Doors From The Rock

It’s pretty hard to followup a doors post from Paris with anything else but today I’m feeling bold and hopscotching back across the Atlantic.

For today’s Thursday Doors, I’m back in St John’s, Newfoundland. Yes, we had some amazing hiking, saw icebergs, and ate great food, but I also discovered interesting doors or the buildings they were attached to.

I used Deb for scale to show off this short door. Love that barrel-style door lock!
The door itself isn’t extraordinary but the imprint of a guitar in the entrance is interesting. Credit goes to Deb for spotting it.
Posie Row is not a music store and my only guess is that this location might have once been one.
A little nautical flavour that popped up from time to time.
Another door that’s not interesting in its own right but I couldn’t resist. This was my first encounter with a legal pot shop.
We ‘might’ have gone in, because inquiring minds need to know.
You know. Research.
There is a lot going on in this entranceway.
I wondered how on earth they could make a mistake like chiselling out the date with the twos upside down.
…. then I realized they were sevens.
If you’re wondering why I didn’t get in closer, there was a sign at the gate saying Private. I respect that.
We might have had a Yellowbelly or two.
The food was also amazing – although we didn’t eat at this particular location.
We should have though. There is just so much I like about this building.

This post has been brought to you by Thursday Doors, legal cannabis, and YellowBelly Beer. Enjoy responsibly.

Check out more doors and their stories at Norm’s place where Norm hosts our weekly photo challenge.


    • How interesting! I’ve never heard the term bluestone before and of course had to look it up. What is particularly interesting is how widely scattered it is throughout the world – UK, Virginia, Newfoundland, NZ, Australia. Go figure!

      I was fascinated by the rock and this unusual purply colour. To see beaches of purple stone was breathtaking. I ended up bringing a few pieces of it home.


  1. I love that giant door lock! Yellowbelly looks like a fun place to grab a pint! πŸ˜‰ I have tried CBD. I’ve heard it helps with joint pain but I haven’t formed an opinion on that. However, it truly does help with my anxiety.


  2. St. Patrick’s Hall has mismatched hardware on its front doors. I find that disturbing. Either go handle or knob– not both. Like they care what I think about their doors… 😐


  3. Too funny on the “enjoy responsibly.” After your previous posts I read more on the colours throughout St. John’s Interesting. I also shared the Newfoundland/Labrador video/song on my SM on Canada Day. I received a lot of positive and unique responses. I think I am getting the urge to return………..😊


    • Then my work here is done πŸ˜‰

      I’ve wanted to go to Newfoundland for a very long time and this advertising campaign by the province was throwing fuel on the fire. Truth is, that fire is still burning.

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  4. I have yet to get to Newfoundland, perhaps next summer.

    Had a friend try the oil for pain, and it did nothing for her.


    • Just so you know, this week while we’ve been sweltering, St John’s has been barely cracking double digits. Right now it’s currently 12. Brrrr.

      It seems that cannabis isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for pain management. I’ve heard stories from both sides.


    • We’re all about doing what’s good for our health πŸ˜‰
      … well, except for cake. Cake should be declared a health food. And chocolate. I’m pretty sure chocolate is medicinal πŸ™‚


  5. Lovely set! I really like the imprint in the cement of the guitar, and St. Patrick’s Hall is my favorite! The brewery and door are lovely. It looks really old and has character.

    Pot is legal here and there’s a store in town, but I’ve not gone in it. I’ve been reading CBD oil? Not sure I have the initial right, but I’ve been reading it’s good for the joints. One hip really hurts after a long hike so…I’m just wondering, but don’t think I’m ready to walk into a pot store yet. 😎


    • I too have heard about CBD for joint pain. I can’t say I know anyone who has any first hand experience with it though.

      Since cannabis became legal in Canada in October, only a handful of places have opened in Toronto and I haven’t been to any of them. That’s why this place in St John’s was such a curiosity for us but I was underwhelmed by the experience.

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  6. I could probably make that short door look even bigger. LOL!
    Great shots again and I will stay tuned for more research info. πŸ™‚ Sounds like you guys had fun and that’s what trips are all about! πŸ™‚

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  7. A delightful collection of doors — bit of this and that, quite good. That guitar imprint left quite an impression on me, har har, and I’m glad you got the side of YellowBelly –that’s a great snap on its own.


  8. Chuckling here imagining you two wandering around St. John’s all day with silly grins, like a female version of Cheech & Chong πŸ˜€
    Ah but the doors! Yes the doors πŸ˜‰ That mechanism on the first one is something else. The faded Yellowbelly one caught my eye and those 7’s would have thrown me off too.
    Great post…duuuuude!

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  9. What great doors, Joanne! Posie Row has slippery floors….are they always washing them? Is it a bar? Do the drinkers slosh all over the place? So many questions…… I had to laugh at the 2’s/7’s. Yeah, I’m not buying that. We had a (lazy) sign maker at a local shop who used a ‘7’ for an ‘L.’ Of course, I rolled my eyes. πŸ˜€


    • Really? He had one job to do and couldn’t be bothered to use the right letters?!! I would have been rolling my eyes too.

      Posie Row was an interesting little shop of unusual jewelry, clothing, etc. We poked around there for quite a while.
      I too had seen the sign but the floors didn’t register as anything unusual that would make them slippery. I’m wondering if it was more of a weather thing – ie wet outside, slippery inside.

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    • We did sample YellowBelly food – just not at that location – and the food was excellent! – or we were really hungry. I can never tell.
      I think it would be a great place for an international blogger meeting.

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  10. You have a great gallery here, Joanne, but that first one is my favorite. I would definitely have indulged in some research at Yellowbelly, at least if they had some dark beer on tap. This time of year is what I call the Beer-pocolypse, when breweries and other establishments decide people aren’t drinking dark beer anymore. Me? I like dark beer any time of year and amber ale is as light as I’ll go. πŸ™‚



  11. Are you trying to insinuate that Deb is short Joanne ? If legal cannibis doesn’t get you high what’s the purpose ? What makes Teflon stick to the pan ? I have a lot of questions today D: Great images Joanne.

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    • To be honest, we walked away most disappointed. I expected to find edibles and was surprised that they are not yet legal to buy – or sell? – I can’t remember which. Apparently that changes in October.

      Meanwhile, Deb peppered the sales guy with a zillion questions and the poor guy seemed a little befuddled by us. Perhaps we aren’t their target demographic πŸ˜‰

      Liked by 4 people

      • What, no edibles? That’s sacrilege. So everyone has to get lung cancer if they want to get high. Well at least there’s October. Anyway, I don’t do grass anymore since my experiment last year. But still, if I did try it again, it would have to be the good ol’ brownies.

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        • I and 4 girl-friends went camping for 4 days in lieu of a bridal shower for one the gals when I was well we all were teenagers. We had a “high” for each day. One day was marijuana-laced brownies.
          They were a bit gritty, but chocolate so good, but OMG! I got such a reaction. They knocked me out for 8 hours, and the dog too who might have got a wee bit. I woke up in my tent with the dog who wasn’t mine and missed all the days fun. I haven’t had any marijuana-laced products since. I don’t think cooked or bake pot is my thing. 😊

          Liked by 1 person

        • Experiment? What experiment? Is there another story here you haven’t told us about?!!

          I don’t smoke either. Anything. I even find it difficult to be near a wood fire. I have sinuses from hell and the last thing I need is to set them off by deliberately inhaling smoke.

          Liked by 1 person

            • yeaaaah – no. I’m pretty slow. I had to read the entire thing – then see my comment. btw – it was just as amusing the 2nd time πŸ™‚

              We sinus sufferers have to stick together! It’s an affliction non sufferers don’t understand (and yes, I’m referring to Husband)

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