Just An Ordinary Day

I could tell you I take a daily walk … but it wouldn’t be accurate.

The truth is that these walks tend to happen only on ‘ordinary’ days. Days when I don’t have anything in particular planned.

When I do walk, there is a simple pleasure in the quiet contemplation. The song of the cicadas, crickets, and various birds all provide the background music, while at the same time the butterflies and dragonflies provide the choreography.

I like this kind of day. Anything is possible … likely because I’m not expecting anything at all and it’s easier to find the ‘extra’ in the ordinary.

Like an imaged crime scene … a dead measuring tape dumped unceremoniously on a utility box while its disembowelled guts were discarded on the ground below.

… or the house I noticed that has a Christmas tree in the front window, decorated in red bows. They are either very late or very early for the holiday season.

… or a party in progress on an otherwise quiet street on a quiet Monday morning.

The gate to the backyard is open and I can see a large white party tent.

The sound of voices in conversation and laughter drifts out from both the backyard and the open front door of the house. I assume this is a farewell brunch to a family reunion that occurred over the weekend.

I continue on walking, taking my stroll through a nearby green space along a culvert. I assume I’m the only person on the narrow pedestrian trail until I’m surprised to see the nose of a truck peaking around the corner ahead.

He stops to let me pass safely before continuing on his way.

The presence of the truck warns me that a city works crew is in the area and ahead the air is filled with the pungent smell of freshly cut grass.

I’m grateful for the shade wherever I find it. It’s still early but it already feels warm and humid.

I breathe a small prayer of thanks to the air conditioner god for what awaits me when I return home.

As I arrive back home, my red puffy eyes – already irritated by some unknown allergen – are starting to itch and twitch again.

Hydrangeas in my front yard are looking good.

It’s just another ordinary day.


  1. They say every day is a blessing πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ 12th August wasn’t an ordinary day for me. It was our 30th wedding anniversary and we spent most of it entertaining a 6 year old. Fun and games!


    • Since I became a blogger and started to become more familiar with the weather patterns in other parts of the world, I’ve come to appreciate how truly extreme our weather is here in Southern Ontario … from -25C in the winter to 35C in the summer. I think of every spring as a miracle.


  2. Hi Joanne, You really make me think on the β€œordinary day.” These days are often my best days! The Christmas tree made me smile. Try not to notice the unplugged lights at my house:)

    A very beautiful post, Joanne. You remind me I should just head out with my camera on my β€œordinary day.”


  3. Your hydrangeas are looking mighty pretty! Yup I have the same feeling about air conditioning these days and I’m not usually a fan. Just too hot and humid in Viet Nam right now. I love the smell of freshly cut grass. And I do enjoy a morning walk before the heat sets in.



  4. We had pink, blue, and purple blossoms on our hydrangeas that a previous owner planted. I bet this is the reason:

    LA Dreamin’ is a modern hydrangea bearing traditional globe-shaped blossoms in shades of pink and blue regardless of soil acidity. With deep green foliage and reliable reblooming, it thrives in shady landscapes and can even be grown in large containers. Hardy and easy to grow, ‘LA Dreamin’ will perform in nearly any part of the country. With blooms this stunning, it’s no surprise that Hydrangea macrophylla is the most popular species of hydrangea in American gardens!



  5. I really appreciate ordinary days now that I’m retired. Adventures are wonderful but gimme a day with no agenda and I am so happy. We don’t see many hydrangeas around here anymore (since we’ve realized that we actually live in a desert and have been on alert to save water) but I do love them. I was happy to see some beautiful plantings – pink, purple, blue, white – while traveling on Vancouver Island and the northwest US. Thanks for sharing your walk.

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  6. Ordinary days are good! And so are your hydrangeas. BTW the colour depends on the soil PH. Pink / red ones grow in alkaline soil, blue/purple ones in acidic soil and white ones don’t care!

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  7. I like ordinary day walks too. Monday morning is the supermarket run – if it’s not raining I’ve taken to parking the car then going for a canal walk. When I get back, I have a coffee, do the shopping and get home just in time for lunch. Today’s highlight was a heron and a pigeon trying to outstare each other. A very pleasant, ordinary morning!

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  8. Such serenity – until!! The mention of the crime scene set me up to interpret the truck nosing along the path as menacing – and I instantly went into alarm mode Oh no! Run, Joanne! Run!! Phew for the happy ending!


    • hehehe!! Great minds think alike! I was actually thinking about how much fun it could be to connect each of these disparate items together into a story … if I was actually a storyteller. Which I’m not 😏

      Luckily, no running was required 😜

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    • My eyes have been grouchy for a few days now so it’s not taking much to irritate them more.
      Then I catch myself rubbing them because they’re itching, which only makes it worse.

      I’m so happy with my hydrangeas this year. I think they liked the endless rain we had this spring.

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    • A morning walk really is a great way to start a day. I’m trying to be more consistent about it. It just seems to set the right tone for the day.

      This is right about the time of year my allergies start to rear their heads again. So far I’m doing pretty well. I haven’t had to resort to antihistamines yet, but the itchy eyes are soooo annoying.

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