An Emergency Rescue

My day started with a heart pounding.

It was still early morning and the sun was making a reluctant effort to rise.  I was only half-awake, nursing a cup of coffee, when I could hear funny ‘shuffling’ noises coming from the backyard.

A quick peek outside and I noticed Theo pacing along the side of the pool  – not necessarily an unusual thing as he typically patrols the fence line in the mornings, agitated by the scent of intruders into his domain during the night.

Then I noticed something in the pool, desperately clamouring against the slippery edge trying to get out.

I’m somewhat accustomed to finding the occasional drowned mouse in the pool (not my favourite way to start a day), but this was MUCH larger than a mouse.

I thought it could be a squirrel … or maybe a small skunk.  Yes, we have lots of both black squirrels and marauding skunks.

I hoped it was a squirrel.

So I did the most logical thing I could think of … I called Husband.

He came bounding down the stairs to my call for help, and his reaction on reaching the deck?  @#$&!!

It was a juvenile skunk.  Double @#$&!!

Theo and I quickly beat a retreat into the house while Gilles proceeded to extract the skunk from the pool.

At least I didn’t hide under the dining room table like Theo did.  He had a guilty look about him and I wondered how much he should be held responsible for the poor thing being in the pool in the first place.

I’ve been framed. 

With the long pole of the pool brush, Gilles guided the increasingly exhausted skunk to the stairs where he could climb out.  Then Gilles dropped the pole and ran for the safety of the house, hoping the terrified little creature would go away quietly without spraying.

We weren’t so lucky.  Spray he did.  Triple @#$&!!

Now all our windows are closed and our backyard smells like Memories of Pepé Le Pew.

Reason #587 to avoid any yard work today.


Hope your day smells better!


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