Memories of August

Oh my! What a month it’s been.

My first impression of August was that it had been a quiet month.

I had cancelled many activities to stay at home and recharge. My little basement ‘studio’ turned a year old and I’ve spent endless hours in there this month reorganizing, cleaning, switching out the carpet I decided was too dark for the space … and of course creating.

Experimenting with acrylic pouring.

My inspiration came from a trip to the McMichael Art Gallery which features Canadian art. Because of that visit I started putting paint on canvas for the first time since March.

With my sister, Tina, at the McMichael.

So while it feels like I spent a lot of time at home inside my own head, my photo library tells a different story. I had a month full of activities with more memories than I could possibly share!

It’s not surprising that so many of those memories involved water … a quintessential feature of a Canadian summer.

The Grand River in a rubber raft with Deb from the Widow Badass.
Deb, lazing, on a lazy river.
Paddling the Burnt River with the Seniors’ Outdoor Club.
Sunset paddle in a Voyageur canoe around the Toronto Islands with the Seniors’ Outdoor Club.
Just for clarification – there is no motor on a Voyageur canoe. We were team paddling … and of course we were amazing!
That’s me – 2nd on the right.
Photo taken by our guide, Noah.
In the fading evening light, the viewing stand for regatta races at the Toronto Islands is still flooded as water levels remain high.
Then back to the Toronto Islands – again with the Seniors’ Outdoor Club. It was a very rough – and wet – crossing, but a calm paddle in the sheltered channels between the islands.

On land, there were flights of fantasy.

One of the creations at Primitive Design.
For those of you who liked the rhino so much, here is a view of his back end πŸ™‚
Craft beer on tap while visiting the Big Chute – Lock 44 on the Trent-Severn.

The summer wouldn’t be complete without attending the send-off of the annual Friends For Life Bike Rally.

Fittingly, this year’s Bike Rally left from the site of the Toronto AIDS Memorial
Son #1 – 600 km Toronto to Montreal – done.
If you’re looking for a grand celebration of life, friendship, and solidarity of purpose, this is an event to support ❀️

The oppressive humidity is gone and the air conditioning in the house has been off for many days now. Already the mornings are quite cool.

Summer is rapidly coming to an end and for me, this month seems to reinforce the saying – life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.


Changing Seasons is a monthly photo feature hosted by Su Leslie at Zimmerbitch. In Su’s corner of the world in New Zealand, they are anticipating spring. I hope you’ll take a look.


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