Thursday Doors: It’s A Buffet

I’m in the mood today for a little door buffet – a little of this, a little of that.

Something sweet, something savoury.

At Primitive Designs in Port Hope – a private entrance that beckons the curious.

Something a little classic, something a bit more eclectic.

St Malo, France
Seen in downtown Toronto – an extension built with doors?!!

Grab a plate and help yourself.

In Lille, France.
This entire building was enveloped in a metal die-cut outer shell, including the door.
It was both unusual and visually striking.
A little bit of a classical touch found in Rouen, France
An outdoor art installation found in Cambridge, Ontario … with a seemingly random door.
Why it has a door or what its purpose is has me baffled.

This last photo is of a door at the Palais de Justice in Rouen, France. I introduced this building in a blog post here. It had been badly damaged during WWII and in its restoration, they chose not to repair the bullet holes to serve as a reminder.

If you look closely, you can see the holes on the right side and top of the doorway. What’s most sobering is that this is an interior door. It remains one of the most haunting memories of our trip this past spring.


This plate of mixed doors has been brought to you by Thursday Doors, a photo feature hosted each week by Norm Frampton from Norm 2.0. Check out what Norm and the others are serving today.


  1. I like all the doors – and the spa one is my fav – and you know J – isn’t this what the statue of liberty was supposed to look like – a copper color – before it oxidized to green – and isn’t this what they wanted to “wrap” the eiffel tower in but ran out of money….


  2. Great finds, Joanne! The Primitive Designs building just shouts hidden treasures. That extension made of doors is fascinating! I wonder who came up with that idea. Nobody can resist a French door! Although the Palais de Justice one is quite sobering.


  3. Oh wow, this buffet has filled my eyes right good! Beauty and art and impact and drama, love it! Great doors!
    That white paneled second story thing, with the door in the center? What a find!


  4. My favorites are the first two. I love all things primitive and there is something so cute and unassuming about that little door entering a much larger building. It is almost like a keyhole


  5. Wow, Joanne. There are some fantastic doors here. I don’t know how any followers of Thursday Doors could go past the Toronto wall of doors and having an entire wall made of doors. It brings those classic song lines from the movie Grease to me…”I have chills. They’re multiplying and I’m losing control!”
    Best wishes,


  6. Those last two doors are really striking. Leaving those bullet holes is a good reminder of the violence we can inflict on each other and a warning not to repeat it.


    • I’ve never been anywhere with visual signs of violence so this was really jarring to me. As a remembrance, I would say it’s highly effective. This is a city that hasn’t forgotten its history.


  7. Joanne that is one diverse collection. I do wonder about the Cambridge installation. Now what might that mean? I’m going to be thinking on that all day. A puzzle.


  8. Well as usual like any buffet has left me totally full. I love the Saint Malo version of the Flat Iron building is pretty cool and that Toronto wall of doors is awesome. Phew, I should probably go for a walk: I’m stuffed πŸ˜€


  9. The extension built with old doors looks both tacky and fun at the same time. I’ll bet it would look great if each door was painted a different, bright color.


  10. Variety is good and I applaud your decision to mix it up. That die-cut door on the spa is by far the oddest door I’ve ever seen. Who thought of that? And why?


  11. Wonderful Buffet Joanne. The doors and their surrounding details are stunners. And I have never seen that toronto downtown door extension -very cool


  12. Beautiful doors, Joanne. I think France might have the lock (no pun intended) on gorgeous doors. But I do want a second helping of “Private. Do Not Enter” cause I wanna enter!


  13. Like most excellent buffets, I went back for seconds πŸ™‚

    I love that addition made of doors and the die cut building. All of these doors are curious and beautiful, Joanne. I really like the church doors the the paneled transom. That just looks β€˜right’.


  14. Love the mixed doors! The art installation looks like a deconstructed house, hence the door. The first door is a little scary – those handles!! But my favourite and the one that I’d love as the entrance to my home (not this one, it would look silly) is the one in Rouen – No 49 – ooh, to have an apartment in a building like that!


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