An Emergency Rescue

My day started with a heart pounding.

It was still early morning and the sun was making a reluctant effort to rise.  I was only half-awake, nursing a cup of coffee, when I could hear funny ‘shuffling’ noises coming from the backyard.

A quick peek outside and I noticed Theo pacing along the side of the pool  – not necessarily an unusual thing as he typically patrols the fence line in the mornings, agitated by the scent of intruders into his domain during the night.

Then I noticed something in the pool, desperately clamouring against the slippery edge trying to get out.

I’m somewhat accustomed to finding the occasional drowned mouse in the pool (not my favourite way to start a day), but this was MUCH larger than a mouse.

I thought it could be a squirrel … or maybe a small skunk.  Yes, we have lots of both black squirrels and marauding skunks.

I hoped it was a squirrel.

So I did the most logical thing I could think of … I called Husband.

He came bounding down the stairs to my call for help, and his reaction on reaching the deck?  @#$&!!

It was a juvenile skunk.  Double @#$&!!

Theo and I quickly beat a retreat into the house while Gilles proceeded to extract the skunk from the pool.

At least I didn’t hide under the dining room table like Theo did.  He had a guilty look about him and I wondered how much he should be held responsible for the poor thing being in the pool in the first place.

I’ve been framed. 

With the long pole of the pool brush, Gilles guided the increasingly exhausted skunk to the stairs where he could climb out.  Then Gilles dropped the pole and ran for the safety of the house, hoping the terrified little creature would go away quietly without spraying.

We weren’t so lucky.  Spray he did.  Triple @#$&!!

Now all our windows are closed and our backyard smells like Memories of Pepé Le Pew.

Reason #587 to avoid any yard work today.


Hope your day smells better!


  1. That is the first thing I would have done, call my husband. Poor skunk. Poor your husband. And poor you, Joanne. What a way to start your morning. Not sure about poor Theo. The story about your smell made me smile. Likely because I live about 4000 kilometres away:)


  2. Well that wasn’t much gratitude from said skunk even if was scared out of his wits! Hopefully Giles escaped being sprayed? Definitely a good reason to hunker down and stay inside. Skunks can be such a bother. We had one move in under our steps a couple of years ago.


    • We all escaped being sprayed and I’m really grateful for that. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen skunks around our yard and I had thought Theo decided they were harmless visitors. I guess I’ll never know what instigated this incident 😏


    • After I got over the initial panic of wanting to get the poor thing out before it drowned or had a heart attack, the second wave of panic took over …. the risk of getting sprayed.

      Nothing like having an adrenaline rush early in the morning!!


  3. High adventure in the back yard! We had front yard adventures with our neighbors’ cat… He used to bring us gifts of dead mice and we avoided the odors, but getting rid of these gifts hardly made for our best weekends 🥀 Still, yours beats ours 🙂


    • Unfortunately a cat’s instinct is to hunt, regardless of how well fed they are (and as Theo’s girth suggests, he is very well fed!)

      Add to the fact that Theo has an alpha male mentality and our adventures with this feline are always interesting 🙂


  4. I’m sorry I’m laughing so hard over this post! I am glad Theo was not the victim! A friends pup has encountered 2 skunks in the past month! A big Bernese mountain dog too – that’s a lot of washing!!

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  5. Ugh…not fun. I hope the smell clears up quick but the reality is you’re probably gonna be stuck with it for at least a few days. Pray for rain, or wind, or whatever helps make it dissipate faster 😉


  6. You’re nice to save the skunk! Here’s a weird piece of info: I LIKE the smell of skunks in the air! I know I am super strange, but I have always associated that smell with childhood and road trips, both of which I adore(d). (I do not like the sprayed smell on my pets or other places where it might linger, however!)


    • Theo was originally an indoor cat and miserably unhappy. Unhappy cats eventually begin to cause problems and Theo was very good at it. That’s how he ended up with me as a large 4-year-old with a history of behavioural problems.

      Now he is a happy guy with his small ‘territory’ in the neighbourhood and he patrols it diligently! Trouble just seems to follow him in one form or another 🙂


  7. I believe you Theo. Hang in there. I bet you were defending the home like always, probably from a bear, but when the bear saw that he was going to lose against you, he threw a stink bomb at you and ran! Good job, Theo, they would all be toast without you there to protect them.

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    • Sorry to cause you some panic. It was a high adrenaline start to the day for us!! … but fortunately it ended well.

      Although our backyard was quite smelly for a few hours, it dissipated quickly and the little guy waddled away apparently unharmed.
      I could do without that kind of excitement for a while!

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    • I would happily send you a couple … and raccoons. You can have many of those chubby bandits too!

      I’m always on the lookout for new and creative excuses to not do yard work … and my yard looks it right now too.


  8. yuck and what a unique experience –
    oh and saw a BMW station wagon today and thought of you – with a smile – but this one was black – not brown – but still had me think of ya
    hope you have a nice rest of September


    • I know. I’ve been slacking on the job lately. Last week I finally saw a deer with a rack of antlers for the first time. I just stood there in awe – the 2 of us staring at each other. Meanwhile Helen was hissing at me about my camera.
      Some moments are just too precious …


  9. I love a little bit of synchronicity. My cats are indoor cats, but I let them play in the garage each morning because it gives them the allusion that they are wild outdoor cats. A few leaves and bugs, and they are happy. However, this morning when I let them out I smelled skunk!!! They were even more eager to go out. Once I determined that the odor was seeping in from the road out front, I let them frolic on and came inside to catch up on WordPress. That’s when I read your blog post. What an adventure!!!


  10. Ugh! I’m so glad we don’t have skunks here. Apart from anything else, I guarantee if something like that happened, it would be when T was away. And the boy-child couldn’t even be bribed to deal with anything he deemed gross.


  11. Oh, this is so not funny, but I must admit I did chuckle just a little. 🙂 When I trapped the ground hog, everyone warned me that I’d be in real trouble if I caught a skunk. Thank heavens I didn’t, and although the yard stinks at least neither of you got sprayed directly. Yes, take several days off from yard work or swimming. 🙂


    • When Gilles was trying to capture the groundhog in our yard, he had the same worry., however the scariest thing he caught by accident was a feral cat. It was NOT amused and Gilles was a little leery about letting it out. He was afraid it was going to attack him, but instead it took off like greased lightning.

      Thankfully it was a rather windy day and the smell dissipated rather quickly. Within a few hours there was no smell at all.
      That didn’t stop me from taking the day off from doing yard work 😉

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  12. LOL Joanne…although I shouldn’t laugh as I well know how bad that smell is and how long it hangs around. We had a resident Pepe under our backyard shed once and our dachshunds, Quincy and Abby, did what their breeding dictated, and flushed the fella out, getting sprayed in the process… YUCK.
    And we often would have to keep our windows closed on summer nights as the stinky residents made themselves known in the neighborhood!
    Best of luck getting the stink out!


  13. Why is this always “husband’s job.” I suppose because we are trained early…

    I wasn’t home once when there was a huge spider in the closet. The wife paid our 5 year old boy $1 to get rid of it. She would give him $5 if he would do it without screaming. He got the $5.


    • I think you’re right. An adult would have been smellier. Thankfully it only sprayed the air and it’s been windy so the smell disappeared relatively fast. Within a couple of hours there was no smell at all.


    • It was certainly an adrenaline rush! … one I could do without in the future. We’ve had a few close encounters with skunks and it’s always a little scary. It’s funny how one small smelly creature can strike terror in our hearts 🤣

      Most animals give our yard a wide berth because of Theo. He is extremely territorial. I’m hoping this little skunk does the same.


  14. LOL!! Glad it didn’t turn out any worse, your poor husband may have had to take a bath in tomato juice! Love the picture of Theo, He definitely does not look the least bit remorseful! 🙂


  15. Akkk!!! Thank goodness for really long poles. Well and vividly told. Loved the pic of “framed” Theo. I’m sorry the house and yard got sprayed, but relieved that no people or cats got the skunk’s revenge. Hugs on the wing.


    • Skunks are so tricky to help save. This could have ended so badly, but we couldn’t let the poor little thing drown. Hopefully it’s sleeping away the afternoon somewhere where he feels safe. Meanwhile I’m just so relieved that none of us needed detoxification 😏

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  16. This gave me a good laugh this morning. But at your expense, so thank you for your service. I can just imagine your husband running for his life to get away from that little skunk. But I’m glad the stink is dissipating, and I’m hoping things gets rosier and rosier, as your day progresses.

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    • It’s been about 3 hours now and the smell is virtually gone. I’m grateful the little guy sprayed the air and not an object where the smell could linger. Gilles was really put out though for its lack of gratitude 🤣

      Yeah – I can laugh now. It wouldn’t have been so funny if one of us had been in the line of fire 😳

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  17. I so needed this chuckle this morning! I am picturing Gilles flying tothe rescue muttering @#$&!! (insert my own husband’s voice here). Theo definitely looks guilty, no matter how darn cute he is! And as for that skunk, although I am sure he was extremely grateful to get the heck out of that pool, his spray I am guessing is equal to how a skunk gives a cat the finger!

    Hope all are smelling a wee bit fresher as the day wears on!


    • Yeah – you have Gilles pictured perfectly 🤣
      It’s not the first time he’s had to rescue an animal from drowning in the pool, but this skunk was the first … and hopefully the last.

      The good news is that the little thing seems to have just sprayed into the air – probably on reflex from its scare – and the smell has dissipated very quickly.
      I like your suggestion that it was his version of giving Theo the finger 😜

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    • Gilles was very offended by its lack of gratitude 😏
      The poor little thing huffed and puffed for a few minutes trying to catch his breath before he scurried under the fence.
      There is no doubt in my mind that Theo is somehow culpable in this incident. Let’s just say he has priors.

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  18. Joanne–I am laughing so hard! Theo–did you accidentally push that little guy in the pool? No? OK. I believe you. Having never seen or smelled a skunk, I am going with you on the ‘windows closed’ thing. Sheesh! What a way to start your day.


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