love the eagle. I didn’t know that about feathers. Now I’ll have to empty my pillows and toss out my stash before the feds come breaking down my door.

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  19. OK, way to throw down the gauntlet Joanne πŸ˜‰
    I too am dealing with an empty tank (and back at work to boot) but hope to have a post up on the weekend if not by the weekend. So many treasured memories of this truly wonderful trip! You are a great travel companion, my friend!


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